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    (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6F-8QUl9rU)

    This is Dungeon George, the Bondage Bird. He's been the dungeon mascot at The Den of Iniquity since 2004. Like his Mom, Dominatrix Tara Indiana, he is strong willed and doesn't like being told what to do.

    And while this is normally adorable, it's causing some serious heath problems because HE WON'T TAKE HIS MEDICINE and has to be boarded him with the vet for daily injections.

    So Tara Indiana and Cybill Troy have joined forces in a project they call "Charity Fuck", to raise money for his vet bills. So all you have to do to save George is to buy the video and masturbate!


    or make a donation to our gofundme campaign:


    DOCTORS & LAWYERS: A Medical & Executive Fetish Fundraising Party for PRRF

    Friday, December 13, 2013 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM  Location:

    Den of Iniquity Los Angeles

    East 6th Street and AlmedaCost:20 pin advance / 30 at the Door and upDress code: Naughty Nurse, Diabolical Doctor, Escaped Mental Patient, Rubber Nurse, Mad Scientist or Bad Lawyer in Need of Punishment. Okay, if you're lazy you can wear all black or scrubs.

    For Tickets go to:

    Featuring Fetish Performances and Appearances by Mistresses Elena De Luca, Cybill Troy , Tara Indiana, Doctress Mei Wei, Raina Reigns, Valencia and Natsumi

    AND, what could be scarier on Friday the 13th then a

    Ladies, come ready to be waited on hand and foot by Our slaveboys!

    The Lady who comes dressed as Scariest Nurse Ratchet wins!

    1st Prize: 2 hour private lesson with Head Mistress Tara Indiana on the subject of your choice; (ie, how to do flogging, bondage, OTK, interrogations, etc.($600 value)

    2nd Prize: 2 hour rental at The Den of Iniquity ($150 value)

    3rd Prize: Free admission to the class of Their choice in at DOI ($20-$40 value)


    1. Slave that can drink the most Nectar of the Goddess wins a session at the Den of Iniquity

    2. Ball Busting competition: slave that can take the most kicks to the groin without dying wins a session at The Den of Iniquity and a chance for a spot in Our Upcoming Ball busting video series.

    3. Naughty lawyer who can take the mot strokes of Elena De Luca's cane for being a bad person wins session with Den of Iniquity Mistress of choice

    The Professional Roleplay Resource Federation, Inc. (PRRF) is a national, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing quality information to professionals in the BDSM/Fetish industry. This includes serving as a resource on health, safety, legal, educational and financial issues both viahttp://PRRF.org and local, in person educational events.

    In addition, the Federation is committed to helping defray legal expenses in selected cases that may establish precedent for a better understanding of where professional BDSM/Fetish/Roleplay fits into the legal community.

    In accordance with this Mission, Dr D. will be the "Attending Physician" for the evening for his popular "Ask the Doctor" series; yes, there will be an M.D.to answer ALL your questions on BDSM/Fetish related health & safety topics.

    For more info call the Den at (213) 623-1520 $20 in advance / 30 at the door and up Pro Dommes: come dressed for the occasion and get in free