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    your intrusive thoughts disgust you for a reason. your intrusive thoughts scare you for a reason. your intrusive thoughts send you into a panic for a reason. your intrusive thoughts distress you for a reason. your intrusive thoughts upset you for a reason.

    they're not things that you secretly think. they're not things that you secretly believe. they are the worst things your mind could conjure in order to make it difficult for you to get through the day.

    Passing: Profiling the Lives of Young Trans Men of Color (2015).

    [ID: Excerpts from interviews with two trans men. The first, Lucah Rosenberg Lee, has a shaved head and a trimmed beard. The second, Victor Thomas, has curly black hair and a trimmed beard, and is heavier-set.

    Lucah, talking about gender dysphoria prior to transitioning, says, “I was in a heterosexual relationship. I was female. I would question this all the time. Am I attracted to these men, or do I just want to be them? That was a big turning point in my own self-discovery.”

    Victor, talking about the transphobia he’s endured as a trans man of color, says, “You’re subjected to something because they don’t understand you. And you have to watch the way you react, because you’re a man now. People take you as a threat.”

    Lucah, in another scene, discusses feeling erased as a trans man, and racism in trans communities. He says, “Being so invisible within the LGBT community can actually feel so isolating. When people don’t know my history as a trans person, I feel sometimes that I’m viewed as more of an enemy.” END ID.]

    Trans men of color deserve to be loved and appreciated, and made safe. Trans men deserve access to our own spaces, no matter how masculine and cis-passing we are. We deserve credit and recognition for the contributions that we have made to trans history, most of which are erased nowadays.

    Being a man is not dangerous or wrong. Being masculine is not dangerous or wrong. Being a black man is not dangerous or wrong.

    Please support trans men of color.

    Please support trans men.

    Please support men.

    Men belong in trans spaces. Men of color belong in LGBT+ spaces. Straight trans men belong at Pride. Men do not have to be feminine to be queer.


    Oh 𝔽𝕌ℂ𝕂! You didn’t tell me you had a beast in your home. You’ve got a little goggyee. Eh- BOGGY. A poopy dog. A buppy- a little 𝐹𝑈𝐶𝐾𝐼𝑁𝐺 ƊOƐGGУ. I’ve never seen a reell dog before! We only have Lego® Dogs on Lego® Island. 𝒪! Oh FUCK! Oh fuck nooo! This red bastard’s got teeth! Sharp teethh. He’s going to tear me into little Lego® pieces. I’ve never been so scared in my life! WHAT THE FUCK this is like a jumpscare from Five Fuckers at Uncle Festers. GET ME THE  𝔽𝕌ℂ𝕂  OUT OF HERE!


    I found the actual picture and oh my god this is literally a comic book


    anyone curious about more Mayan comics might be interested in this segment from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”! He briefly goes into them while trying to pinpoint where the art form of sequential visual media started


    6 hour workday maximum i’m not kidding, if it can’t be done in that timeframe it doesn’t need doing.


    this doesn't apply to jobs like childcare


    If i worked in childcare and my 6 hours were up i would start putting babies in ziploc bags and shipping them to Turkmenistan listed as endangered fruits and vegetables


    tumblr user possiblyfrogking somehow completely unaware of the concept of shift work


    It applies more to jobs like childcare, elder care, and healthcare, where there should be 4 hour direct-care shifts with 6-hour supervisory shifts. That means quintupling staff and making sure that all of that staff gets the same or better pay to the current rate, and that's how it should be.

    The human brain cannot focus correctly on complex tasks for more than 4 hours, or simpler tasks for more than 6 per day. It can't. That's not how neurology works.

    The fact that we've been conned into thinking the most difficult, highest value work tasks in the modern world (caring for those in need) should be done with the least regard for actual safety and effectiveness is obscene.

    Capitalism fucking rots your soul, and convinces you that the most delicate and difficult work should be done by people too impoverished and exhausted to even see straight.

    Shut the fuck up. Get a shorter work day and take a nap, then maybe you'll be able to see how backwards that line of thought is.


    @vergess​ is so right. as both a daycare person and a critical care registered nurse i’ve worked any and all versions of split shifts, double shifts, shared shifts, 4-hour, 6-hour, 8-hour, 10-hour and 12-hour shifts, with overtime and without, and vergess has it right.

    especially as things get more technical, with more equipment and more stuff to keep in mind. you WANT a well-rested, attentive, person who cares about the quality of their work and who cares about how the person/people are doing.