Tumblr Nuked My Orig Blog

    Tumblr had a hissy-fit and terminated my original @unfappable303 blog. Over 5000 followers. Apparently it's okay for filth of all imaginable types (which I like BTW) to show up in my feed but re-blogging the same shit (that might have a...Shhh...nipple or two) gets you warnings and terminated.


    Anywho.... 60, average Dad-bod'd pervert with high personal integrity and levels of depravity I didn't know really existed within me. Lots of layers to my Onion. Just ask...


    Wow you just told my Tumblr life story..

    I couldn't agree more. Repost a picture of a Female Mons Pubis with natural aucutremoi and get shadow banned reblog a pic and add three lyrics from a song we all know and get blocked for three days. It's been two months since my profile picture of myself has been allowed. Write quality humor all day for zero traffic.... I feel your pain sisters n brothers... I just saved a post of an erect ejaculating penis.. the very same that I had blocked..

    I digress.. its bullshit.. and it's too bad... I guess if you wanna see terribly shocking images,you'll have to go to the school library.


    I'm so tired of cis people asking stuff like, "Why would Texas want a list of trans people who legally changed their names?" or "Why would Florida want a list of college students who have seeking gender affirming care? We can't figure it out."

    It's eliminationist.

    Ken Paxton wants a list of trans people who have changed their name in Texas so he can reverse all of those decisions (and that's the most charitable interpretation). Ron DeSantis wants a list of college students who have sought affirming care so he can force them to detransition.

    Oklahoma introduced a bill to forcibly detransition people under the age of 21 (ironically doing what they accuse us of doing, forcing someone to live as the wrong gender). Texas has a new bill that will ban gender affirming care for every Texan of any age and makes it a felony for doctors to provide it. Multiple states either have passed or will pass bills that will ban legal name changes. Some states have slipped in language to anti-drag bills (which are horrific enough on their own) that ban anyone from displaying, presenting, or dressing outside their "biological" gender (one state has language about "DNA gender") in public.

    It's about legally and morally mandating trans people out of existence.

    Plain and simple. It's about making sure that trans people can not exist. Period. It's not about restrictions, or "think of the children!" It's about eliminating us from public life and then eliminating us from private life so that we have a choice of either die or conform.

    When will y'all realize this isn't some wedge issue or a political football that they'll just give up on if they lose an election or two. These are ideologues who are singularly focused. They don't care about the marketplace of ideas. They don't give a shit if they get mocked on lefty Twitter and the late night shows. They only care about one thing: gaining and then wielding power to achieve their goal of eliminating trans people (and then gay people, and then women who don't conform to their gender standards, ect).

    If you give them that power they will use it.


    I hear you.

    Where are the links the these bills, so we can read and discuss the content.

    As a older transgender person and long long time member of The IFGE, I have watched the the transgender community struggle for recognition and to gain acceptance for decades. I was thrilled to see articles and in depth stories on large television platforms. We were gainingvground and building momentum. Approaching the Crest of the Rainbow, only to find a sensible request for acceptance has been hijacked a sabotaged by extreme ideas that will surely see the destruction of rational intentions.

    I'm no activist but I'm not blind or ignorant. If you dont see the self destructive environment we've built for ourselves in this era, you've been poking yourself in the eyes with your mascara wand to long!!!


    And I'm gonna Work it, and Tweak it. I'm gonna Trim it and Shape it. I'm gonna Tweeze it and Wax it. Color it and Curl it. I'm gonna File it and Paint it... And when I'm through, there won't be a soul alive that could deny it....

    I may have been born with some miss matched parts, but damn it! I am not Giving up on becoming the lady I was supposed to be!... you'll see!!


    okay tumblr’s exclusion from the twitter social media ban list is hilarious but genuinely we do not belong on there. if a real human person asks “where can i find you on social media” and your choice is a swift death or revealing your tumblr, most of us would simply expire. half of y’all change urls every week like you’re in witness protection. just imagine for one second attaching your wholeass government name to your latest two am clownposting and tell me that didn’t send a cold chill down your spine. the only place i ever want to see the words “connect with me on tumblr!” is on the ao3 profile of an author i’m actively stalking. anyone in the world can follow me except anyone i personally know. antisocial media.


    Funny.. Very True, in many ways... just look at my blog.. you might think if my mother or daughters or sons saw this, I'd be MORTIFIED. But actually they're tired of hearing about it. (Plus they deal with my crazy shit all the time).

    I guess you reach a point of.. "yeah, so what?" And "I got an idea, let's spend some time shockingly discussing my blog, then we'll spend equal time rummaging around for skeletons in your closet; does that sound good to you? (Insert name here) Father, Boss, Co worker, Brother, Friends, Neighbors, ... at least I'm aware of my diversity (lol). Oh, I forgot Reverend, Pastor..... Enjoy yourselves, at no one else's expense. Iron out the kinks and rebend them again. WHATEVER!


    Could you please! Stop! You’re evil giggling isn’t helping. So glad you think this is so funny! Remember this whole thing was your idea.

    I’ve never been on a Real Date Berfore. Now I’m about to on a date with a BOY as HIS GIRL 🤷‍♀️ You keep saying, It’s gonna be just like a fairytale! You’re my Aunt, not my Fairy Godmother!!!

    And I’m not kissing Prince Charming!! Before midnight or ever!