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    On that particular day, it was going to be the last day i would be able to serve Mistress for an entire month as She is heading for New York for June. i did Her laundry, cleaned Her room and packed Her luggage for Her flight. As i was cleaning, She told me to get Her single tail out of Her...

    i spent the night at the Dungeon again and so did Mistress Constance. Upon awaking and getting some coffee, i spent the next several hours talking to Mistress Constance who had a lot of stories about Her personal experiences as a Dominatrix and just normal topics in general. I always relish the...


    This clip adds new meaning to beating your meat. And quite a beating does this unrepentant slave get. His insolence has made Julie particularly sadistic and She will not relent until She extracts every bit of sorrow She can from slave jack. Over and over again, she strikes jack with Her razor sharp single tail. Whipping and lashing him over and over again to his cock, balls and nipples and emphasizing Her point with some face smacking at the end. And Ms Simone is not done with this bitch yet.