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    E esse cantar igual passarinho me faz vontade de amar, beijar e cuidar. E te pegar no colo pra fugir E se encantar com o mundão lá fora. Abre essas asas e deixa esse meu abraço te fazer nós. E deixe a gente se esparramar de tanto dançar entre cada cômodo da casa. Pra me enlaçar entre o cheiro desse teu pescoço e o gosto da tua boca. Me permitindo tornar teu mundo melhor.

    Adult Content

    I miss adult content.

    Not that I miss porn, you can get that anywhere if you really want it. 

    No, what I hate most is the feeling of coming across something beautiful, or exciting, or unique, or artistic, or just plain interesting, and wanting to share it and then suddenly thinking, oh, I can’t post that because it has a female nipple.

    I miss the freedom of being able to share whatever I like without worry. Tumblr has become a cage.

    In order to make a relationship last, you really have to flow with a person as they change. Give them space. My friend always told me about his grandfather who was with his wife for 60 years before she passed. His grandfather said that through all that time, his wife changed so much it felt like he had been with 8 different people by the end. But he said the secret to making it last was that through all those changes, he never suffocated his wife with his own idea of who he expected her to be. Rather he loved, fully, every new woman she became.