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    “ ‘Scuse me,  pardon – Hi, there. Name’s Lieutenant Columbo, LAPD. I’m up here from homicide. Responding to a report about a body found in Med Bay. I tell ya, this is one troubling case, but not to worry, we’ll get it figured out. You were the one who called the Emergency Meeting just now, is that right? Where did you say you found the body? Oh, right, Med Bay, yeah, I just remembered. And you were alone? Hmm… Oh, nothing, sir. Just wanted to get all the details. See, these small things, I’ve gotta get them resolved. Now, ah … between you and me… have you seen anyone in this wing actin’ a bit … a bit sus?”


    when i was a teenager it felt very revolutionary to be cruel to myself. like some kind of slow passive protest against how much everything hurt. i starved myself of sleep and food and tenderness because it felt right. it felt sharp and angry and radical and i wanted to be those things. adulthood is the realisation that the world is already working to cut into you well before you learn how to do it yourself. caring for yourself and others is the real protest


    Michelle K, I Know I Deserve More


    Me when my players are trying to guess the answer to a puzzle


    The reading comprehension on this website……….


    i love stupid people more than anything ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


    this is literally what it was like assisting at a preschool 💀


    The addition of emojis like 🥰☺️💝 make these statements so much more potent


    world heritage post


    i wish you could download mods for movies. i want to watch the thing (1982) but with kurt russel in a baby slut t shirt and camo capris


    [id: unfortunately, its kurt russel in the thing (1982) wearing a baby slut tshirt and camo capris.]


    noone in this house appreciates anything i do