Tease by Hand

A straight switch man (32) exploring his more submissive side through tease. By all means send me a message, especially if you're feeling particularly submissive or dominant! One of the sexiest things is to use our hands to turn each other on.Kik: teasebyhand

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2020-08-30 18:33:26

    I can’t cum from nipple stimulation only but my nipples are super sensitive (and super ticklish, but I am all over) and it gets me soaked. I can only cum from direct clit stimulation. How would you tease me 😍

    I’d have you tied spread out so I can reach everywhere On your body, tickling innocuous place at first, like your sides, and moving to less innocuous places like your nipples, inner thighs, and on to your pussy lips. I’d have endless fun bringing your right to the edge, then going wild with your nipples until I start all over again...


    I'm naked tied to a chair with my hands tied behind my back pushing my upper body forward. My nipples, tummy, under arms, sides and ribs at your mercy. What do you do to me?

    The only answer, of course, is to take a feather and movie excruciatingly slowly over every last bare inch of your body.   Once that’s got you nice and wet, I’ll slide a remote vibrator inside you and do it all again, surprising you with vibrations.  Finally, I use the feather to tickle you away from orgasm as the vibrator gets you closer ;)