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    Startled by a sudden lightning stroke illuminating the room, Jungkook turned to gaze out of the small window facing the street. Rain drops were drumming and glistening against the glass, before they slid down, connecting with other drops on their way.

    Jungkook dropped his phone in shock as he remembered. Scrambling to his feet, he rushed to the hallway and as he had thought, Jimin hadn’t taken his umbrella with him when he had left the house earlier, the black umbrella still hanging in its usual spot.

    Thinking of Jimin alone and freezing in the pattering rain, Jungkook reached for his own umbrella before he even realized.

    And so the lovestruck fool rushed out with just a thin Tee on and didn’t even open his own umbrella, just so he didn’t have to fight the stubborn wind and could reach the other boy a little faster, even if it’s just a minute less that Jimin had to spend soaking in the rain. That would be worth it.

    As he finally spotted the smaller men, his hood dragged over his dark hair, his wet bangs covering his eyes and heavy clothes clinging to his body, he stepped up next to him and opened his umbrella over their heads. Taking in Jimin’s dishevelled appearance, Jungkook knitted his brows in worry and couldn’t help but reach for his cold cheeks and try to kiss him better.

    All I can hear is you

    “There’s no greater feeling than hurtling off stage and into your arms, the adrenaline still coursing through our veins, bass and cheers ringing in our ears, knowing there’s no one else but me that you’ve chosen, no one else but you that I’d choose.“

    Can’t do a drawing without cheesy caption, sorry :))

    @dreamsinsnooze was wild enough to commission this gif :) luv u hun, thank you for your support <3

    Lineart version