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2018-12-17 05:39:57

    So, who’s all on bdsmlr now? I just joined.


    I’m on as torontopup


    Me! I’m on there as fetchthewhippingboy


    Me. Cnyspanky.


    Yeah, I am now on BDSMLR and trying to increase the amount of punished male bottoms on there so I don’t have to see womens’ bits


    Looks like critical mass? Let’s get the show on the road!



    Hello! I'm a female I really didn't know if a female is allowed on your blog...i really enjoy what you post very happy your daddy takes great care of you I'm 19 years old and have a daddy myself just wanted to say me and daddy love your blog..hope you and your daddy have a great Valentine's your daddy works very hard to keep you happy and you work hard to keep him happy...I send you both my love 💕

    Hey, thanks for the message. Of course you’re welcome! :)  I’m glad you and your Daddy are enjoying my blog. Happy Valentines Day to you both.


    You disappeared again. 😢 Are you okay?

    Thanks for asking. I’m still having health issues, and pretty much just getting through a day at a time. I’ve thought about deleting this blog, since I rarely update it these days, but then, I figured why not just leave it up for other people to enjoy?


    I noticed that you post a lot of stuff with the daddy holding the boy up while fucking him simultaneously. Can your daddy do that to you in real life? I've heard it's really hard.

    We can, because I don’t weigh a whole lot. Honestly though, it’s kind of awkward to fuck that way and not all that satisfying. The pictures always turn my boyfriend and me on though, which is why I post them. :)


    I've noticed you haven't been in lately, are you okay? I really miss your presence. ( feel free to ignore me as it's actually none of my business.) 💜

    Hey, thanks for the message. I’ve actually been dealing with some health issues, so tumblr has wound up on the back burner. It’s nice that someone actually noticed I was gone. :)


    Does your daddy make you stay naked while he has his friends over?

    No. Our relationship may be very sexual, but our sex life happens behind closed doors. We’re very private people, in part because of his high-profile career, and in part because that’s just who we are (that’s also why there are no personal photos on our blog). Beyond that, he’d never put me in a position where I’d obviously feel uncomfortable, he’s far too loving for that.

    The reason I have this blog, actually, is because we never discuss our sex life with friends or colleagues (aside from his very trusted best friend) and this gives me an outlet to talk about my sexuality.


    My son and I have to be apart at least 3 days a week and it's really difficult on him to not have Daddy around. What can I do for slash to him so he knows he's got a special boy even when Daddy isn't home? What would you want your daddy to do?

    Just tell him what he means to you. That’s huge. We need to hear those words.

    And make a point of talking to him every day that you’re apart. My Daddy travels for work a lot, and it’s tough on both of us. But we cope with it by Skyping every night that he’s out of town, no matter what. It means everything to me to get to see him and hear his voice.

    That’s about all you can do. I wish you both luck.


    Do you still talk to your family? If so, what do they think about the age difference between you and your Daddy?

    I was raised by a single mom, she’s my only family. She was a little thrown off by the age difference when I first started dating my boyfriend. But as each year has passed, and as she’s seen the love and commitment between us and how incredibly wonderful my boyfriend is to me, she’s really come around. She told me that all she ever wanted was for me to be happy, and she knows he makes me happier than anything on earth, so she’s become very supportive of our relationship.


    Hi. I hope your daddy did tie you up and made you feel safe! you are so lucky to have someone to do that for you

    He did, and it felt so good. I really needed that last night. I’ve asked him if we can do it more often, and he was receptive to that. I really am incredibly lucky. Thanks for the message!


    I’m going to ask Daddy to tie me up tonight. Admittedly, this is far more my kink than his, but it does make him hard, so he’s usually willing to indulge me. Our relationship isn’t master/slave, but sometimes I just really need this. I need to feel completely controlled. Maybe it sounds weird, but I actually find it comforting. I don’t know if it’s like this for other boys. But for me, when I’m completely bound, I feel safe. Secure.


    Have you ever had sex with guys/men except your daddy?

    Yeah, I wasn’t a virgin when we met. Actually, I guess I was kind of a slut, and I slept with a lot of guys my age before I met my Daddy. And now, he and I sometimes have 3ways with his best friend, but other than that Daddy and I are monogamous.


    hi johnny at 23 what was the age of the oldest guy u ever hooked up with and had sex with?

    My Daddy was 43 when we met. He’s 47 now and the hottest, sexiest man in the world as far as I’m concerned! He’s the “oldest” guy I’ve ever been with, to answer your question, but I’d feel the exact same way about him no matter what his age was.


    How did u and your daddy meet? Love the blog by the way

    Thanks! Actually, we met on Craigslist, crazy as that sounds. He was supposed to just be a one-time hookup, but we had amazing chemistry and knew instantly that it was going to turn into so much more. That was about four years ago,  we’ve been together ever since.