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    Cuckolding Your Hubby

    • Learn to take control. This can take time to master, but the more you do it the easier it will become. Eventually it will become very enjoyable and second nature. Women can rule too! 
    • Contrary to what you may read, sex with your cuckold is perfectly fine during times when you’re not seeing other men, provided you keep the cuckold theme burning. However, sex with your cuckold should slow down whenever you’re actively seeing other men. To secure the psychological impact of the husband’s cuckold status, it’s important to establish him as a secondary sexual provider when you’re seeing others. When other men are in the picture, they should be the primary source of your sexual satisfaction. Your cuckold’s involvement should occur primarily AFTER your encounters with other men. When having sex with your cuckold hubby after another man, it’s important to be verbal, reminding him that you prefer the other man, because your cuckold doesn’t satisfy for whatever reason (small dick, cums to fast, poor lover).
    • Sex with your cuckold husband should be mostly acts other than intercourse, which you should rarely give. You want to establish that you are the source of his pleasure, and you decide when to dispense that pleasure. This includes timing, frequency, sex acts, etc. Intercourse should be reserved as a special treat. Handjobs, oral and even making your cuck masturbate need to be the normal methods of his release. Penetrative sex should be reserved as a reward, or for special occasions. 
    • Include regular teasing in your daily routine. Use opportunities to drop hints and teases. Use nudity to tease, letting your cuckold husband see you nude often. Technology provides wonderful tools to keep your cuckold excited, including suggestive texts, emails, pictures, videos, online porn, etc. Make it part of your game. 
    • Occasionally have your cuckold wear nothing but a shirt or T-shirt around the house. When passing him, GENTLY “flick”, poke or slap his penis, and comment on his small size. Say aloud how you need men with bigger ones or that you’ll never be happy with just that. Make it clear to him that it’s inadequate and couldn’t possibly satisfy you. Compare it to your lovers cock. Hold his penis in your hand, giggle and remind him that you prefer men with “real cocks”. 
    • If you know you have an upcoming ‘date’, be sure to tease your cuckold husband with suggestive comments to let him know you’re excited, but don’t have sex. Remind him that you’re ‘saving yourself’ for your lover. 
    • The day of your date call your cuckold to the bedroom to undress you and help you prepare. He will love this. Remind him constantly of your excitement. If you shave your pussy before a date have your cuckold do it. Tell him you want it to be smooth for your lover, and so your cuckold can better clean you up after you get home.
    • Have him dry your body after your bath or shower, perfume you and even paint your toenails. Remind him that it’s all to please your lover .
    • Make him help you pick out the outfit and get dressed. Make sure to select sexy underclothes. Dress in extra revealing clothes than you wouldn’t normally wear for your husband. Consider going without panties, telling him these are the things your lover wants you to wear, and you’re doing it for him! 
    • When out on your date remember you are in control. Have fun and enjoy a few special hours with your lover, and your cuckold (if he’s present). The importance of your dates cannot be understated as part of the cuckold relationship. Much of it comes down to the dates themselves. Savor the moment and be prepared to tell every detail later.
    • If your cuckold is present at dinner when on a date, be sure to sit next to your lover and across the table from your cuckold. Make contact under the table. Run your hand up and down your lover’s leg. Venture into his crotch if the covering allows. This will get your cuck’s imagination going. 
    • After dinner let your cuckold play chauffeur and drive you around a little before going to the motel, or home if that’s what your plan is. Sit in the back seat and get to know each other. Allow your hands and lips do the talking. This will drive your cuckold wild, and will also get you and lover hot and horny. 
    • When you get to the hotel room or bedroom, make your cuckold undress you for your lover. Make it clear to everyone that your cuckold is there only to watch how a «real man» makes love to a woman, and also as a cleanup boy for you. 
    • Whenever your cuckold is watching you make love with someone remember to be extremely verbal. Let your cucky know how good a «real cock» feels inside you, how much bigger it is, how much more you like it than his, how much you love being fucked by someone different, and be sure to make it obvious when you get off (no faking should be needed LOL). Talk about how small and undesirable your cuckold’s small penis is, now that you’re with a man with a «real cock». 
    • After you finish, make your cuckold husband go down on you for cleanup. It’s extremely important to talk to him as he cleans you, telling him how great the sex was, how satisfied you are, and that this is his new role as your cuckold.
    • If your lover will allow it, have your cuckold take pictures or videos. You will be able to use these to get yourself off when you can’t have a lover. 

    All of these


    Always good to have options as the Hotwife … I have done most of these with great  effect …


    Great advice!!!

    The scientific explanation of cuckolding.

    How many of you have wondered what it is about being cuckolded that is so exciting and so thrilling? Why should something so humiliating and emasculating be such a “turn on?” How many of you have already started getting a hard-on just reading this introduction by a female who cuckolds her mate? I thought so! Well, I’ve studied the phenomena of “the thrilled cuckold” for quite a while, and I shall attempt in this report to explain to you the how’s and whys of your thrilling sensations from being cuckolded. If the biological stuff is boring or confusing, bare with me, as I will put everything into layman’s terms (pun intended).

    What you have to understand is that we are all still carrying around the same biology our ancestors did in the stone age. Our primary reason for existing in this world (biologically) is to procreate offspring in order to continue our unbroken line of genes in the gene pool. The very fact that you are here is because your ancestors have had kids and grandkids for countless generations. Congratulations! You are from a successful line of ancestors who managed to inseminate females and had offspring!

    Now, how is it that females and males select who we will procreate with? Men and women have different methods and different priorities for this. Males select females with long legs, shapely hips, large breasts, and pretty faces. In other words, you guys want to fuck total foxes. Lets face it, who would you rather do, Rosie O'Donnell or Jennifer Lopez? You guys look for these traits because they give signals to your brain and body that the woman is healthy and will have healthy kids. The programming in you men tells you to go out and impregnate as many foxes as you can, thereby having as many kids as you can. Men are after quantity, not necessarily quality, because you have the ability to really spread that seed around, thus increasing your chances of having more kids.

    Women look for quality, not quantity. We are programmed to look for tall muscular men, with strong broad shoulders and strong arms. These are signals to us that these men are strong enough to protect us, strong enough to make good hunters and providers for our children, and if they have large cocks, they will impregnate us easily and bring us much pleasure. These guys we shall call studs. These studs produce healthy, good looking children. That’s why us women would rather fuck Antonio Bandaras than Danny De Vito. When a stud makes contact with a fox, the sex is very, very good indeed! Both people enjoy orgasms which will encourage the procreation of a child. Super sex! Mind blowing sex! Fantastic orgasms!

    Men and Women give off chemicals in their natural scents called pheromones. Pheromones are like perfume drugs. When they are inhaled by members of the opposite sex, the body of the inhaler processes information about the person giving off the pheromones. This process is done without you knowing about it in a part of the brain called the synapses. When you smell the natural perfume of a woman, your body is processing information about her immune systems, her genetic makeup, and is calculating whether or not she would make a good sex partner for you. That’s why you guys are attracted to certain women, and that’s why you selected your wife to be your wife, because her pheromones told you she’d make you a good match. They caused you to fall in love with her. The same happened to her. Your pheromones told her that you would make a good match. However, that does NOT mean you were the best possible match for her, just the best available at the time.

    The advantage of selection is with the woman. If she is a fox, she usually has several studs chasing after her, giving off their pheromones and trying to attract her. She usually selects the best one for her, but sometimes another comes around later on who makes a better match; a super stud. She will always be tempted to change up to a better partner if the opportunity presents itself. Women can be fickle creatures.

    When men and women make love, they exchange more chemical pheromones that are passed during french kissing, and from the man’s semen into the woman’s vagina. These chemicals cause the couple to become attached to each other. This bond is only as strong as the quality of the match made in the woman’s synapses. A superior male can break this bond and create a new one with her if he can manage to get her to experience his pheromones. She will change and become attached to her new lover.

    When you separate a man and a woman for a time, the man will build-up both desire for her and also some doubt of her fidelity. When you and your wife make love for the first time after you have returned from a fishing trip, or after she has been out all day and night with her girlfriends, your ejaculate will almost double in quantity, just on the outside chance that she has been unfaithful, and she has another man’s semen swimming inside of her. That reaction is called the sperm competition reaction, and those orgasms experienced by men who have reunited with their mates are very powerful indeed! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it also makes the cock harder, and the balls more productive.

    Now, cuckolding is the situation where the female has been unfaithful. If her mate knows this, the sperm competition reaction in him will kick in, producing more and more sperm the very next time he is around her, regardless of whether or not they make love. When you see your wife make it with a superior male, your sperm competition reaction causes you to want to cum, and cum hard. Even though the humiliation and jealousy of what is happening also takes place in your mind, the sperm competition reaction can overcome your feelings of anger and jealousy and can cause intense pleasure by making you cum very hard with a lot of semen! This is the component that causes you to like it when your mate cheats in front of you! Your body is so compelled to compete with her lover, that you can sometimes cum just watching them! It’s a trick of nature my friends! It’s not even a perversion!

    Now, more about your wife’s reaction. Even though she has a mate (you) and she loves you very much, she is also vulnerable to the pheromones of a super stud. If a superior male comes along who gives off pheromones telling her he is a superior match to you, she will be attracted to him, and her desire to have sex with him will build. If they continue to make social contact with one another, eventually she will try to attract him into mating with her. It’s her nature. If the attraction is mutual, the stud will take in the pheromones she is giving off, and the two of them will get hot for each other. They will find a way to have sex, and bring their procreative powers together. As they make love, a sexual bond will build between them and they will exchange pheromones. But that’s not all!

    When your wife makes love with her superior lover, she becomes his mate! He steals her from you! Here’s how: as they have sex, she is taking in his pheromone chemicals when they french kiss, and from his semen in her vagina. Her body will recognize his superior genetic makeup and will reprogram itself to react to his scent and his sexual attentions more strongly than with anyone else, including you! Her strongest and most enjoyable orgasms will be with the lover who has the superior genes, and usually with the largest cock and biggest balls. She will desire him sexually, even if she doesn’t like him as a person and still loves you. Her animal instincts will cause her to react to him and desire him. When he is around, her breasts will swell, and her juices will flow. She will begin to give off her own pheromones, and the two of them will become hot for each other, even in front of you! He is her mate now, and that’s that! In turn, she belongs to him! He is programmed to have many mates, she is programmed to have the best mate. It’s human nature. That explains why men struggle with monogamy, and women do too, except that a woman will change partners but will try to maintain just one relationship at a time with the best male possible. The man is always looking to spread his seed around.

    Now comes the fun part: you react to your wife’s lover’s pheromones too! Inside every male there exists some female qualities. When you inhale your wife’s lover’s pheromones, your body is also processing the information about his genes. If you get on your knees and sniff his cock with your wife’s scent on it, you will get a hard on. If you smell him on her body, you will get a hard on. You are reacting to his superior pheromones mixed with hers. It’s a natural reaction. If you ingest his semen by eating your wife or sucking his cock, the same bonding chemicals that cause her to become hooked on him can cause you to become hooked on him if his genes are superior to your own. Your female side develops a taste for his spunk. How do you like them apples?

    The two of you (you and your wife) become sub-serviant to him. What a stud he is! The fact that you have been conquered by this superior male makes your wife want him all the more. He has now come between the two of you and has stolen your mate. He’s also made you like it! Watching or listening to them make love or smelling and tasting the aftermath of their sexual encounters causes your sperm competition reaction to make loads of sperm, and starts to demand a quick release, and that’s what gives you guys “the thrill” of being cuckolded.

    Of course all of this is chemical-biological, and has no effect on intellect. The rest is psychology. He is after all, a superior male (physically), so he is a better lover. It’s your instinct to compete with him that gets your body in such a hurry to ejaculate. Your body doesn’t know that having “staying power” is sexy to your wife, just that it is anxious to get your sperm in the contest. That’s why you cum just looking at them, your body “jumps the gun”. Staying power is something that is artificial actually, something that can be learned and practiced. In the stone age, men were in a hurry to cum because while they had sex, they were vulnerable to attack by other males.

    The inferiority thing is a female trait (that exists in all men, even the studs). You want him to know that he is superior because, after all, he is! It’s your female side that is attracted to him also. Remember, all of this is taking place in your charged synapses, not your conscious mind or even a very high level of your sub-conscious mind. It doesn’t mean you’re gay, or anything like that. He would get the same reactions from a male who was superior to him.

    The thrill you get out of the humiliation is because of the sperm competition reaction, the penis envy, and the fact that your wife has used her natural selection (Darwin’s theory) to pick someone else over you. It’s your physical response to it that turns you on, not the mental response. Soon, the emotions of jealousy and humiliation become triggers for the thrilling sensations. That’s why feelings of inadequacy and belittlement seem to fuel your desires to be cuckolded.

    And just because your wife has a physical lover does not necessarily mean she will leave you or that she will stop liking/loving you. However, it does happen and that’s part of the danger, isn’t it? You use your physical response to help with the mental thrill of it all. If you were a weaker person mentally, you wouldn’t be able to take them cheating on you, and you would react differently; maybe become violent.

    To sum it up, you cuckolds are a superior group mentally, but not physically!