Jakes Surprise (Part 2 Final)

    (Warning~ This story does not contain vore or any sexual components.)

    Jakes bf turned to me and looked down, thinking about what the plan was. While he thought I opened my suit case and grabbed Jakes Bday gift. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow so I wanted to give it to him when he saw I was here for birthday. Once I got it out and placed it to the side, Jakes bf had an idea.

    Jakes bf~”I got it Cal, I’m gonna act like I have a early surprise for him like a present. Then I’m gonna tell him to cover his eyes and I’ll bring you out and we will surprise him.”

    Me~” That’s perfect, okay we got a game plan. Alright u go get jake and I’ll wait here until u come and get me.”

    Jakes bf left and went to go get Jake, I stood there waiting for him and while he did that I put my clothes in the dresser. Jakes bf came in right after I was done and gestures me to come slowly and quietly. I took off my shoes so he couldnt hear two sets of shoes and walked with him. We got to the living room when I saw my buddy Jake standing there eyes covered.

    Jake~” come on bud what’s the surprise, you didn’t get a puppy or something cuz I don’t think we’re ready for that kind of commitment.”

    Jakes bf~” not quite a puppy but your going to love it, it’s something you would never have expected and you will most likely never forget it.”

    Jake~”surprises are scary when I’m not the one doing them can I open my eyes yet!!”

    I stood in front of him and jakes bf counted from three.

    Jakes bf~” 3, 2, 1 open your eyes jake!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!”

    Jake opens his eyes real quick and his eyes widened as he froze in shock.

    Me~” how’s this for a birthday surprise Jake, Happy Birthday my friend.”

    Jake finally came to and jumped in excitement and screamed “OMG CAL, is it really you?!!! WTF I thought u were in Texas. Omg bro I’m crying COME HERE give me a hug.!!!!”

    Jake ran to me and gave me the biggest hug I had ever received, a tear feel down the my cheek as I finally met in real life my best bud jake. We probably hugged for a solid 2 mins, you would think that two brothers had been reunited after years apart. After the hugging and some crying stopped, Jake couldn’t believe it. He turned to his bf and asked him if he had anything to do with it. He shocked his head yes and jake hugged and kissed his bf, he came back to me and hugged me again.

    Jake~” Cal this is the best Birthday present I have ever gotten, thank you so much. I’m so happy and excited, wait how long are you staying. It’s just just till tomorrow right?”

    Me~”Haha Love you jake and happy birthday, naww I’m satying for a week bud. So we can go do lots of stuff.”

    Jake~” Are you serious a whole week? OMG YES, I can’t wait to show u around and have fun. What should we do first? Maybe the university I’d love to show u around or the museum, maybe the park.”

    Me and Jakes bf~” slow down Jake, we can do all of those things haha.”

    Cal~”so now that you got to see ur bfs big present, would u like to open mine?”

    Jake~”You got me a gift too, aww Cal thanks. Let’s see it”

    I tell jake to stay there and I go into the guest room and pick up the presents. All neatly wrapped in a box. I head back out and hand it to Jake.

    Cal~”here you go bud hope you like it.”

    Jake sits down on the couch and opens the wrapping, he gets a knife and cuts the box open. The box opens and jake takes out a bottle wrapped in tissue paper. He tears the tissue paper off and smiles. Then looks up at me.

    Cal~”I know it’s not much bud, but I promised to give that to you when I visited u for the first time. Do u like it?”

    The gift was a Roger Staubach Dr. Pepper two liter bottle, I promised Jake one day while we were talking. That I would personally deliver that bottle to him, most people would think it wasnt worth anything. For me and Jake tho it represented our friendship, he hated the Dallas Cowboys but he was a sports fan and it came from me. He smiled at me and said,

    Jake~”I cant believe you remembered to bring it Cal, thanks this means so much to me. Every time I look at it, I will remember this day and how u made me feel. This to me is better then any expensive gift because this comes from you and it means a lot to you.”

    The bottle wasn’t worth but 15 bucks, I had picked it up and some garage sale. The worth was that it was a gift to my dear friend Jake. That’s what made it priceless in his eyes. He put it one the table and stood up and went over to me. He hugged me again and said thank you for everything, your my best friend. Meeting jake for the first time was the best day so far of my life. After his gift, he gave me a beer and we sat down to watch an old Syracuse game that was probably ten years old. We laughed and talked me Jake and his bf, I had a great night. We talked about the future and the past. The present and random stuff, I wouldn’t trade that for anything. The day ended and we all went to sleep, the following day Jakes bf made me and Jake a birthday breakfast and we discussed what we would do today. Jake was really excited to show me his campus.

    So after we ate we all got ready and went out, he showed me around his campus. It was beautiful and then we went out to a pizza place cuz i wanted to try some NY pizza. It was a the best pizza ever haha, the next day and following rest of the week was so much fun. We went to see a movie, a museum and we even drove four hours so I could see the 9/11 memorial and the Statue of Liberty. The vacation I decided to take was the best trip of my life and I loved every minute of it. Jake and his bf were sad on the final morning before I had to leave. The end turned out like the beginning, lots of hugs and a little crying. I was saddened to go home but I told them I would be back as soon as I could, and told jake and his bf to surprise me in Texas when they could. With that we said goodbye and I left home for Texas. I will never forget meeting my best friend Jake, and having an awesome week. Now that I met him, I felt closer then ever to him. He was like my brother I never knew I had, you wonder how someone u meet online can make a huge impact on ur life and then when u meet them. They turn out to make and even bigger impact on ur life.

    Right when I got on my plane jake went out to get the mail. It was a birthday card and he opened it, happy birthday jake. Hope you loved ur gift and I know I’m writing this in advance but I love you bud and I’m so happy I got to meet u. See you soon bud!!!

    That’s where the story ends everyone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE. I love you so much, u mean so much to me and hopefully one day that’s how us meeting will go. @texanstrongjake

    Jakes Surprise

    (Warning~ This story does not contain vore or any sexual components.)

    {This is a story for my best friend Jake, and I wanted it to be special for him and only him. First of all Happy Birthday Jake, we have known each other for years it seems like. You are very special to me, so I didn’t want to make a vore story or anything like that. I hope u love it Jake, love u bud ur a very great friend to me and I loved writing this.}

    Saturday Moring May 10, 2020~

    It was 6 O’clock when my alarm went off, I grabbed my phone wipped my eyes and turned the alarm off. I sat there for a minute before I got up and ran my fingers through my hair. “Damn I need a haircut before I leave” I said as I got up and grabbed some clothes. I went to the shower and got nice and clean and got dressed up. I wore a plaid button down western shirt, with a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes. I got up grabbed my keys and headed outside to my car. I got in and drove to my barber 💈, he cut my hair and I still had some time to kill so I drove back home. I made me some food and packed up some clothes. My suitcase was on my bed and I put my clothes in there, I would be leaving home for a week for a small vacation. I then looked over to see a message from someone.

    Jakes bf~”Hey when does your flight land so I can come pick you up and take you back to our place.”

    Me~”the plane touches down roughly at 1 o’clock so 2pm in NY.”

    Jakes bf~” thanks I’ll be waiting Cal.”

    I grabbed my phone, the charger and my laptop. My Uber arrived right on time and I gabbed everything including Jakes gift that was placed nicely inside my suitcase. I locked my door behind me and texted my neighbor that I was leaving and wouldn’t be back for a week. I asked him if he could watch the house and got in the Uber. He drove me to DFW airport and I checked in with the ticket lady. I walked in and sat down with my laptop and was happy I got a window seat. This was the first time I had flown anywhere, luckily I got a really nice person that set next to me. I watched a movie on my laptop when we took off and fell asleep. We hit some turbulence and it woke me up, just in time to see the plane land. It was such a fun experience and I could see Syracuse. All the buildings and even the university, where Jake went to school.

    We landed and I felt so happy, this was the first time I was going to meet Jake. Jake and I met probably two years ago, and we always stayed in contact. We talk daily and I felt like it was time I met him, and what better day to meet him then on his birthday. Jake had no idea I was flying in, his bf new and arranged everything. Jake was my best friend, we had grown very close to each other and impacted each other’s lives. I remember sitting in that chair thinking and wondering how someone I never met could have such and impact on my life. Jake knew I loved him, we were like brothers. We could tell each other anything, and we helped each other in so many ways whether it was advice or just simply talking. The flight attendant finally asked me to exit the plane I jumped, I guess i was lost in space thinking about meeting my close friend. I was thankful that I saved up enough money right in time for Jakes birthday.

    I stood up and exited the plane and waited for my suitcase. I grabbed it and took out my phone and messaged Jakes bf.

    Me~”hey I’m here I’m about to exit the front”

    Jakes bf~”alright cool I’m in a black Camero”

    I headed outside and notice the temperature difference, it’s a little humid but it’s still pretty cool. It’s usally in the 80s by now in Texas, I look around and saw the camero and Jakes bf gets out.

    Jakes bf~” hey Cal how are you doing it’s so nice to finally meet you, Jakes gonna be so excited. Give me a hug.”

    Me~”it’s so great to finally meet u as well, Jakes talks about you all the time. I hope he is happy to see me. Jake doesn’t know anything right?”

    Jakes bf~”not a one Cal, and I hope it’s only good things u here about me haha!!”

    Me~” haha of course, can I put my suit case in the back?”

    Jakes bf opens the door and I put my stuff in the back, we get in the car and he drives home. On the way to there place, we talk a lot. I tell him that, meeting him was werid cuz I had only heard about him. I told him that me and jake would stay up for hours talking about you. Then Jakes bf asked me questions about me and my life, since we were just meeting for the first time.

    Jakes bf~”so you excited to meet him, Jakes talks about how you have been a great friend to him. I think he’s gonna jump up and hug u!!” Jakes bf says as he looks over at me.

    Me~”I hope he does I’ve been wanting to meet him for as long as I can remember.”

    Jakes bf~”well we’re here, don’t be nervous Cal jake loves u and will loose it when he sees u.”

    Me~”thanks man I’ve just wanted to meet him for so long and now that I’m here I’m so nervous. (I pause for a second to collect myself) Alright let’s go, let me get my stuff real quick.”

    Jakes bf “awesome let me go in and u hang on so I can sneak u in and then we can surprise him.”

    Jakes bf walks in the door and a few mins later, he comes back outside and tells me to follow him. Jake was on the back talking to someone on the phone. We snuck inside and he showed me to the guest room where I sat my stuff down I could definitely tell jake lives here cuz his guest bedroom had a Syracuse themed bedding on the bed. He loved him team and was big time into basketball. After I got over the awesome guest bedroom design I asked him what the game plan was...... (part one) @texanstrongjake



    Hey trev... I was thinking I want to join the services. You inspired me especially with everything going on rn! Stay safe God bless thanks for your hard work.

    Omg, that means so much bud, I’ll so happy I could have inspired u. It means a lot, and if u need to ask hit me up. I could be helpful is some questions lol. This is why Texanstrongs followers are the best on tumblr, thanks so much all of you. Hope y’all are staying safe. Goodnight, I had to answer this before I went to bed.


    If you have to choose body or personality which one you taken. And I you choose personality can I get your body ;)

    Haha lol, I actually more of a personality guy. I love guys with unique and rare personality. That probably why me and Jake get along so well cuz he has the most unique personality ever. Body is great and all but nothing beats a person charm and personality. So I guess u get my body lol, be careful with great power comes great responsibility hehe. Thanks for the ask


    Hey Trev is a big friend of mine and I was wondering if u could turn him into my underwear for a week. Lol as a gift from him to me, thanks. Idc what pic u use preferably one where the guy is wearing the underwear and shows no face thanks

    Jake yawned as he got up off his bed.He got dressed and walked over to his PC and logged into tumblr.Usually,he would start the day by talking to his friend trevor,or as he was known online, @texanstrong. Jake sent a friendly greeting  to Trevor,but didn’t get a reply.Trevor always replied within five minutes,so this was a bit strange.”He must be busy” Jake thought to himself.He went downstairs and made breakfast,ad was about to relax and eatr when he heard the doorbell ring.He put down his food and opened the door to find a small box,with no delivery man in sight.

    “What the…?” he murmured to himself,picking up the package.He brought it into his living room and placed it on his coffee table.With no markings on the table and no delivery man or van,he was hesitant and suspicious,but eventually opened the box,and inspected the contents.The box contained a piece of fancy card and under that,a pair of fresh calvin klein underwear.Jake took out and read the card 

    Hey Jake,I decided you deserve a fun gift! You remember how I said i’m taking a break from work? I got my friend Corey to turn me into these undies with a mind protection spell,and mail mr to you! He made it so I wiil be your comfy underwear for seven days! Enjoy bud!


    Jake smiled,as he quickly grabbed the underwear and pulled them on,over his crotch.He could feel Trevor tighten around him.Jake laughed as he rubbed his dick and balls through the sentient underwear,and giving it a affectionate pat.He knew the perfect way to break Trevor in.


    He pulled up his pants and walked outside.”What a beautiful,warm day for a run!” he said as he started to jog.It was a hot day,and as Jake ran,he began to sweat,this sweat soaked into Trevor.This along with the constant running motions,causing Trevor to rub against and sink into Jakes musky asscrack,driving Trevors mind insane.Jake felt Trevors mind and loved every second of it.It felt so good!

    When Jake got home,he took off all his clothing except for his Trevor-Underwear and relaxed on the couch,as his dick stiffened and strecthed up trevor to his limit.Jake watched with a smile,as he saw his precum soak into and start to darken Trevours Fabric body.

    This is going to be a fun week! Jake thought to himself…


    Trev you feel amazing I was surprised at how great of a pair of underwear u became. U hug me in all the right places and stretch perfectly and I look incredible the way u show off my ass and cock. But then again u away ddI put my confort first so I gues it’s no surprise tagt h were born to be my undies. I’m sorry about not washing u, ur just too good to take off. U will be find

    Having Fun with the Law

    There she goes! As a traffic cop, it’s always easy to spot the folks who blatantly violate the law. I have an inkling as to why she thinks that. She is likely one of those women. Well, no matter. Time to pull her over.

    “Is there something I can do for you, officer?” she coyly asks. Yeah, I know where this is going.

    “License and registration, ma’am.” I sternly tell her.

    “No problem, officer!” she giddly responds. “Oh gee...I wonder where I put them!” She really takes her time as she bends over to her glove compartment to show me her thong. “Here they are, officer!”

    I look them over and they seem legit. “Ma’am, you are aware that your left taillight is out?”

    “I’ve been meaning to get that fixed, officer. I swear!” I think she is going for a Marilyn Monroe accent now to turn up the charm.

    “You were also going 78 in a 55 zone, ma’am.”

    “Oh, I just wasn’t paying any attention to that!” I-is she babying her voice now?

    “There’s also the lack of a seatbelt fastened, ma’am.”

    “That silly old thing just rubs against my body in all the wrong ways.” Did she think she was subtle until this point?

    “I’m sorry, ma’am. I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

    “Oh, isn’t there something I can to avoid that nasty ticket, officer? I can’t afford a ticket.” Props to her for avoiding outright saying it.

    “Then you shouldn’t have done it. I’ve never let a woman off a ticket before.” I say, as I finish writing her up.

    “What crap! I’ve never gotten a ticket before in my life!”

    “...but I have let a man off a ticket before~” I coyly add.

    “Good thing I’m a man, then!”

    Fucking finally! It sucks being a warlock but only able to transform people into those they wish to be, even if it’s just for a split second. Now I get to have some of the fun all my straight buddies get to have!

    “Why don’t you step out of the vehicle, sir?” I say with a flirtatious wink.

    “With pleasure, officer!”

    We then proceed to go behind my squad car and have all sorts of adult fun on the side of the road. She really is a good lay when she has a hot body to work with! Guess she has experience with cops. Ha!

    “Now, I’m letting you off with a warning now, sir. I better not see you violate the law again!” I say in a joking sarcastic tone.

    “Oh, I won’t, officer! I sure learned my lesson! I’ll be a good boy from now on! Scout’s honor!” She replies back in an equally sarcastic tone.

    “I work the 3pm-11pm shift. So, keep that in mind for next time!”

    “Gonna let me off with another ‘warning’?” She winks.

    You know, I was going to change her back, but nah! It’s about time I had more fun!

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    Getting What He Wants

    “So, how are you holding up, Jackie?”

    “Just shut up! And my name is Jack!”

    “Well, that isn’t very nice, Jackie. It’s just that you are kind of cute. It’d be a shame if you didn’t have a cute name to match.”

    “Cute? CUTE?!? You’re the one that made me this way, you motherfucker! I used to be huge…and muscled…and handsome! Girls couldn’t keep their hands off me!”

    “Well, now they can’t keep their hands off you for different reasons, Jackie. Haha! Besides, who would believe this cute, scrawny child-like adult used to be the college’s star quarterback? What, you’re gonna walk out that door in your underoos and tell people that? You’ll be laughed into a mental hospital! Haha!”

    “Rrrgh! Just…change me back!”

    “And why would I do a thing like that, Jackie? I happen to prefer you this way. It’s why I did it to you, after all! Besides, you love it! Say that you love having that body!”

    “I love having this body. Wait, why the fuck did I say that?!?”

    “Hmm…I don’t think I like my little Jackie cursing. From now on, you can’t say any curse words.”

    Your little Jackie?!? Just shut the fork up, you baseline! Wait, why the fork can’t I say fork? Forking shirt!”

    “Yeah, that isn’t much better. Oh, how about this, Jackie? You now have to speak like a little kid! Be sure to call yourself ‘Jackie’!”

    “Widdle kid? Wait. Why Jackie talk like this? You stop making Jackie feel bad! Jackie no like it!”

    “What, did you think that when I made the greatest athlete in school have my ideal lover’s body that I wouldn’t throw in complete obedience? You sure are a dumb little boy, Jackie!”

    “Jackie not dumb or a widdle boy! Jackie big boy and smart! Jackie even play big boy games and liked for it!”

    “You sure don’t sound convincing there, Jackie. Haha! And before you respond, Jackie, you now have to call me ‘Master’ instead of ‘you’.”

    “Master? Why Jackie call Master ‘Master’? Master big meanie! Master make Jackie do things Jackie no like! Jackie big boy and Jackie want talk like big boy! Master need make Jackie big boy!”

    “And why should I make you a ‘big boy’, Jackie? What’s in it for me?”

    “If Master make Jackie big boy, Jackie promise no tell! Jackie act like Master no make Jackie do things Jackie no like!”

    “Th-that’s it? Just a promise not to tell anyone? Seriously? Ahahahahahaha! God! You really are a stupid little boy now! Why the fuck would I willingly get rid of such a cute and obedient boy just on the possible chance I won’t get in trouble? I already avoid getting in trouble now by just keeping you here and leaving you obedient! In fact, call yourself a dumb little boy!”

    “Jackie dumb widdle boy. Hey! Master not nice! Jackie smart and big boy!”

    “Okay, now you have to gleefully chant it over and over!”

    “Jackie dumb widdle boy!~ Jackie dumb widdle boy!~ Jackie dumb widdle boy!~ Jackie dumb widdle boy!~ Jackie dumb widdle boy!~ Jackie dumb widdle boy!~ *hic* Wah!!! Why Master keep making Jackie do things Jackie no like?!?”

    “Oh, that’s very simple, Jackie! I’m a sadistic motherfucker who is getting hard off making the school’s hotshot quarterback into a pretty boy twink that dresses and talks like a little kid while obeying me and complaining all the while! You really aren’t a smart kid, are you, Jackie?”

    “Master! Pwease! *hic* Stop making Jackie feel bad! *hic* Jackie do anything! Stop making Jackie cwy!”

    “You already kind of do anything I want, Jackie, so you really don’t have any bargaining chips here. I mean, here’s my point. Slap yourself and beg me to make you do it again because you loved it!”

    “Ow! Pwease make Jackie hurt Jackie again, Master! I wuved it! *hic* Waaaaaaaah!”

    “Hmmm…I’ve got to go be somewhere and do something and I don’t care enough about you to tell you what it is or how long I’ll be gone. So, here’s what’s going to happen. While I am gone, you must keep repeating that you love me, that I’m so smart, that you love being a dumb little boy, and that you’re lucky to have me. Oh, and you have to do so while fucking yourself with this dildo and orgasming every 3 minutes! Do it all gleefully until I get back, which will be whenever that is.”

    “Jackie wuv Master! Master so smat! Jackie wuv being dumb widdle boy! Jackie wucky to have Master!~ Jackie wuv Master! Master so smat! Jackie wuv being dumb widdle boy! Jackie wucky to have Master!~ Jackie wuv Master! Master so smat! Jackie wuv being dumb widdle boy! Jackie wucky to have Master!~ Jackie wuv Master! Master so smat! Jackie wuv being dumb widdle boy! Jackie wucky to have Master!~ Jackie wuv Master! Master so smat! Jackie wuv…”

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