Ethan heard his college roommate come in the door as he continued practicing on his keyboard. He heard the shoes being kicked off and shuffling from behind him as he assumed his roommate Cameron was changing. The room started filling up with that familiar smell Ethan had been subjected to since Cam started rooming with him that Sophomore year. He heard the 20 yr old jock say from behind him,”I need a foot massage.” The nerdy freshman briefly stopped and responded back,”Can I do it later, I really need to get this page down, besides... your feet stink.” He heard a chair pull up behind him and watched the massive bare feet prop themselves up on the keyboard stopping him. “Smell,” Cameron ordered. Ethan looked back at him, who was giving him the look, then turned back to the massive feet. He slowly moved his face forward, pushing his cheek up against one of the meaty soles, feeling the warmth and foot odor hitting his lungs as he took a sniff. Cameron nudged his face and Ethan turned his nose inward. He grunted lightly as he pushed his nose into the soft middle, taking a longer inhale. Cam pushed his foot a bit firmer into his roommates nose and teased,”Say you like it.” Ethan muffled into the soft sole,”I like your foot smell Cam.” Cameron grinned and replied,”Good boy. Sniff my toes.” Ethan moved his face up and pushed his nose into the smelly digits and took a big whiff. He was getting dizzy from huffing the ripe odor as the toes flexed over his nostrils. Cam suddenly removed both feet from the keyboard. ”On the floor, I want to game for awhile. I’ll make you rub my feet later.” Ethan got up, his roommate towering over him, seeing as he didn’t have a choice in the matter. He had been making him rub his feet almost from the start, being nice at first but becoming more authoritative as the school year went on... now treating him as his personal foot slave. Ethan assumed his normal position on the floor in front of the chair and grunted as both huge feet rested upon his complexion. Ethan inhaled, feeling the feet nudge and move on his nose while his roomie gamed. He eventually stuck out his tongue as the toes flexed down on his lips saying it was time for him to lick between them.

    Tyler watched his karate teacher take some promo shots of his student Lucas. Some students had lingered after class to watch but eventually left. Tyler was about to start putting his shoes on when his instructor called him over to take some shots with Lucas. Tyler went over and was told to put his hands up in a fighting stance as Lucas was asked to hold his foot up against Tylers face. Lucas grinned at him then became serious as he pressed the top of his foot against the side of Tyler’s face. The shots were taken, as well as a few more punching shots and one more kick promo shot. The teacher thanked them and went into the back room to upload the pics to his dojo website. Before Tyler could turn away, Lucas grabbed his wrist, sweeped his foot behind Tyler’s knee’s, knocking his feet out from under him. Falling on the mat with Lucas still holding his wrist, Lucas stepped forward, and planted one barefoot onto Tyler’s chest, keeping him down. Lucas was always kind’ve the bad boy in class, trying to show up the other guys, being the macho type. Tyler looked up at him, not showing any resistance. “Did you Like my foot up against your face? I see how you’re always staring at them and the other guys feet in class. You’re not even paying attention half the damn time.” Lucas let go of his wrist as Tyler got slightly red in the face due to embarrassment. Seeing him not putting up any fight, Lucas took to humiliating him a bit further. Tyler watched Lucas’ barefoot lift up from chest and slowly come down onto his face in a dominant pose. He breathed in, his nose sinking into the bottom, now looking directly into the padded foot. Lucas nudged his sole against Tyler’s face a little. “Kiss it.” Tyler hesitated but began kissing the bottom a few times. He felt Lucas’ foot slide down his face, his toes now resting over his nose . Tyler sniffed in a bit deeper, not sure how he could talk his way out of this. Lucas glared down at him saying,”Like that? Looks like you do. You’ll be my new foot bitch from now on.” He clamped his toes down on Tyler’s and shook his face some. Lucas removed his foot then purposely stepped onto Tyler’s stomach (grunt) and over before walking out of the dojo.