Teased and denied
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    She pulled up to the stoplight, top down, wind blown, carefree. There you stood on the corner waiting to cross, family in tow, heading to the beach or maybe lunch.

    She turned her head and even though she never removed her sunglasses you knew with certainty her eyes were boring a hole straight into your heart and soul.

    Without breaking the spell her tongue flicks out, slices through the creamy deliciousness in her hand, curling back into her mouth with the expertise of a life well spent.

    Not wanting to draw undue attention you dare not move, or breathe, or sigh out loud....but you feel it......that spontaneous twitch between your legs.

    In your head that little camera that saves images for posterity is clicking away....click, click click.

    Her demeanor changes as well with the light change, she smiles a wide warm smile your way before she puts her foot on the gas.

    She too had collected a moment for her memory bank....to use later as she pleased.


    As the day progressed, whether he was lounging at the pool or enjoying a beachfront dinner with his family, his mind kept being drawn back to the images saved in his mind easier that day .

    The mysterious woman. The captivating swirling of her tongue. And that warm, beguiling smile. The one that stopped him in his tracks and made his mind whir.

    As crazy as it sounded he sensed an unspoken connection. Like somehow in that instant she had delved deep into the recesses of his mind and was offering a knowing smile of approval.

    By day's end the cumulative effect of his mind's wandering had left him with the unmistakable feeling of pent-up lust and arousal, a sensation that although frustrating also felt both strangely appropriate and erotically exciting.

    Eventually, as he drifted off to sleep, his wife asleep next to him, the woman who had captivated his thoughts throughout the day returned to him.

    This time in his dreams. Only now it was him who was the target of her sensually licking tongue.

    Trapped in that delicious state of limbo between consciousness and dreams he felt his arousal mounting.

    Part of him was desperate to reach down and stroke his now achingly hard erection, yet he felt unable to move, as if his limbs were spread and bound to the bed.

    In his mind he heard a woman's voice whispering, "No baby, you're not allowed. You have to be patient."

    He felt her tongue, her lips, approaching his raging erection but they never quite reached, always stopping just barely short. He thought he heard himself whimper in his sleep then heard a voice whisper, "Shhh, stay quiet..."

    He silenced himself and he was rewarded by her soft tongue drifting closer. God, he was so hard, so desperate to be touched that he wanted to scream. His hand tried to reach his cock but his arm refused to move.

    He heard her voice softly laugh, "Not yet, you have to wait."

    Finally, mercifully, he felt the sensation of a tongue gently licking and swirling around his cock. Time seemed to stand still as the sensations continued, intense pleasure that brought him to the brink of eruption, yet somehow kept him teetering right there.

    It seemed impossible. To be this hard. To be this close. My god, why wasn't he cumming??

    The voice softly murmured, "Relax, you can't, no matter how badly you want it...not until I say."

    Was it seconds? Minutes? Or hours that he laid trapped at the edge of release? His cock felt painfully hard, like it was about to burst when he heard her voice whisper, "Do you want to cum for me, baby? Is that what you want?"

    His head on his pillow nodded, and it felt like a hot, velvety softness then engulfed his cock and began squeezing, clutching and rippling around him.

    The voice whispered, "Shhhh...," while his body helplessly responded, erupting in pleasure as his untouched cock and heavy balls released torrent after torrent of pent-up cum into his shorts.

    When his body's final shudder ended, he heard a soft purr of contentment, "Feel good, sweetie? Now, enjoy the rest of your vacation."

    His mind finally broke free of its haze, confused and dazed. Tentatively, he turned toward his wife. Still asleep, and seemingly unaware. Had he imagined all of this? Reaching down, he realized that for the first time in god knows how long he had actually cum in his sleep. Honestly, exploded in his sleep was more accurate.

    Now feeling confused, exhausted and blissfully content he surrendered to sleep. Once more his mind cycled through the images of the mysterious woman it had stored earlier. But this time, he realized a new one now appeared in his memory bank.

    He smiled as the image slowly began to come in to focus. Her sunglasses were now off, winking at him knowingly. Her smile was both warm and mischievous and as the image came more into focus he saw her tongue sensually gathering up the last remaining drops of her creamy, white treat.

    Drifting deeper into sleep, he returned her smile, silently mouthing the words, "Thank you..."


    She’d simply shook her head and laughed softly when she’d read his message that night on Tumblr as they chatted.

    “Just once I’d love to know what it’s like to be teased by a woman. I mean, really teased…. you know, to the point where I can’t take it for another minute?”

    How adorable……….

    Not wanting to frighten him off she innocently played along, showing interest in his fantasy.“Hmm, that does sound kinda sexy. I bet that would be fun to try to do with a guy sometime.”

    And with that, the hook was set.

    For months they bantered back and forth, sharing fantasies… well, to be fair, it was mostlhim. Expertly, with each passing week she drew a little more… and a little more… out of him.

    His weaknesses. His fetishes. His vulnerabilities. Those hidden secrets of what drove him mad and made him ache with need. Information poured from him as if he’d longed for years to confess these secrets to someone. Someone who cared. Someone who was interested in them.


    Eventually, she was ready. She had everything she needed. It was time to bring this man’s fantasy to life in a way that even his wildest imagination could not have possibly prepared him for.

    The invitation was made, her offer sweet and simple. 48 hours in a hotel room. Her rules. All he needed to do was accept, agree to her terms and she promised to do her absolute best to bring his fantasy to life.

    When he could barely return her message and agree quickly enough she smiled, sympathetically chuckling to herself, “Oh sweetheart, you poor thing…. you really have no idea…..”

    As it turns out, there was one little aspect about herself she’d not yet shared with him. One obsessive kink of her own that she thought she’d keep to herself until he’d fallen in to her trap and was at her mercy. When it was too late for him to change his mind.

    And that was…. that she was an insatiable, wicked, merciless cocktease.

    Not the sort that simply made a man wait a little longer than normal before she’d let him cum. Not the sort that was content with hearing him beg for his orgasm. Not even the sort who would edge a man for hours before allowing him to explode in pleasure.

    No, no… she was the sort who craved the sights and sounds of a man who was suffering exquisitely from an overload of sensual pleasure….. pleasure that was coupled with an unbearable amount of sexual frustration.

    She would play a man’s body beautifully… masterfully…. ravishing helpless male flesh with sensual pleasures that made his mind reel and his body quiver.

    But, her kink, her obsession… was to make his pleasure inescapable… to offer no release valve from it… to make it build far beyond the limits of what the male body was designed to withstand.

    To watch him crumble and break from how impossibly aroused she’d made him… from how completely desperate he was for her.

    Now, not quite four hours in to their adventure she had her Tumblr admirer’s wrists bound securely to the headboard, his senses reeling from the scent and heat of her dripping folds hovering above him. Already though, his pleas were becoming more desperate, his aching need for release more agonizing.

    And, already she’d brought him near the edge of cumming more times than he’d ever experienced before in his life. Slowly but surely, she was reducing him to her own helpless, aching cum factory…. his balls becoming heavier, fuller, achier by the minute… his cock being being transformed into a mass of feverish, steely hardness that was utterly desperate for release.

    But as his orgasm approached yet again her soft, skilled, cruel hand clamped down firmly around the base of his shaft, her own insurance policy of sorts…. just in case… to guarantee that the chance of even an accidental orgasm was hopeless. No, she was far too methodical… far too patient… far too skilled to risk a mistake like that.

    She smiled when she heard a shaky male voice plead,“Ok, ok…. now…. please now…. y-you’ve done it.. I can’t… I can’t take any more…. please, please make me cum now??…..”

    “Oh honey, don’t be silly,” she murmured. “I haven’t even started teasing you yet… I’m still just getting you warmed up sweetie. We’ve not yet played for even four hours….. you’ve got forty-four more to go.”

    His anguished whimper provoked a purr of pure female lust from her. Her fingertips gently cradled his balls as if weighing them.

    “We’ve barely started with these baby,” she said calmly, almost sweetly. “Wait til you feel how much fuller I can get them… how much heavier I can make them…. has a girl ever made them so full for you that it feels like you can feel the ache in every…. inch… of your body?”

    At the first faint sound of his next plea she laughed softly, lowering her thighs just enough to silence him with the softness of her pussy that was ready to enjoy yet another orgasm.

    “Shhhh, no talking sweetie…. just licking….”

    She purred throatily at the feel of his tongue going back to work, her hand resuming coaxing him gently back toward the edge, just close enough where her firm grip would guarantee his denial once more…. forcing yet even more freshly made cum to recede helplessly back down in to his balls, making them just a bit fuller.

    With lust written all over her face she purred,“Just relax baby, I’ll know when you can’t take any more…. I’ll be able to tell when we’ve got your balls so full you can’t even think, let alone beg….”

    A wicked grin crossed her face as she softly added,“….. and that, is when your warm-up will come to an end baby…. and that is when I can start to give your poor, helpless cock the teasing that you’ve always fantasized about…..”


    The moment she clicked the lock shut on the chastity device she’d just persuaded her boyfriend to wear she could see that “Oh my god, what have I just done?” expression on his face.

    Smiling sweetly, she soothingly caressed his face and purred, “Aww, it’ll be okay, honey. It’s not that big a deal. It’s just going to be some hot, sexy fun…. that’s all.”

    Within minutes though she felt as if she was about to burst with excitement

    Visions of his caged cock swollen and straining against its prison

    The sounds of his voice desperately pleading with her for relief

    And best of all, thoughts of all those orgasms she’d soon be enjoying, knowing it was now only a matter of time before he’d be obsessively focused on her pleasure, hoping that in turn it might lead to some for himself.

    Concealing her lust and arousal with the skill of an award winning actress, she calmly remarked, “Sweetie, I need to step outside for a minute. I won’t be long though, I’ll be right back………..”


    Is it wrong to admit this could be me???


    “What do you want from me?” she asked him, startled by his outburst. They had just finished what she thought was an incredible mind blowing sex filled afternoon. He rolled over, sat up and the ugly nasty words started spewing from his mouth. Omg, she thought to herself, he was picking a fight, ruining their moment together.

    “What the hell do you want from me?” she asked him once again with a deadly calm as soon as an opening presented itself in his tirade. He answered with one word, growling it at her…….."Satisfaction”.

    “Well, why didn’t you say so, I can’t read your mind”, she spit back at him from between tight lips. Her hand a blur, slapping him hard across his left cheek leaving a handprint the size of Texas.

    His eyes grew hard and bright. His breathing rapid, deep, and ragged. His once flaccid cock now standing ramrod straight throbbing with desire.

    ”Do I have your attention now?” Her voice quieter, deeper, deadly....her eyes threatening, her lips pursed tighter, strained, her trademark wicked smile no longer visible.

    In the time it was taking him to form a coherent thought, before another nasty reply could slip from his mouth.... she slapped him again, this time smacking his cheek hard enough to send his head spinning across the room.

    "Now…about that satisfaction you need. I think we should start right here.”

    Spreading her legs, grabbing his right ear she pulled him hard against her liquid heat.

    Her single word filled the void of silence.....



    It was the first day of a much needed getaway for the two of them. One long glorious week at the beach. Sun. Sand. And of course, her very favorite vacation pastime.

    Subjecting her husband to a virtual nonstop 24/7 hard-on.

    She delighted in keeping him in a state of near constant arousal, savoring the change that came over him as each day his blue balls became more and more agonizing.

    And all the while his frustration was her pleasure, her orgasms so plentiful and powerful there was no escape for him from the intoxicating scent of her arousal.

    By the end of the week if she was feeling merciful she might allow him his desperately needed relief. Maybe.

    But today was all about heating him up. Filling his balls. Giving his cock no choice but to stiffen and ache with need.

    So, after a morning of edging him for hours and riding his face to orgasm after orgasm she slipped into the bikini she knew would prevent his erection from subsiding.

    Then, just before leaving for the beach she grinned mischievously and shoved him playfully back on to the bed. Knowing that his ears were his kryptonite her mouth immediately found them.

    She chuckled as he tried to turn away. ""Uh, uh, uh baby. No, no," she teased, turning his head back. "Before we go, just so you have something to think about, you're going to lie nice and still for me and I'm going to tell you all about what I have in store for your cock as soon as we return."

    You know what I could go for right now? A nice edge session with a whiney begging sub. And I don’t mean anything insane either. Like a nice gentle edge session with some power play. Looking you right in the eyes as I slowly and methodically stroke your stiff cock. Wondering how many times I can bring you to the edge without pushing you over it. Watching you wonder the same thing. Hearing you start to whimper as my thumb runs over that special little spot I know you love. Whispering things in your ear that make you shiver. “I love feeling how needy you are to cum baby. I’m not ready to give you your orgasm yet though” then hearing you start to whine for me to let you cum. Ugh. Hearing you beg for it. Hearing you need it. Such a good boy for me. I love it......yea....that’s what I could go for right now.


    Predicament - Word of the Day

    predicament, noun | \ pri-ˈdi-kə-mənt


    especially : a difficult, perplexing, or trying situation


    An hour earlier she'd received the message.

    The package has been secured. Delivery within the hour.

    And now, hearing the whirring of the motor that opened the heavy steel door of the underground garage she felt herself begin to moisten with anticipation.

    She listened intently, enjoying the sound of the innocuous industrial truck making its way inside, the opening and closing of its heavy rear door as the cargo was unloaded, followed by the ominous thud of the overhead steel door after its exit.

    The corners of her lips curl upward slightly when a second message is received. Delivery is complete.

    She emerges from behind the wooden doors, her head turning toward the familiar and oh so delicious muffled sounds of an unsuspecting male... still unsure where, or why, he has found himself in his current predicament.

    The bound and gagged man hears the clicking of heels slowly approaching on the hard floor, then finds himself looking up at a gorgeous woman, his gaze level with her alluring breasts barely contained within her black corset.

    Her hand reaches out, gently caressing his face. His mind reels. He has seen this woman before, but where?

    "I apologize for the rather unorthodox method of bringing you to my home," she purrs. "But I find that it sets the appropriate tone for the evening, as well as for my expectations of you."

    He thought to himself, who is this woman??

    Stepping closer so that his face was nestled gently into her cleavage, she murmured, "You are of course welcome to leave if you like. But, if you stay, you will address me as Mistress Abigail and you will be mine to do with as I please."

    Abigail? Abigail??

    Then, it him. Abigail. His summer intern at the law firm ten years ago.

    Sensing his recognition she gave him a playful wink. "The choice is yours David. Would you like to leave? Or, would you prefer to stay so I can make you mine?"

    His mind reeled, but in a dazed voice he managed to reply, "Stay.....I want to stay."

    With a soft, knowing laugh she purred, "Of course you do. In that case, let's begin... court is now in session."


    It had been a long day traveling. Murphy's law was in full effect and he was exhausted in more ways than one. He opened the bedroom door to his hotel suite expecting the room to be empty.

    She didn't budge, not even a muscle.

    Her voice broke the silence quietly......

    "No words please....I'm done with words, clothes off, on your knees, forehead to the floor, ass up, legs spread."

    "If I'm right.....you and I are both in desperate need of this baby."


    He summons every last ounce of strength he can find, his arms shaking, legs quivering, body dripping with sweat, determined to not give in to the exhaustion of his body until she was satisfied. Finally, he hears her voice from behind him.

    "You can relax now baby, we're done."

    She smiles as this man momentarily collapses to the floor before eventually finding the energy to join her on the bed. His still untouched, yet to be relieved hardness points toward the ceiling, quivering as it silently pleads for her attention.

    Her fingers land on his chest and drift slowly toward where he longs to feel them most. She watches with a sense of lust and power as his body involuntarily writhes and lifts, unable to quell its desire to seek her touch.

    "Relax baby," she murmurs. "I've not finished with you yet."

    "Thank god," he groans in anticipation.

    Finally he feels the mercy of her touch, although it is wickedly delicate. Never grasping or stroking, instead subjecting his achingly needy cock to only the softest, gentlest, most delicate of touches. Just enough to slowly coax him to the edge of eruption and make him nearly want to scream with his need for more. Never quite enough to ease his agony for release.

    Sensing his moment of criss is dangerously near her hand retreats and pulls away. She smiles as he nearly sobs the word, "Please?? More??"

    Stroking her soft hand soothingly over his feverish forehead she whispers, "Shhh, almost done sweetheart."

    For several moments she ignores his once again neglected cock, content to watch the way his throbbing, weeping hardness slowly diminishes ever so slightly in size and girth.

    Just enough.

    Lastly, she slips the unforgiving steel cage over the length of him and locks it in place.

    Smiling at his whimper of frustration, she snuggles against him, draping her soft, naked curves over his trembling body. Sighing in blissful contentment she kisses his ear and purrs, "There.... now we're done."


    All of this was still so new to him. Surrendering to the will of another. Sacrificing his own pleasure for hers. Giving himself to her completely.

    Although his orgasms were becoming more and more rare, the sexual electricity he felt with this woman was addictive. Unbelievably enough "not cumming" with her was hotter than any sex he'd experienced with any woman before her.

    Every day with this woman felt like an erotic adventure, every moment filled with a sense of anticipation of what might happen next.

    Like today, the two of them visiting his parents' home together as a couple for the first time. As he led her on a tour of the home down the upstairs hallway he suddenly found himself being pinned against the wall by her soft curves, her lips hungry and taunting at his ear.

    "Don't move a muscle, baby," she whispered huskily. "And don't make a sound."

    He stifled a gasp at the feel of her hand descending down his body, then rubbing softly between his legs. She grinned at how responsive his body was, his cock immediately stiffening as the weeks worth of pent-up cum in his aching balls began to churn.

    "You've done so well for me, baby," she whispered. "Learning that your orgasms belong to me, that you cum only when I say "

    His eyes were already glazing over as he swallowed hard and nodded. Continuing, she purred, "...and now today you learn, you'll cum whenever I want...and wherever I want."

    And with a smirk, her hand continued its slow, gentle manipulation, coaxing his fabric confined erection to a shuddering climax that he was powerless to stop.


    "C'mere baby," she murmured provocatively.

    A moment later he found himself utterly transported, enveloped by softness, his every breath filled with the blend of her natural scent and delicate perfume.

    She smiled at the soft, dazed sounds that came from him when her fingers gently raked along his scalp, amused by how easily she could render this man helpless with longing for her.

    With her hands now cradling him to her, it was as if already he had been reduced to her prisoner, powerless to break the bonds of her sensual hold over him.

    It was deliciously obvious to her how aroused he was becoming, his erratic breathing and barely audible moans of need conveying how badly he needed her.


    That was exactly how she loved to keep this man.



    Aching and dripping with need for her.

    Desperate for release.

    And the deeper she drew him into her sensual web, the more he loved her for it.

    Laughing softly at his whimper of need, her hands tugged gently, drawing him closer yet into the valley of her breasts, purring, "You are so mine, baby."