Tease by Hand
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2020-08-30 18:33:26

    That’s it, keep crying. Whimper. Beg. Beg me to move faster. Beg me to let you cum. You thought i was going to use a vibrator when i said i would finally let you cum tonight… Poor thing. You CAN cum, if you’re able to, of course. I’m just going to keep moving my hand over your clit slowly like this. And i’ll slow down even more when i see you’re getting too much pleasure. I wouldn’t want you to stay on the edge, so i’ll bring you down from it. Tease your clit until you edge then never let you get over the edge. Never an orgasm. But remember, you CAN cum… if you are able to.

    It doesn’t take much to render you so completely helpless. Just taking your hands out of the equation leaves you at my mercy. Taking your sight leaves you hoping for that same mercy. With your defenses, you could laze in contentment, without them, all you will know is pleasure. Just those two things out of the picture and you are all mine. Focus on that for a moment… while these fingertips tease your intimacy… how easy it is to take complete command of your so deliriously sensitive body. You think to yourself that it shouldn’t be so easy, but while the ecstasy courses through you, you are glad it is. 

    Content created by: PleasureTorture

    Image source from: EroticaX