FRESH MEAT “ LA's premier play party for queer and trans* people of color

The next FRESH MEAT, LAs premier play party for queer and trans* people of color and their allies, is happening:


Once again, doors will be closing at 10:30PM.

This time we are moving to Den of Iniquity located in Downtown Los Angeles. This new, larger space has 3 rooms to play in and tons of exciting equipment!

This time we will be introducing pick-up play wrist bands! If you are looking for a new playmate you can flag top (left wrist) or bottom (right wrist) to let everyone know that you are open and ready to chat. This is a SAFE SPACE for queer and trans* people of color (and their allies) to experiment and play, an expansion of our BDSM community!

To attend this party and receive the address, please RSVP via email to FRESHMEAT.LA@GMAIL.COM with:

1. Name or Playname

2. Age (21+ only)

3. Gender Identity

4. Sexual Orientation

5. Race/Ethnicity

6. Phone number

7. How did you find out about this party?

$10-20 sliding scale membership fee, CASH ONLY

Wardrobe: leather, latex, birthday suit, underwear, whatever!

We are just SQUIRMING with excitement. Shine those boots, lube up that latex, wash your favorite pair of underwear (or dont and give it to me!), and get ready for a night you wont forget.