Lots of lads like to be spanked by an older dad or even granddad top as they seems more natural in the role.  Here are a few photos where the top is certainly older than the lad.

    This excellent photo is so naturalistic it could have been seen in many homes in days gone by.  It’s as if the lad has just been hauled over the knee without even pausing to take his shorts down.   (I know the top here is a follower of this blog to thanks to him for what is a superb photo.)

    A very nice paddling scene.

    As I posted this last  sequence of photos, I was reminded how lucky, and to some extent spoilt, we were  with the internet and all it makes available.  Pre-internet even relatively tame photos like these were so rare, a few in a very select few magazines and often expensive ones at that.  Just one of these might have kept is fantasising for a few days.  But now......