How do you explain a Hypno Fetish?


Is that even the right term?

If you have been following me lately you will have noticed that one thing I am trying to do with this blog is look deeper into the hypno fetish, the community, and the journey of discovering you have an interest in hypnosis/mind control. One thing I have not done is really define what it is about hypnosis/mind control that is appealing.

I was talking with a friend recently about revealing her fetish to her boyfriend and it made me think about the times I have tried to explain it to people. What I usually tell people these days is:

“It’s the bondage of the mind” As if that’s going to help people who might already be a little kinky understand it by comparing it to more recognizable aspects of BDSM.


“I like the idea of a deeper control. I want someone to obey me not based on fear, desire, or anything else but a pure expression of submission.” but that does not really convey all the nuance in the fetish. For example I do want someone to obey me out of desire, I love the idea that someone is so hypnotized and brainwashed that they feel nothing but pleasure by obeying me.

I think part of the problem is there are so many aspects to the fetish that it’s difficult to boil it down into something easy to define and explain.

There is the robotic obedience. No emotion, simply following instructions, with no personality.


There is the blissful mindlessness. Nothing is going on in the mind except pleasure and feeling good. Almost as if the subject is on a drug.


There is the mind control that changes someones personality. Maybe they still become a loyal servant but there mind otherwise functions normally. Maybe you turn a goth girl into a bimbo or maybe you turn that preppy girl into a punk with a Mohawk.


And these are only three examples of the countless things that someone can do with hypnosis. There are people who are into freezing someone, making them forget things, and dozens more.

Even explaining some different examples of it does not really convey why one likes it. I think at the end of the day everyone has their own variation on the fetish and can explain your take best in your own way. That begs the question, How do YOU explain your hypno fetish to others?