Tease by Hand
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2020-08-30 18:33:26

    So since I didn’t get the chance to do the webtease like I was hoping, I’ve decided to punish myself with the first tease on the list, which doesn’t allow cumming.

    The tease is simple: I’m given a number, and I have to stroke my cock that many times. I have to do this by the time the next...


    Well, the time has come.  Wish me luck!


    So here’s what I’ve come up with:

    I’m going to to do one of four web-based teases tomorrow morning with some precious little free time. Which one I do depends on how many notes this post gets. The more notes, the more intense the tease! I’ll start with a modest range and see how it goes.



    What’s it going to be, gang?  I’m only a few votes away from the next tease!  And I haven’t heard if anyone wants me wearing anything special below…

    As I’m sure many of you guessed, I never got around to this last week. Time got away from me, but I’ll have the chance tomorrow! Right now the number of votes has me at Water’s Edge, which is a relatively short tease with a guaranteed orgasm. The more notes I get, the longer the tease AND the less likely I cum! I’m also taking requests via messages…