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2020-11-28 19:00:43

    Both your girlfriends had found out about one another at the same time, and both had the same idea to snag you all to themselves. They came off birth control without telling you, and waited for the inevitable to happen. However, neither of them knew your fetish for breeding, and your ability at it. They both mellowed towards one another as their pregnancies progressed, and now here they were, just two short months later, the best of friends, inseparable, each with half a dozen of your babies growing inside of them.

    Thanks to @reiper19 for the suggestion


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


    I also ignored this and got decapitated at a guillotine by Millie Bobby Brown :(


    no risks 😂


    Ya know. Just in case.


    Fuck all that I just red it and rebloging it now