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    8.26: Mistress Tara's 50th and Last Cinderfella Birthday Party and Slave Olympics

    7:30pm Doors Open

    8PM Dominatrix Dinner Party

    Break bread with some of LA's Top Dominatrixes, members of the Art World and other Great Thinkers of our time while being waited on by French Maids and celebrating Mistress Tara's 50th and last birthday party!


    10PM Slave Olympics

    Win a chance to be Mistress Tara's Personal Slave!

    Come a courting in the hope of gaining Her favor!

    One lucky slave will win the honor of a private dinner audience with a chance to become admitted into Her Stable!

    This Year's Olympic Events:

    The Foot Worship Triathlon:

    1. Massage & Manicure Skills

    2. Foot Sniffing Abilities

    3. Trampling Endurance

    The Caning Competition

    who can take the most strokes!

    Slave Problem Solving Abilities

    You will be given a task to complete


    You will present Mistress Tara with a Birthday Gift and graded on it's thoughtfulness. Her Wishlist can be found here or you can surprise her with something you've picked yourself

    BOUND by LOVE! Rope Bondage Weekend Workshop and Party VALENTINE'S DAY


    Do you find yourself in the predicament of being in love or wanting to be in love? Then why not join us for a 2 day intensive on Predicament bondage! Tuition includes admission to all classes and party at Sat Nite @The Den of Iniquity. Dinner for 2 at Factory Kitchen and hotel ccommodations additional. This class in the Art of Domination series is a 2 Day intensive on Predicament, Inescapable and Contortion Bondage


    You will learn:

    Western or English Style Bondage has become a lost art with the rise in popularity of Shibari. Yet English styles of bondage offer a much more intimate and interactive experience between the Top and the bottom.

    Predicament Bondage is interactive, meaning, it does things. the submissive is not held in one position, but rather, when struggling, the bondage sensations will change, thus causing a "Predicament"; a situation where they must make a decision, all of which have their consequences.

    Contortion Bondage is a type of predicament bondage that forces the bottom into uncomfortable positions that they must maintain or suffer the consequences.

    Inescapable Bondage is yet another form of predicament bondage. It is what it sounds like; bondage with NOW WAY OUT. They can struggle, squirm and attempt free themselves BUT THEY CANNOT ESCAPE!

    Mistress Tara had been practicing Predicament Bondage for 25 years. Join Her, one of the last truly great masters of this art in the US today for a weekend intensive you will never forget!


    1. Choosing your rope: The different types of ropes,their purpose and the sensations the create. How to pick and maintain the type of rope that's most suitable for you, and basic bondage safety.

    2. The theory and techniques of Eastern (Japanese) and Western (English) styles of bondage  

    3. The 2 basic kinds of knots you'll get the most use of; slip knots and rigging points  

    4. Basic wrist and ankle ties; bondage handcuffs, gauntlets, tying together, tying to and spread eagle positions  

    5. Arms ties; elbow bondage, over-arms ties  

    6. Different kinds of Hog and Frog Ties  


    7. Basic body harnesses; bondage bikini, chest harness, breast bondage, reverse prayer and more.

    8. Cock and Ball Bondage: English Ball Seperation, Hellicopters and more!

    9. The Hangman's Noose: The perfect Noose is the Holy Grail of rigs! Learn this knot properly and everything else will be EASY!  

    10. The theory and practice of making your bondage inescapable or into a predicament.  

    11. How to Improvise with rope  

    12. Finals: Each student will create a bondage master piece that they will be graded on in 5 categories: predicament value, inescapability, esthetic, technique and and endurability.  

    Instructor: Tara Indiana

    This is a hands on class, you will be bondage. Come dressed comfortably, street or preferable yogo clothes. Wear undergarments or a swimsuit under your clothes. No free balling or commando.  This class will includes all the suppies you need to do your homework assignement saturday night. This class is open to single women, and couples only.  

    WE ARE ONLY TAKING 8 STUDENTS FOR THE CLASSES!  General admission to party available 

    Call the Den of Iniquity at 213 623 1520 for more info

    i arrived at the airport and had some trouble in finding Mistress Cassandra but upon some quick thinking on her side, i ended up getting her in the car. She was extremely direct and straight forward, i was already afraid of her. But W/we got to talking on the way to the dungeon and found that she...

    i spent the night at the Dungeon again and so did Mistress Constance. Upon awaking and getting some coffee, i spent the next several hours talking to Mistress Constance who had a lot of stories about Her personal experiences as a Dominatrix and just normal topics in general. I always relish the...

    During the day, i set out to find the right pantyhose. After searching through a few local stores, i decided to go the Beverly Center, figuring that you could get anything there. And it’s true, you could buy a lot of things at the Beverly Center but those pantyhose were nowhere to be seen....

    i visited the dungeon after work that Friday to serve for the weekend. i knew that W/we would be attending DomCon and a Mistress’s party as well. i started by cleaning the bathroom. As i was finishing, i noticed that Mistress brewed some coffee so i served her a cup. That’s where i met Mistress...

    DOCTORS & LAWYERS: A Medical & Executive Fetish Fundraising Party for PRRF

    Friday, December 13, 2013 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM  Location:

    Den of Iniquity Los Angeles

    East 6th Street and AlmedaCost:20 pin advance / 30 at the Door and upDress code: Naughty Nurse, Diabolical Doctor, Escaped Mental Patient, Rubber Nurse, Mad Scientist or Bad Lawyer in Need of Punishment. Okay, if you're lazy you can wear all black or scrubs.

    For Tickets go to:

    Featuring Fetish Performances and Appearances by Mistresses Elena De Luca, Cybill Troy , Tara Indiana, Doctress Mei Wei, Raina Reigns, Valencia and Natsumi

    AND, what could be scarier on Friday the 13th then a

    Ladies, come ready to be waited on hand and foot by Our slaveboys!

    The Lady who comes dressed as Scariest Nurse Ratchet wins!

    1st Prize: 2 hour private lesson with Head Mistress Tara Indiana on the subject of your choice; (ie, how to do flogging, bondage, OTK, interrogations, etc.($600 value)

    2nd Prize: 2 hour rental at The Den of Iniquity ($150 value)

    3rd Prize: Free admission to the class of Their choice in at DOI ($20-$40 value)


    1. Slave that can drink the most Nectar of the Goddess wins a session at the Den of Iniquity

    2. Ball Busting competition: slave that can take the most kicks to the groin without dying wins a session at The Den of Iniquity and a chance for a spot in Our Upcoming Ball busting video series.

    3. Naughty lawyer who can take the mot strokes of Elena De Luca's cane for being a bad person wins session with Den of Iniquity Mistress of choice

    The Professional Roleplay Resource Federation, Inc. (PRRF) is a national, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing quality information to professionals in the BDSM/Fetish industry. This includes serving as a resource on health, safety, legal, educational and financial issues both viahttp://PRRF.org and local, in person educational events.

    In addition, the Federation is committed to helping defray legal expenses in selected cases that may establish precedent for a better understanding of where professional BDSM/Fetish/Roleplay fits into the legal community.

    In accordance with this Mission, Dr D. will be the "Attending Physician" for the evening for his popular "Ask the Doctor" series; yes, there will be an M.D.to answer ALL your questions on BDSM/Fetish related health & safety topics.

    For more info call the Den at (213) 623-1520 $20 in advance / 30 at the door and up Pro Dommes: come dressed for the occasion and get in free

    FRESH MEAT “ LA's premier play party for queer and trans* people of color

    The next FRESH MEAT, LAs premier play party for queer and trans* people of color and their allies, is happening:


    Once again, doors will be closing at 10:30PM.

    This time we are moving to Den of Iniquity located in Downtown Los Angeles. This new, larger space has 3 rooms to play in and tons of exciting equipment!

    This time we will be introducing pick-up play wrist bands! If you are looking for a new playmate you can flag top (left wrist) or bottom (right wrist) to let everyone know that you are open and ready to chat. This is a SAFE SPACE for queer and trans* people of color (and their allies) to experiment and play, an expansion of our BDSM community!

    To attend this party and receive the address, please RSVP via email to FRESHMEAT.LA@GMAIL.COM with:

    1. Name or Playname

    2. Age (21+ only)

    3. Gender Identity

    4. Sexual Orientation

    5. Race/Ethnicity

    6. Phone number

    7. How did you find out about this party?

    $10-20 sliding scale membership fee, CASH ONLY

    Wardrobe: leather, latex, birthday suit, underwear, whatever!

    We are just SQUIRMING with excitement. Shine those boots, lube up that latex, wash your favorite pair of underwear (or dont and give it to me!), and get ready for a night you wont forget.

    Dom Con After Party: A Penis Free Zone
    Los Angeles - Sun, May 12, 2013 6:30 pm

    Dinner Party for visiting Dommes to Dom con. 

    By invitation only in secluded 4000 sq ft house in the valley. 
    Complimentary Dinner and Drinks for first 20 guests @6:30. 
    Cocktails from 8PM on. 
    Casual Attire (unless You want to dress). 
    Bring bathing suit if you want to soak in the hot tub or swim. 
    You may bring ONLY your personal slave pending approval. 

    Contact Mistress Tara, Cybill Troy or Lady Constance 

    e-mail MssTar

    Party pics from The Eros Party at Dungeon West featuring Myself, Carina Crash, Justine Cross, Cybill B Troy, Sheri Darling and Dominique DVita then at the after party at Bar Sinsister with Cybill and slaves. Did a HOT singletailing scene at Bar Sisnister! Check out My boy's marks!  #myfriendsarehotterthenyours

    2/19/2013: It’s Cybill Troy Birthday, So the Den Crew is out to celebrate! No sessions tonight. We will be busy with strippers, cocktails, and chicken fingers at the Hoffbrau! Suck it LOSERS! Here what you would look like if you were Us.

    Cybill is also now #6 on clips4sale! What a deserved and fitting tribute to the completion of Her pre-frontal Cortex!