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    11.12 Class, The Art of Female Domination: Spanking & OTK

    Are you 50 Shades of Grey curious? Then do not come to this class. If however, you are a Woman who is curious about how You can harness Your power as a Woman to have more control in Your career, over men and in your life through the erotic art of Female Domination, then this class is for you. Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life, be more in-control professionally, thinking about becoming a Dominatrix, or are a service provider looking to expand your bag of tricks, you will get the psychology and tools you need to get started.


    You will learn:

    1. The different implement of spanking; barehand, leather and wooden paddles, frat paddles, hair brushes, wooden spoons, spatchulas, and other domestic goodies.

    2. Spanking techniques: Warm up, barehand, cupping, OTK administration and positioning for your bottom

    3. Spanking with paddles one and two handed

    4. Psychology, props, atmosphere, and attire of Spanking and Domestic Discipline

    5. Cross over fetishes; School Teacher, Baby Sitter, School Marm, Age Regressions, Auntie, Nun, Daddy, Uncle, Boss, Secretary, Executive, Sissy Maid and more!

    6. What you'll need to get started with any budget and proper impliments of this exciting fetish. Believe it or not the one thing you'll really need is the right kind of chair!

    This is a hands on class, you will be doing spanking. Come dressed comfortably.

    Instructor: Tara Indiana

    This is a hands on class, you will be spanking. Come dressed comfortably and wearing undergarments or a swimsuit under your street clothes. Preferably, be comfortable to be in just underwear or a thong for a portion of the class. It is harder to teach spanking when one can't properly see the target. No free balling or commando.

    $25 in advance single Women

    $35 day of single Women

    $60 in advance for ONE practice dummy

    This class is open to single women, couples, and ONE submissive and respectful single man or sissy willing to be a practice dummy.


    School Girl Farts


    another custom clip order from my Pre Peux-loving wanker across the pond. He loves to be forced to smell all the stinkiest farts that precipitate a big load. I tease him about his perversion. Although holding in my shyt til the very last minute is uncomfortable, it is well worth it to humiliate this fool. I get the room nice and stinky- and describe some punishments to further embarrass this sphincter boy after I’ve shhat. Forcing him to smell the couch cushions, or wearing my panties on his head. Oh boy what a sicko.



    She's very bad, That catholic school girl skirt would not pass the kneel test. NO WAY that hem will touch the floor. AND she is wearing a thong - not the regulation full bottomed white cotton panties AND her blouse is buttoned to the collar, thus reveling her inappropriate black, slut bra. I think it least 60 strokes of the cane for all these infraction post haste.


    “Babysitter Hairbrush OTK” clips4sale.com/44998 #OTK #Spanking #FemDom #ElenaDeLuca @clips4sale

    Thinking I had put this boy to bed I sit down to brush my long silky hair. Then I spot him peeping in on me. If he wants to see my wooden hairbrush so bad he is going to have to feel it too. I take his bare bottom over my lap for a good hard over the knee spanking. With my paddle brush in hand I turn his cheeks red and lecture him on why I need him to go to sleep when I tell him. I have much more important things to be doing with my night than watching him. Enjoy, Elena De Luca


    Hair Brush discipline by Elena De Luca

    “I Told You Twice! OTK” clips4sale.com/44998 #OTK #discipline #ElenaDeLuca #femdom @Clips4sale

    There is no reason I should ever have to ask my slave twice to do my dishes. He came into my home, saw the dishes and ignored them. I should not have had to tell him once! Let alone twice! For misbehaving in such a way there is only one punishment, an over the knee spanking. After I give him a stern lecture and a few slaps I discipline him with my bare hand. When he tries to apologize I have to make sure he has learned his lesson w/ my wooden paddle. I am not satisfied his behavior has been corrected until his bottom is a nice bright red Enjoy, Elena De Luca


    Just added to the members’ section :

    Deanna is a mouthy stepdaughter.  Julie Simone is tired of her attitude and vows to spank the brat out of her.  She uses her bare hands and spanks Deanna over her plaid skirt, then over her full back panties, then gives her a bare bottom spanking.  Deanna is forced to stand in the corner with her red ass exposed but she mouths off again so Julie takes her over her knee and spanks Deanna with a hairbrush until she finally submits.


    OTK spanking with Elena De Luca

    Just on the set with Elena De Luca & Cybill B Troy & watched the HOTTEST OTK spanking scene with a new slave. She's wearing a leather pencil skirt, high heels, white button down blouse, seemed stockings, leather gloves and sexy glasses. The slave's ass is BRIGHT RED! She spanked him with hands, a leather paddles, and, My favorite, a wooden frat paddle. LOVE!