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Male | 30 | Texas. | #me is me| Poly | Dms, submission and asks are open. Im a Daddy looking for a Kitten (s) to take care of. Backup @mister-daddyy

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2020-10-30 12:08:41

    Okay, I wanna talk about how much I love gentle doms!

    The doms who like to make you cum over and over for them, cooing at how pretty you look spread out on their sheets.

    The doms that collar you and make you their pet, just so they can spoil you with kisses and head rubs, letting you lay your head on their laps and nap while they read or watch tv or play video games.

    The doms that love to indulge in their subs praise kinks, making you blush and squirm as they murmur all the things they adore about you in your ear.

    The doms that kiss every inch of your body, making you whine and beg for them to hurry up, only to for them to take even more time making you feel so so good.

    The doms that love the soft intimacy of cockwarming, gently easing themself into you and then holding you close as you moan and clench around them.

    The doms that love it when their subs are obedient, who find every excuse to reward you.

    The doms that make sure they get the softest ropes, the most comfortable restraints.

    The doms that love aftercare just as much as they like bringing their sub waves and waves of unimaginable pleasure.