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    Oh boy, look at all those muscles. I bet you’ve worked really hard to get them. You must be proud of your broad muscular shoulders and rock hard abs. I even dare to bet that you prefer wearing shorts year round to show your thick legs to the world. It is so unfortunate that boys like you lose their innocence when they grow to be like this. I cannot stand their cocky attitude and desire to dominate. Oh boy what a shame it would be if you were to lose that all. My boyfriend just left me so I need a new one. You will do, but I want my boy to be docile and weak. 

    Fall in love with me while you stare at me, not even noticing the changes occuring to your body. You start to lose height and your legs become thinner, making me tower over you like an adult next to a child. Slowly but surely the abs on your chest and belly start to shrink and soften. They are still visible when you flex hard enough, but otherwise you are flat and smooth. Your shoulder shrink down and they even out with the rest of your body. Years of lifting weights goes to waste while your big powerful arms deflate to leave you small and skinny. The than line on your chest, aqcuired by working out in the sun, wearing nothing but tiny shorts and revealing tank tops, evens out with the rest of your skin leaving you paler than ever. Under your shorts, your dick shrinks down and all pubic hair regresses back into your skin. Once you were packing a big manly dick, now you look boyish, especially compared to me. Following up, the hair on your legs disappear turning them into smooth twigs. 

    The transformation finalizes with your face losing their manly features, softening your jawline and inflating your lips. You look around 19 now, actually being a 23 year old boy. Nobody will take you seriously with the cocky attitude you had, so it’s better to get familiar with listening, and following orders. 

    I walk over to you and smile. Looking up to me I can clearly see your little dick trying to get hard in your tight briefs. I grab your chin and I notice you cannot keep yourself from moaning a little. ‘Welcome to your new life boy, let’s go home’, I whisper in your ear while pinching your tight little but. ‘Yes daddy.’ Your new submissive self moans.

    ‘Requested by: @delicateduckzonkoaf​

    I knocked on the door of the big house. I felt a bit out of place here in my scruffy gym clothing but it did not matter. The Grindr hookup he was heading to was a hot bottom who said he was desperate to be fucked by me. Being a horny mess I could not refuse such an offer.  The door was opened by the man whose face matched the profile. It was handsome young boy, in his early twenties, a little younger and shorter than me but definitely less muscular. He was wearing a white shirt with a sleeveless sweater and a red tie. His hair was perfectly styled in an old fashioned side part. He looked extremely formal compared to me and his proper appearance was a surprising turn on for me. He greeted me and welcomed me into his fancy place. He had a mild stutter which I liked. I prefered a bottom to have a low self esteem. ‘C-can I get you something to drink?’ He said sheepishly. I smiled at him. ‘No thanks let’s get to it, I’m horny.’ He wasn’t expecting such a direct approach and started to blush. ‘Of course! haha, come with me.’ I followed him into the living room. Not wanting to waste any time I grabbed his shoulders and turned him towards me. ‘I don’t know why but that tie is so arousing but you’re going to keep it on.’ I proceeded to grab his sweater to pull it off but he stopped me with a surprising amount of force. I could swear I saw a grin appear on his face as he grabbed my wrist. ‘Hold up for a second.’ His stutter had completely disappeared and his voice was firm. I froze, his words resonating in my mind. ‘Sit down, boy.’ For some reason, when he called me boy, my dick became even harder. It pointed outwards, visibly tenting in my gym shorts. He guided me towards a chair and I sat down. ‘I do not approve of my buddies looking like this. We will need to change your appearance a little.’ I wanted to object, not understanding what he meant but I was unable to say anything other than ‘Yes sir.’ He took a stance behind my chair, my body was frozen in place, my hands on my knees and my back straight. ‘Such lovely hair, it’s a shame you style it like this.’ He whispered while caressing my scruffy haircut. His soft fingers sent waved of pleasure through my body. Why did I enjoy this? He did this against my will! 

    Suddenly I heard the buzzing sound of a pair of clippers. The could metal on my head surprised me but I still was not able to move. The boy started to hum while he went on to cutting off my messy hair. It only took him a few strokes to shorthen it a little. My dick had started to leak precum in my shorts. I was unable to comprehend what was happening but my body seemed to like it. After a few strokes of the clippers, soft moans started to escape my mouth. The boy started to smile. The clippers stopped buzzing and he grabbed a jar of gel. He applied a generous amount on his hands an started to massage it into my scalp. I started to moan louder, his firm grip on my skull was hypnotizing. My body relaxed and I regained movement, but I did not move. The feeling of him styling my hair was too good. He grabbed a comb a modeled my hair to perfection before holding a mirror in front of me. He had combed the front upwards and parted the side neatly. Gone was my messy gym haircut. I looked like a preppy young boy now, apart from my clothing. ‘Doesn’t that feel much better, boy?’ His last word made me shoot more precum into my shorts. ‘Yes sir.’ I muttered. 

    He pulled me back into the chair and spent the next few minutes shaving my face until I was smooth again. My erection refused to subside and got even worse during the process. He finished by putting some aftershave on my face, the smell intoxicating me and making me moan even more. ‘Just relax boy, just submit. You were not meant to be in charge, just follow me.’ His words clouded my mind even further. ‘Yes sir.’ Was again all I could say. He then ordered me to stand up and strip. Obediently I took off my gym shorts and shirt. It had been quite tight before but it seemed to be tad too big for me now. Had I shrunk a little in the past few minutes? ‘Yes boy.’ He said, reading my mind. ‘You’re old size wasn’t suitable so I took care of it. Confused I inspected my body. I was still muscular but I could swear my muscles were smaller. He walked over to me carrying a big box. I had to slightly look up now, being shorter than him. From the big box he took a weird looking plastic device which I identified as a chastity cage. I had fucked bottoms before who liked to wear them. Not really my thing but it made them hornier which was nice. ‘Let’s get rid of that erection.’ He said softly. Suddenly my pulsating leaking hard cock started to shrink and soften. Obeying his commands it quickly turned flaccid but did not stop leaking precum. I moaned as waves of pleasure surged through my body. Although soft I felt like I was on the edge of cumming. He swiftly pulled my junk through the ring and used my precum to easily place the tube around my dick. The lock clicked in place and he put the keys back in the box. ‘that’s much better, boy. No more fucking for you.’ In a moment of clarity I stepped backwards. ‘What the fuck is happening?’ I shouted. I pulled on the cage but to no avail. I wanted to run away but once again my body stopped respoding. ‘Kneel.’ The preppy boy said firmly. My body obeyed and I dropped to my knees. From the box the boy grabbed a light pink dress shirt. ‘Let’s finalize your transformation’ He said while slipping on my chest. The soft cotton made my dick strain in it’s cage and a puddle of precum started to appear on the floor. He grabbed more clothing from the box and started to dress me. He buttoned the shirt all the way up and tucked it into a pair of white briefs. The underwear felt snug against my straining caged dick. He slid a pair of blue chinos over my legs and secured them around my waist with a brown leather belt. A dark blue jacked was put on me and white socks and brown boat shoes were put on my feet. Every piece of clothing he put on me made me hornier and hornier, clouding my mind again. I was enjoying every touch and the feel of the expensive clothing was extremely pleasurable. Then he put on the final piece, a blue striped tie. He knotted it and pulled it tight around my neck. Thoughts of expensive preppy suits and proper haircuts filled my mind. I was meant to look like this, a preppy formal boy. I was made to service rich and powerful men. It was my own desire to be turned into a good obedient boy by them. 

    The boy pulled me in front of a big mirror. I could barely recognize myself. I was now a smooth uniformed and neatly styled boy. ‘Thank you sir.’ I muttered. He smiled. ‘Good boy. You are going to be trained by me now. I will teach you what it means to be a good boy. I will learn you how to obey men like me.’ ‘Yes sir’ I moaned again. He guided me back to the living room where he pushed me into the chair again. ‘Soft’. He said firmly and my dick immediately responded. it stopped straining against the cage and went limp. The tent in my chinos disappeared. He unbuttoned his own pants. ‘Open up.’ Instinctively I opened my mouth. Without hesitation he forced his hard cock into mine. ‘Accept it boy, this is the only one you will have from now on.’


    ‘Come on boys, smile! You will soon get used to wearing your new uniforms all day. Off you go to class!’ 

    I encountered these former jocks at the gym, harassing other guys, smaller than them. At my school for doms and subs that is unacceptable and any graduates are nicely educated and kind boys. I therefore decided to take them in. With all authority in my voice as possible I called them over. Their bodies immediately responded to my command and they started to walk towards me. They looked confused since it was not their desire to do this, they were guided by an invisible force. ‘Strip’ I told the obedient jocks. Their expression darkened as they started to undress, stripping of their gym clothing down to their boxers. ‘Boxers too!’ Sheepishly they took off their underwear. Bare naked in the middle of the gym they regained control over their bodies. ‘What the fuck dude! You can’t do this to us!’ One of them said. The other started to run towards the locker room.  I snapped my fingers and both boys froze. ‘Come back and present!’ I shouted. Their faces turned blank as they walked back to me. Both boys put their hands behind their backs and spread their legs, presenting their muscular naked bodies to me. ‘You vandals are going back to school. I cannot tolerate such behaviour from grown up boys which you clearly are not. Let us begin with taking away some pride.’ I clapped my hands and two metal chastity cages appeared around their flaccid cocks. The locks locked themselves and the keys floated towards me, which I put around a big keychain I wore with me. ‘Two fine additions to the collection’ Finally, all pubic hair around the cages disappeared leaving them with smooth caged crotches. 

    ‘You are going to be taught what it means to be a proper boy. Since being a top turned you into mean jocks you will try the submissive track. Usually I do physical alterations too but I think it will be more humiliating for you if you have the body of a jock but the mind of a twink.’ I clapped again and all physical strength was sucked from their bodies. They were left with all the muscle they had previously, but no strength to use them. The smallest twink would be able to overtake them now. Their faces did not shift since I had locked them in a slightly smiling position. ‘You seem to be happy with the changes, boys. Glad to see that. Now let’s get you dressed.’ Suddenly a pair of white briefs appeared to cover their caged cocks. White shirts appeared on their chests which buttoned themselves. Grey shorts were the next items to appear over their firm butts. They were tight, extremely tight, showing off their bulges and bubble butts nicely. They were also the shortest I had in my arsenal of uniforms. If they behaved in class they might get longer ones. Ties with my school weapon tightened themselves around their necks and grey socks appeard on their feet, which pulled themselves up to their knees. Finally, a pair of shiny black shoes finished it all off. 

    Their bodies were freed and they regained movement. However, they did not run away or anything. A slight alteration to their minds made sure that they remained compliant. Awkwardly they kept pulling on the shorts, trying to make them cover more of their legs, or hide their bulges, but to no avail. ‘These shorts are a sign that you are far from being adults. Now get out of the gym, you are only permitted to do light cardio.’ They nodded and walked away. They were programmed to know which class to go to next. A final snap of my fingers made them do a small jump. I smiled as they covered their asses with their hands. A softly vibrating plug appeared in their butts. That would increase the speed of their horniness build up, making them perform better in obedience based classes. 

    I left the gym feeling satisfied. Two more vandals taken off the streets to be turned into obedient uniformed boys. 

    It wasn’t like he was bothering me or something. It’s just that I did not like the cocky look on his face. He knew he was ripped, he knew girls and boys were staring at him while he confidently walked along the waterfront. He knew many would stare at his bulge in his famous red shorts. He wasn’t even doing his job right. He only paid attention to hot girls, sunbathing, while little children went in the dangerous sea without proper supervision. 

    I walked up to him and tried to get his attention. He obviously was not interested in hearing what I had to say. I tried to talking to him multiple times but it was to no avail. I decided he needed to learn a proper lesson. I snapped my fingers and time froze for everything around us. He finally took notice of me since everything else had stopped moving. 

    He looked at me in confusion but was not able to speak. I only smiled and watched the show that started to play in front of me. First, he started to lose weight. He dropped a considerable amount of height while his big muscles started to deflate and disappear. Within seconds he looked out of place in his now baggy shorts. He was shorter than me with a scrawny figure. He had to look up now, something he was not used to. His first instinct was to run away or attack me but his new, weaker body was not able to make such quick and strong movements. I smiled again as his shorts started to shrink and change shape. They turned into an xxs pair of red speedos, tightly hugging his big bulge and round ass. That changed next. His junk started to shrink until it fitted in the tiny swimsuit. He looked downwards in amazement as he saw his proud cock shrink to a boyish size. Leaving only a tiny bush above his swimsuit. 

    The final changes started to appear. A pair of braces appeared on his teeth, his hair shifted from scruffy to a neatly combed, short and stylish haircut. His manly face turned softer and more boyish and his ass grew a little bigger, more round. Finally a red tank top appeard on his body. It was a size to large making him look even smaller. 

    Time started to move again and the built up force of his transformation threw him backwards. He moaned, touching his new body. New thoughts started to fill his mind. He was at the beach to find a hot jock that would take him home. He was desperate to be fucked since he was not able to get his tiny cock to cum on his own. He looked up to me and smiled, his braces shining bright in the sun. ‘Do you like what you see, sir?’ 


    The runner up

    An old story from my patreon page, a little updated. I think I never posted this one here so enjoy!

    After years of hard work Jedd believed he was finally going to be admitted to the running team of his school. He was attending a special school where all students that wanted to do extracurricular activities had to go through extensive testing to get chosen. A year ago when he started at this school, he didn't make it. His condition was simply not good enough and his overall physique was too weak to be a top class runner. That did not stop Jedd though. For a year he worked out four times a week. At the start of the second term he was allowed to train with the team without entering competition. Finally year, one member of the team graduated so one spot became empty. Jedd knew this was his chance. He knew that this new runner would be selected at the first training so when the time came he tried very hard. In his opinion he had exceeded himself and after training he winked to the coach while walking back to the locker room. Before changing out of his gear he admired the body he had worked so hard for. The tight legging and shirt hugged his muscular body. He certainly wasn't as big and strong as the baseball jocks but his abs were defined and his whole body was slender and good looking. 

    After changing Jedd and all of the other pledges lined up on the field to hear who was going to be the new member. A lot of them were freshmen and Jedd really believed he was going to be selected. Most of them were either too bulky or too small to become professional runners. When the time came coach exclaimed the name of the chosen guy Jedd was already smiling. But when he did not hear his own name that smile quickly disappeared. What had happened? Then some freshman walked up to coach looking very pleased with himself. Jedd realized that this guy had the perfect body to be a runner and that his place was gone. Again. Feeling tears coming up in his eyes he quickly walked away. He would need some time to process this and think about his next move. 

    Later that day when the sadness had faded a little Jedd decided to pay a visit to the headmaster. Maybe he could help him out since they were familiar with each other. Jedd had decided to not stop his training and to train even more so he therefore changed back to his running gear before the visit. The talk with the headmaster was very long but he assured Jedd that there was no way that he could place the boy in the team. That power was with the coach. He did offer Jedd a spot in the computer club. They were on the brink of becoming champion of the programming competition and could use a new member and even a new captain. Jedd politely refused. That was something for nerds, and he had no experience whatsoever with computers. He stood up and thanked the headmaster for his time.

    When Jedd was gone the headmaster started thinking. There were just so many boys practicing a sport these days. They needed more intelligent minds in this school. Then he got an idea. Technically it was against the rules but who was going to monitor him. He was the headmaster after all and no one had access to his computer. He therefore booted it up and opened Jedd's file. The whole file screamed athletics and bad school results. The headmaster justified his actions by saying out loud that Jedd would be better off like this. He then started to change things. He changed Jedd's name to Arnold Buckminster and his age from 22 to 18. He was now a freshman. Height from 180 cm to 165 cm. He deleted all muscle on the boy's body. There was already no body fat present so no change to that. When the overall features were fixed the headmaster moved on to more details such as the facial features: 'Arnold's hair is a dull brown, similar to the colour of his eyes. He wears it combed neatly with a parting on the right side of his head. He seems to use a lot of product since his hair looks greasy. A visible lock of hair springs up at the back however. His cheeks are covered with freckles and his whole face with red acne spots. Possibly due to the lack of hygiene. His jawline is soft and undefined and his ears bigger than normal, they are a little turned making them very visible. Arnold has very bad eyesight which is corrected by a pair of glasses. The glasses are black with a thick frame. The frame is cracked in the middle and is held together with a piece of white tape. Next to that his bad teeth are pulled in place by a heavy pair of braces. The braces result in a heavy lisp.' He then moved on to other parts of his body. 'Arnold seems to not have gone through puberty quite properly. His penis is a lot smaller than average and little body hair can be spotted. The fuzzy small moustache is a sign of early puberty.' With his body finished he moved to the wardrobe. 'Arnold's clothing is not ordinary. He only wears short sleeved button ups. He never forgets to wear a tie and a pair of suspenders. To protect his pens he wears a pocket protector. Arnold seems to be bad at matching colours since his combination never matches. He wears a black or brown pair of long pants most of the time and a pair of white tube socks and briefs under them. A cheap digital watch and a pair of black dress shoes finish his look.' Finally Jedd's social and mental state needed to change. 'Arnold is the captain of the computer club. He is the best at video games and programming and will probably make a fine career in it. He has very few friends, only the boys from the computer club. What is more, he his picked on by most other guys since his underwear is visible most of the team and he does not have the physique to defend himself. Due to this Arnold has little confidence and is very introverted. He tries to keep to himself and his computer.' With that final change the headmaster closed the file and was satisfied. At least his school was another smart kid richer. 

    Meanwhile Jedd was walking through the hallway of the school. That's when the first changes started to appear. He suddenly dropped in height making the world around him look bigger. Then his body became even smaller as all muscle disappeared leaving him as a small and scrawny kid. Startled Jedd looked at his body. What was happening? Where was the body of his dreams? Had all his hard work been for nothing? Then his face started to shift. All manly features were eliminated. Freckles and acne spread over his face. His hair became darker and his usual messy look seemed to comb itself into a nice neat looking parting, except for the cowlick in the back. Due to the big amount of product in it, it felt and looked extremely greasy. His ears grew in size and protruded forward. The teeth in his mouth shifted until his front pair nearly exited his mouth and his eyes suddenly lost most of their power blurring his vision. Lucky for Jedd, a pair of black thick glasses appeared on his face and his vision became clear again. A taste of metal entered his mouth as a big bulky pair of braces appeared on his teeth, which reflected a lot of light when he smiled. The whole change made him look like a big dork due to the glasses enlarging his eyes a lot. While being pulled from side to side by the massive changes Jedd touched his face. He tried to ask what was happening but the braces gave him an extreme lisp, making his voice sound nasal and almost unrecognizable. Then more of his body started to change. While his age regressed his impressive manhood shrunk and all body hair regressed back into his body. His former tight clothing now looked baggy due to the lack of muscle on his body. Luckily, that changed too. His pair of spandex tights shifted into a pair of itchy black wool slacks. Next, his shirt with the superman logo ripped in the middle while buttons appeared on it. It turned orange while it buttoned itself all the way to the top. A black tie appeared closing the whole off. The shirt tucked itself into Jedd's underwear while a pair of beige suspenders slid over his shoulders and attached themselves to his pants. They then pulled tight pulling up his pants over his bellybutton, making the pair of bright white socks visible under them. His running shoes became a pair of formal black polished dress shoes. The pair of socks now looked like a big white gap between his shoes and pants. The shoes were permanently stiff, making him look awkward and stumbling over his own feet. Finally a white pocket protector and digital watch appeared finishing off the look. 

    Jedd was horrified by his new clothing. He had no idea what was happened. He looked like a total nerd! Then he remembered the conversation from earlier. Could it be that.... That's when the final changes took place. His mental state changed. His name was Arnold. He was a freshman and he was on his way to the computer room to train his programming skills with the other dorks of the computer club. He had never had interest in sports and hated all people who did. He was regularly picked on by the jocks on his school so he tried to avoid them. He remembered now as memories of his past life and body left him. Stumbling over his own feet Arnold turned around and made his way to the computer room. On his way he was noticed by one of his regular bullies. When he noticed Arnold's boxers sticking out of his pants he saw the opportunity and walked up behind him. He firmly grabbed a handful of underwear. Before he could pull them up the final change happened to Arnold. His plaid boxers turned into a tight stretchy pair of superman cartoon briefs, tightly hugging his tiny penis. The jock then pulled and quickly a large amount of underwear was yanked through Arnold's butt crack and out of his pants. With his low weight the jock easily lifted Arnold from the ground. With ease he grabbed the leg holes which were now visible and pushed Arnold's arms through them, locking him into a massive wedgie. Arnold noticed that the hallway had filled with other students and they were all laughing at him. After taking a look at his superman briefs they started to yell supernerd at him. After the jock let him go he tried to run away with his arms still through the leg holes of his underwear. This made all bystanders laugh even harder. Finally he reached the computer room and entered it. Finally he had the time to free himself from his wedgie and get to work. All these bullies would talk differently about him when he became the programming champion of the school. Or so he thought.

    The headmaster’s son part 4

    quick recap: Aiden and his mom have moved in to Aiden’s new dad, James. James is an extremely conservative man and despised Aiden’s look and behaviour. He completely changed the 18-year old boy into the perfect obedient son with new formal clothing and corporal punishment. Aiden is forced to behave himself while wearing a formal uniform with grey shorts and knee socks. James is also the headmaster of the school Aiden is going to attend so the poor boy’s trouble is far from over.

    Two weeks passed with little to no issues. Aiden learned to stay low to avoid punishment and James was happy to see the boy improving. He had always believed that a passive and quiet boy was a well behaved one. There was one occasion where Aiden protested about his bed time but after a firm spanking with the cane that had not happened again. James had hung the cane next to Aiden’s school blazer on his bedroom door to constantly remind him of the consequences of bad behaviour and it seemed to be working.  Then that horrible day came. The first day of school after the holiday. Aiden believed his old life had ended weeks ago when he stepped foot in James’ house, but the start of his new and miserable life was today. James woke the boy up extra early to get ready. He had already picked the boy’s uniform out the night before, to make sure Aiden made no mistakes. Reluctantly, Aiden got out of bed to get dressed. After putting on a fresh pair of his white briefs he picked up a white short sleeved shirt and put it on. After buttoning it all the way up he grabbed his pre knotted tie and tightened it around the collar. He then grabbed the pair of grey shorts he hated so much and pulled them over his legs. James had picked out the shortest pair he had with the inside leg being just 2 inches. The elastic backside snapped in place around his tight butt. Due to the lack of belt loops Aiden was forced to clip on a pair of suspenders. They were striped in the school colours. The boy tucked in his shirt and looked down. He sighed. He looked like such a little kid in these. The only thing revealing his age were the hairs on his legs. He then grabbed the pair of grey socks and pulled them all the way over his knees. After slipping on the tight elastic garters he folded the top of the socks. Lines appeared similar to those on his suspenders. Aiden had learnt to appreciate his socks because they were the only pieces of clothing that kept his legs warm. After putting on his blazer and grabbing his cap Aiden went to the bathroom. Aiden hated his blazer, since it was one size too big for him. Together with the tight shorts it made him look extremely juvenile. There he proceeded with the same ritual as always. He spent most of his time applying a generous amount of Brylcreem to his hair. He combed it to make sure the parting was just how James wanted it. One loose hair would lead to a spanking so Aiden was extremely precise and careful. With everything done he went downstairs. 

    Breakfast was as usual and when it was time to go Aiden put on his clunky shoes, made to correct his flat feet. He still was not used to their size and weight so he had a hard time walking without nearly tripping over his own feet, like a little kid. James on the other hand was wearing a fancy tailored suit. Before leaving the house he put on a black traditional gown. Aiden couldn’t help but stare at the intimidating man as he turned from a strict father into an even stricter headmaster. The gown made him look like an evil wizard of some kind. James told Aiden that he would be driving with him to school so they both got in the car. It was a 30 minute drive. Upon arriving James parked the car just next to the entrance on his very own parking spot. ‘Before I let you go to your class I need to notify you of some things.’ James said to Aiden. ‘At school you will not call me father and I will not call you son. I am your headmaster as soon as we are in this building and I will act upon it. I expect you to do the same.’ ‘Yes sir.’ Aiden obediently replied. ‘Good. Here is your schedule.’ James handed the boy a piece of paper. ‘Now off you go! Don’t forget to have fun! I trust you’ll make some new friends today.’ And with that James stepped out of the car. Aiden followed the man into the building. 

    A wave of silence and nervosity spread through the hallway when James entered. Laughter disappeared and all students lowered their voice. This was an immediate sign to Aiden that James was to be feared here. He felt small behind the headmaster, so much of his body was exposed to the world while James was completely covered by his gown apart from his head. James looked back one more time and smiled at Aiden. ‘You look good boy, I’m glad to be your father now.’ This surprised Aiden. For the first time ever a compliment came from James. There was no time to reply however. With firm steps James trodded off to his office. With the big posture of the headmaster gone the students engaged in conversation again. Many had not seen their friends for a while so the atmosphere was cheerful.  Not for Aiden though. With James gone he was all alone and had nothing to hide behind. His full body was visible to any person looking. Aiden felt extremely vulnerable and tried to become as small a possible. He looked at his schedule, his first class was math, the worst of all. Checking the signs Aiden found the corridor he had to walk through. Trying to get a firm pace he started to walk but he did not dare to look up. Aiden could feel a million eyes staring at him as he walked to the classroom. The cold breeze made his bare legs feel even more exposed. Staring firmly at the floor Aiden passed a lot of long trousers but not a single pair of shorts. This made the belief that he was the only one wearing them even stronger. Aiden was sure he heard some laughing and snickering too. He was certainly being noticed by the other boys. 

    After what felt like a thousand miles Aiden reached the classroom. He was greeted by an old short man wearing a khaki suit. ‘You must be Aiden.’ How the hell did he know my name? Aiden thought. ‘I was informed by the headmaster that you were going to attend our school this year.’ Aiden remained silent. He learned from his time with James that not saying anything is the safest when avoiding punishment. ‘Not so talkative, eh? That’s alright. Have a seat, young man.’ The teacher pointed at one of the tables in the front row. If there was anything Aiden definitely did not want, it was sitting in the front row. His bare legs and shaved head would be visible to the whole class. Yet something in the teacher’s voice told Aiden that there was no room for negotiation. Obediently the boy sat down. The seat was cold on the part of his legs the shorts did not cover.  A few minutes passed and the classroom became filled with students. For the first part of the lesson Aiden could relax a little. He forgot about the eyes piercing his back and tried to focus. That did not take long though. After explaining something the teacher wrote an excersize on the board. He asked the class who was willing to come forward and write out the answer. Obviously the whole room went silent. None of the boys wanted to be in such a spotlight. Especially not on the first day of the year. Aiden too kept his mouth shut. Suddenly there was just behind him. ‘I’ll do it sir!’ A boy shouted while leaning forward to Aiden. The boy grinned and quickly sat back in his seat when Aiden turend around. The teacher smiled and looked at Aiden. ‘Splendid, boy! Please come forward and write out the answer.’ Aiden’s face turned bright red when he realized the teacher thought he was the one who volunteered. He looked behind him again and saw a group of boys snickering at him. They must have set him up!  Reluctantly Aiden got up from his seat. He was so nervous he nearly tripped over his clunky shoes again. All to the joy of the other boys who started to laugh. The exposure was enormous as Aiden made his way to the board. There was no hiding possible anymore. His bare short trousered legs were visible to the whole class to see. Even the slight red marks of the caning he received yesterday were visible on the back of his legs. Aiden picked up the marker and wrote the answer on the board. He was okayish at math and the question was not hard. When he was done he quickly walked back to his seat, hoping this would never again. Upon sitting down the boy behind him bent forward again. ‘This is just the beginning, shortie pants.’ He said with an evil grin on his face. ‘We’re going to have so much fun with you. And you’re going to make sure that we get away with it, being the big boss’ son. Oh and. Nice tighty whities, loser.’ The other boys snickered while he sat down again. Aiden looked down and was horrified to see that his briefs had snuck up his shorts, the waistband being visible to the world. He quickly tucked it back in, his face red as a tomato. Aiden realized that there was nothing left to hide. The other boys knew he was the son of the headmaster and that he was wearing shorts and tighty whities. Aiden feared for his life.

    Just before the class ended Aiden heared a bell followed by the voice of the headmaster: ‘All new students are to head to the nurses office immediately after class for physical examination due to new hygiene standards.’ The message repeated itself as Aiden’s face became red. Physical examination? What would he mean by that? Then the bell rang again and math class was over. The boys quickly ran out of the classroom, smelling a few minutes of freedom. Aiden on the other hand still had a puzzled look on his face. The teacher walked up to him and explained where he had to go. Pulled back to reality Aiden started his journey to the nurses office. He tried to walk as quick as possible to avoid being seen by other. Unfortunately the corridors were filled with loud boys running around. It did not take long before Aiden, clumsily walking, tripped over someone’s legs. His heavy shoes locked in place Aiden fell forward and landed face first on the floor.

    ‘Hey, watch it!’ Aiden heard from behind. ‘These shoes are brand new!’ Clumsily Aiden tried to get up. Looking up he saw a big muscular guy standing over him. He was obviously wearing the same uniform as Aiden but with long pants, a belt and a long sleeved shirt. His top button was undone and his tie a little loose. Compared to Aiden he looked a lot older and more mature. Aiden could not help but think that the jock looked kind of handsome in his uniform. The boy got up, the jock was at least a head taller than him too. He started to apologize but was interrupted. ‘Hey you’re that boy from math! The headmasters son! Oh boy you’re gonna pay for this!’ He grabbed the front of Aidens shirt and pulled him closer. ‘You and your bare legs better get you to the locker room now! You’re gonna get a taste of what it’s like to insult me like this around here. Do you understand?’ Lost for words Aiden nodded quickly. The jock let him go and Aiden fell to the ground again. He got up as fast as he could and scurried after the jock who already left. The whole corridor was staring at him and most of the boy had started to laugh and point at his bare legs and formal haircut. 

    After what felt like a marathon Aiden obediently followed the jock into the locker room. He had a terrible feeling about this and considered to run. He trashed that idea since, on these shoes, he would probably be outsped by anyone in the school. To his demise the locker room was filled with other boys. All of them looked like senior and they were all quite muscular. Aiden figured some kind of training had just finished. The room fell silent when Aiden entered. With his head hanging in shame he approached the jock whose legs he tripped over. He could already hear some snickering as everyone knew what was going to happen. ‘Okay nerd. I’m Jared and I’m in charge around here. It just so happened that you damaged the shoes of the football team’s captain so no luck for you. You know what happens to boys who insult me? They get punished and become my bitch. And since you’re still in short trousers I suppose you should be treated like the nerdy little boy you are.’ Aiden finally looked up to Jared. ‘Please, I did not do it on purpose. Just let me go I have to get to the nurse, I’m already late. Please just let me go man, these shorts are worse enough for me.’ Aiden did a step backwards and bumped into a big muscular jock behind him. The jock was only wearing a jockstrap and his bulging muscles stopped Aiden in his place. He looked down to Aiden with an evil smile. ‘That’s where you’re wrong loser.’ Jared continued. The jock behind him placed a firm hand on Aiden’s shoulder, making it unable to get away. ‘You need to learn the rules around here. And the first one is to fear me. The second one is that boys in shorts get treated as the little boys they are. The third one is that you never speak up to me. You’ve already broken 2 of them so let’s not break the fourth shall we? The fourth rule around here is that boys who wear tighty whities get wedgied!’ And with that the jock behind Aiden grabbed a handful of his white briefs and forcefull yanked them up. Aiden yelled in pain as the white fabric lodged itself into his ass.  The jock pulled the fabric from behind his blazer and kept tugging. Within seconds Aiden was on this toes trying to stay on the ground. More jocks gathered around Aiden and his tormenters and started to laugh and shout. ‘Hah what a cute boy in his tiny shorts and tighty whities.’ ‘With such a haircut you’re just begging to be bullied!’ ‘What kind of shoes are those! They look like bricks to me. Must be a big nerd for wearing those voluntarily.’ Aiden’s head turned red from shame and pain while the jock kept tugging. Jared smiled, obviously satisfied with his display of power. ‘Hang him.’ He said. The jocks started to cheer while the wedgie jock pulled even harder, lifting Aiden from the ground. The jock walked over to a coat hanger and placed Aidens waistband over them. Then he let go letting Aiden fall down, only to be caught by his own underwear. His ass was on fire and his ball were being crused. The white fabric was visible all around his waist, being tugged upwards out of his shorts. In turn, his shorts were also riding up since his suspenders pulled them even higher. His legs were dangling down with most of his upper legs and thighs on display. For a second he thought this could not get any worse.

    Then all of the jocks approach him. With an evil grin on his face Jared positioned himself in front of Aiden and crossed his muscular arms. ‘I hope this is a lesson. If you dare to make eye contact with me ever again after this. You will regret it.’ Aiden quickly nodded. ‘Now boys for a final moment of fun. Get your towels! I have to go to class. The jocks cheered while Jared left the room. The jocks then proceeded to grab their towel and started to twist them. Aiden knew what was coming but also knew that begging was not going to help. With a loud snap the first towel hit his bare thighs. Then another hit his other leg. Aiden shrieked in pain while the old markings on his legs turned red again. Some jocks aimed for his thighs while others aimed for his exposed crotch or ass. They were clearly having fun because they went on with it for at least 5 minutes until one of them said it was enough. ‘He’ll get to have more fun with us later. Won’t you little nerd?’ It was the guy who wedgied him earlier, clearly the right hand of Jared. ‘My rule is that you fear me, David, as well. Understood, loser?’ Aiden nodded. ‘Well then get out of here I don’t want your boyish ass in my locker room anymore.’ He grabbed Aiden’s waistband and lifted him up again. He then let go and let Aiden fall to the ground. With a snap his briefs returned to his shorts. Aiden quickly got himself together and rushed out of the room, nearly crying. In the hallway he pulled out his wedgie and straightened his clothing. His legs were covered in red stripes from the towels and it hurt badly. Everyone who passed him snickered and some boys started to call him shorts boy. Aiden started to walk towards the nurses office. He tried to hold back his tears. He was not only treated as a little boy at home, he was also the little boy of the school now. He was treated like a loser and a nerd. He used to be a cool kid once, with cool clothing and cool friends. Now he was a nobody with strict parents and a formal and boyish wardrobe. How was this ever going to get better?

    Finally part 4 is up! Thanks for reading! What do you think should happen next?  Should Aiden be able to get some revenge on Jared? Or should his life become even worse? Let me know what you think! Leave a DM, it’s always open :)

    Goodbye Chad

    Chad was, to put it plainly, an asshole. Just because he was quarterback and could have his pick of the cheerleaders, he thought it made him better than everyone else, especially all the nerds. He used to beat them all up and make him do his homework while he went out and partied all weekend. While they slaved away over his assignments, Chad would send them pictures of himself having fun out on the town just to remind them how much cooler he was than them.

    Eventually the nerds had had enough. It was time to get revenge. With a little bit of genetic research, they figured out how to distill their nerdiness down its essence and drain it from themselves. Once they had their collected nerdiness, they slipped the essence into his preworkout supplements and laughed while he drank it all down.

    Needless to say, things changed after all that. The nerds became cool and well, Chad became nerdier than all of them combined. Soon he was the laughing stock of the whole town. People would mock him wherever he would go. His old friends would stop and wedgie him and he was so nerdy, he would thank them for it. And best of all, all the nerds he had bullied now got to go out partying every Saturday night while Chad stayed home and did their homework. And just to make sure, his former victims made him to text them pictures of himself all alone on the weekends, not a friend in site. He wasn’t even Chad anymore. Now, he went by Ronald Ferguson Dingleberg.

    You too could go from Chad to Ronald. Just join the nerdified discord and get your geek on!

    Learning disorder

    I felt like posting one of my Patreon stories again :)


    Fabian had been studying for his math exam for 2 weeks now. Since he had failed the first time his parents restricted his freedom and made an extensive schedule for him to follow. They prohibited him from going to the gym, which he was a regular visitor of, and sometimes even locked him in his room without any internet so he could focus on his homework. His brother, who was about 2 years younger than him, often made fun of him for his lack of freedom and would often bother him after a workout just to rub it in his face the he was allowed to go to the gym, and Fabian was not. Fabian however knew that is was of no use. He was certain that he was going to fail his exam again and the thought of spending his summer doing more math exercises made his shiver. He had really tried his best the first few days, but when he noticed there was little to no progress he quickly lost his motivation. Most of the time when he was alone in his room he would spend his time jacking off or secretly working out. If his parents suddenly entered he would just tell them that he was taking a break and clearing his mind. 

    It was three days before the exam when Fabian had a mental breakdown. After spending a full hour on a seemingly simple question he dropped his head on his books and started to sob. He was angry at himself for being so stupid, and unable to concentrate. His face turned red and he started to sweat. Rage started to build up in his body and suddenly he grabbed one of the books and threw it across the room. ‘Why can’t I just be smart!’ Fabian shouted. With his strong arms he managed to damage the wall and tear the book in many pieces. Fabian calmed down a little and breathing heavily he saw what he had done. He picked up the pieces of his book and put them on his desk. He was about to start searching for some tape when he noticed something strange. The shards started to rearrange themselves. Corresponding pieces glued together again and the book quickly repaired itself. After the final piece had found it’s place the book came to a rest and was completely repaired as if nothing had happened. Fabian started at it with open mouth and big eyes. He was unable to comprehend what he had just witnessed. Then the next strange thing happened. As if pushed by an invisible force the open book jumped from the table and right into Fabian’s face. It hit him quite hard as a sharp pain shot through his nose to the rest of his face. The book fell down onto his desk again. Fabian grabbed his nose and walked over to the mirror. He tried to look at his face but his vision had become extremely blurry. Even after waiting a couple of minutes he still was not able to see clearly. He then remembered that his glasses must have fallen off when the book hit his head. He started to search the room, squinting his eyes. After a while he found them. Luckily the thick sturdy lenses were intact. The fixture, however, had snapped in two. Not worrying about it Fabian grabbed a piece of tape and taped the two piece together again. He put on the thick black frame and went over to his mirror. His vision was clear again but he was surprised to see a different face in the mirror. His stylish brown hair had turned black. It looked greasy and was neatly combed with a parting in the middle. The thick glasses made his dull grey eyes look gigantic. Under the taped bridge of the glasses his eyebrows had grown towards each other in a thick black monobrow. More downwards his nose looked like it had doubled in size, protruding from his face and supporting the thick frame. His buck teeth sported a shiny pair of braces. Fabian’s face was pale and covered in freckles and shiny red acne spots. Just like his hair, his face looked greasy. Fabian could not believe his eyes. The boy in the mirror was definitely not him. He took off his glasses and his vision became even blurrier that before. The boy in the mirror did the same thing. When he put them back on the mirror image did the same. How could this have happened to him?  This unfamiliar dorky face was in sheer contrast with the rest of Fabian’s body. His neck and arms were big and muscular. The red tank top showed his muscular chest. Unfortunately for Fabian this started to shift. He was speechless when he saw his whole body was changing. He suddenly dropped in height and quickly deflated. His beefy arms became small and thin, no muscle was visible anymore under his skin. His muscular chest shrank until it was flat. The rock hard abs on his belly disappeared as a little layer of fat took their places. The tank top was way too big for Fabian now. Finally his muscled legs thinned until they were skinny and hairless. Fabian’s tan which he had worked so hard for disappeared which left him pale and skinny. 

    Next, his clothing started to change. The tank top turned bright white while a tear in the middle appeared. Buttons lined the tear and buttoned themselves while a collar sprang up and sleeves grew from the side. As the final button was pushed into place a black bowtie appeared and tightened itself around Fabian’s neck. Then, the tight sporty shorts turned dark grey as white dots appeared all over them. They shortened until they were well above Fabian’s knees. A black belt tightened them around his waist. Suddenly a colorful pair of suspenders slid over his shoulder and strapped themselves to his shorts. The white shirt tucked itself neatly into Fabian’s underwear while his pair of black boxers turned white as well and became a pair of Fruit of the loom briefs. The waistband of the high waisted pair was just visible above his belt. Then the suspenders tightened themselves and pulled up the pair of shorts all the way over Fabian’s bellybutton. They now crushed his balls and dick. When Fabian tried to cup them they disappeared under his hands. His penis shrank down to a boyish size until no bulge was visible anymore. At his feet his pair of black ankle socks started to grow and elongated until they stopped just under his knees. A pair of black dress shoes appeared on his feet, which nearly doubled in size. 

    The changes then stopped which gave Fabian some time to think. He was unable to process this transformation and was not sure what to do next. The thought of losing his beloved muscles made him panic and hyperventilate. Luckily he found an inhaler on his desk. Taking a few puffs calmed him down a little. Fabian then heard a knock on his door, followed by it opening and his brother barging in. He looked sweaty and had clearly just come back from his workout. He was wearing the red tank top that had just disappeared from Fabian’s body. ‘W-why are you wearing my shirt?’ But upon hearing his now nasal voice Fabian cupped his mouth followed by a loud snort and some wheezing. His brother looked at him and laughed. ‘Your shirt? Don’t act so pathetic you dweeb. You never wear anything other than that dorky shirt, you loser.’ Why was his brother so mean to him? He was clearly wearing Fabian’s shirt. ‘Now, to business,’ his brother proceeded. ‘Have you finished my math homework, Phinneas? I think it’s clear from the empty paper on your desk that you haven’t and you know what that means.’ Fabian did not understand. Why did his brother call him Phinneas? And what did he mean by homework? He was studying for his own exam. But before he could say anything his brother grabbed him. With his strong arms he turned Fabian around. Being skinny and weak there was no way Fabian could resist. His brother proceeded to grab a handful of Fabian’s visible tighty whities and yanked them up in the air. A sharp pain shot through Fabian’s ass as the wedgie pulled him up into the air. His brother then grabbed the visible leg holes and started to bounce Fabian up and down in the air who in turn screamed due to the pain. He then moved his mouth to Fabian’s ear. ‘Do my homework you nerd. I want it by tomorrow or you’ll spend the night hanging from these in my closet.’ He then spat in Fabian’s ear, pulled his briefs over his head and left the room. 

    Fabian spent 30 minutes freeing himself from the atomic wedgie. His ass was burning and a fear for his stronger brother imprinted itself in his mind. Straightening his clothes he started to do his brother’s math homework. Over the course of the evening his mind started to change. While he was doing the work the new knowledge started to push away his former personality. He forgot his name but a new one appeared. He was Phinneas Phartinberg. He and his distant but rich parents lived in a modest home with his adopted brother. He was a skinny weak nerd and was majoring in math. Since his brother was very strong and muscular he was often bullied by him. He was the regular subject for wedgies and was often shoved in his own locked at school, or left hanging from a hook in the locker room by his briefs. He spent most of his time working on his own homework or the that from his brother.

    A few hours later Phinneas was nearly finished with all of his work. His brother then entered the room again with a stack of paper. ‘Here is more for you, dork. I want to done by tonight or else…’ He then grabbed Phinneas’ tighty whities again and yanked them up. He then pulled them over the back of Phinneas’ chair. Go do it in this wedgie, nerd. Don’t dare to get out of this one until I come back.’ He then snapped a picture of the poor dork in the chair wedgie. The rest of the evening Phinneas spent on finishing more math, with his ass burning like hell. But he did not dare to get out of it since his brother could come back at any moment.

    A brief revenge

    Another one from my Patreon. Enjoy!

    Part 1

    Chris had always been part of group of cool kids at school. He was good looking and social. His parents had enough money to buy him expensive clothing and his slightly punky style made him stand out and gain the interest of many girls. He worked out regularly and was quite strong for his age. This resulted in a feeling of power over weaker boys who he’d regularly pick on. He very much enjoyed bullying the geeky and nerdy kids and often made fun of other boys when he caught them wearing briefs, or even worse: tighty whities. This placed him even higher on the social ladder giving him a good reputation among the cool kids. One day something strange happened though. When the last class of the day was done Chris was standing next to his open locker checking his phone. The school was mostly empty apart from a few teachers and other students. Chris was admiring the pictures he took of some nerd he wedgied earlier when that very boy approached him. His white briefs were still sticking out of his pants, matching the pair of white socks visible under his highwater brown slacks. With some form of confidence the boys quickly walked up to Chris. ‘What do you want, dweeb. Haven’t you had enough for today?’ Chris said laughing at the small boy. The boy then frowned and raised his right arm. He proceeded to snap his fingers. While he did that the world around them became blurry and dark. A teacher that was crossing the hallway in the back froze in place and a cold wind started to blow through the hallway. ‘What is this? What are you doing?’ Chris asked, a little afraid. It was as if time was frozen. The nerd started to talk with a noticeable lisp due to his braces. ‘I am fed up with your bullying! I think it’s time that you learn your lesson. You think I WANT to be a nerd? My mom keeps me in briefs and wont buy me other clothing. I can’t do anything about it and I will give you a taste of your own medicine!’ The nerd snapped his fingers again. A magical force grabbed the back of Chris’ boxers and pulled them up. ‘Aaaah!’ Chris screamed in pain form the first ever wedgie in his life. Then his underwear started to change. The red checkered fabric turned plain white as they formed a tight fit around Chris’ junk. With black marker the name CHRIS appeared on the inside of the waistband. The legholes of the newly formed briefs were visible above Chris’ punk style black jeans. The bright white created a sharp contrast to those pants. Then suddenly the force disappeared and the briefs snapped back down. Time started to flow again and the bur disappeared. ‘What the fuck did you just do to me?’ Chris asked the nerd, picking the white briefs out of his ass and pushing the waistband back down. ‘I’ve cursed you with these tighty whities. I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine. For 24 hours you cannot take them off, just like I cannot change since I have no other underwear. If you get through tomorrow without being wedgied they turn back into your boxers. But with every wedgie you receive, you’ll turn into a boy like me: a nerd. And the changes cannot be reversed. Receive enough wedgies and you will lose your old body and life, turning into the biggest loser of the school.’ The nerd said laughing. Chris noticed that his underwear had shifted into his old boxers, the checkered fabric was visible above his pants. Anger and frustration filled his body. ‘Pfff, that’s easy you dweeb. I am not like you and I will never be. Underwear is so easy to hide, you’re not gonna succeed.’ Chris said laughing. The nerd just grinned and then walked away, leaving Chris in an empty hallway. Confused Chris closed his locker and went home. Chris soon kind of forgot about what happened until he undressed in his bedroom that evening. The bright white briefs formed a sharp contrast with his tanned and muscular body. He felt vulnerable and boyish in the small pair of underwear and could feel the power radiating from them. He believed what the nerd had said to him and was genuinely afraid of becoming a victim to this curse. For a brief moment Chris considered acting to be ill, but he knew his mother was never going to believe that. He tried putting a pair of boxers over them but he found out his underwear drawer was empty. There was no way of cheating this curse, he had to go in head first. The only thing he could do was try to hide the briefs for the whole day at school and hurry home as soon as possible. Anxious of the next day Chris went to sleep. The next day came quickly and upon waking up, Chris realized this could become the worst day in his life. Unfortunately for him they were a high waisted kind of briefs so he was forced to choose the pair of jeans which he could pull up the highest to try to hide his underwear. ‘I’m already becoming a nerd without the help of magic.’ Chris thought. He decided to wear a baggy hoodie which could conceal the high jeans and possible the underwear. Upon entering the school Chris became extremely nervous. There was a strange feeling around his cross. It was as if the magic pair of briefs was trying to get attention, as if it wanted to be seen. Chris desperately tried to keep his arms down and his hands in his pockets so his pants would not sag. The first class of the day passed relatively fast and Chris’ nerves calmed a little. Maybe this was not going to be so bad after all. He started to chat with his friends during his break and all tension left his body while he was starting to forget about the whole situation. Unconscious of his actions, while listening to a story his friend was telling, Chris leaned forward and let his head rest on his arms. His hoodie rose up ever so slightly above his pants while they came down a little, exposing the smallest amount of white fabric as possible. The table he and his friends were sitting at had no chairs, but benches with no backrest so it would only be a matter of time before someone would notice. 

    The conversation continued for a while but was suddenly interrupted by a passing friend of Chris. ‘Hey bro, nice trunks. Didn’t know you wore white!’ He laughed, looking at Chris’ white briefs visible above his pants. The grabbed the fabric and gave a friendly tug. The stretchy fabric was quickly pulled into Chris’ ass but the legholes were not visible. Chris’ eyes widened as he realized what had just happened. Luckily for him, his friend thought they were boxer briefs so he was safe, but he got wedgied although it was a small one. His friend snickered and took a seat next to Chris. Chris in turn picked the wedgie and pushed the briefs carefully back into his pants. Maybe this would be his only mistake. He had to be more cautious from now on. Even though the wedgie was small, it still counted. A strange feeling appeared around Chris’ crotch as the briefs started to heat up a little. He then noticed his pants were changing. The black pair of jeans turned dark brown while the fabric changed to corduroy. The legs became shorter, showing more of Chris’ lower legs and on top of that the whole pair pulled itself up until above Chris’ bellybutton. Next his black cotton ankle socks started to rise to around mid-calf while the fabric turned to itchy wool. Finally his trendy sneakers turned into black dress shoes. With these new pants, a lot of leg was visible. The white woolen socks created a sharp contrast between the brown corduroy and the black leather. Chris looked down in amazement. He looked ridiculous in these pants! The pushed them back down but a magic force kept pulling them up again. His nuts were being crushed under the pressure of the pants. Luckily for him nothing else changed this time. Apart from Chris, no one seemed to have noticed the change. They looked at Chris while he tried to comprehend what just happened. ‘Are you allright? You look like someone stepped on your grave.’ A friend said. ‘Yeah I’m okay.’ Chris answered. ‘I just need to visit the restroom real quick.’ Chris stood up and walked to the restroom. The stiff leather shoes made him walk a little clumsy which added to the dorky look of the pants and the bright white of the socks.

    Part 2

     Upon entering the restroom Chris was happy to see that nothing else had changed. Maybe he could still be saved. A different pair of pants he could live with. Maybe he could get corduroy to become trendy again. While Chris was lost in thought he did not notice someone approaching him from behind. It was the very same nerd who cursed him the day before. His small figure made him disappear behind Chris so he could not se him in the mirror. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through his ass. He turned around and saw the nerd he used to bully wedgie him with all force he had. It was not enough to a massive wedgie but it nonetheless did the job. The briefs heated up again. Chris walked up to the nerd and wanted to grab him when his power left his body. Chris grabbed the nerd’s shoulders and tried to turn him around but was unable to. He then saw that his arms were shrinking and his biceps were disappearing. He felt weak while all over his body, muscles started to shrink and deflate. His height remained the same but he became skinnier and skinnier. The nerd laughed and ran away. Chris tried to run after him but tripped over his own feet while they grew in size, becoming massive compared to his body. Laying on the floor a tears appeared in Chris’ eyes. This was the second wedgie of the day and he had already lost his power. He was afraid of what was going to happen next. He got up and quickly picked the wedgie to stop anymore changes from occurring. Just then his vision started to blur and a pair of thick framed black glasses appeared on his nose, which made the world around him seem clear again. Bringing his hands to his face and feeling the large frame Chris wanted to scream. He took the glasses off but quickly concluded the he was unable to function without them. Putting them back on he checked himself in the mirror. Next to his manly and handsome face they looked okay. He figured he was the only one in the school who could sport such a pair of glasses. If he could keep any more changes away from him he would be all right. 

    Chris left the restroom and went to his next class. He was very bad a math so he never looked forward to it. Upon entering the classroom he noticed he was the last to enter. The only seat left was one all the way in the front. Accepting his fate he put down his bag and sat down. He did notice receiving a few stares due to his big pair of glasses but no one seemed to actually be bothered by them. The lesson started and Chris tried to focus on hiding his briefs from the world. This wasn’t easy since the high waisted briefs could quickly become visible above his pants. After a while Chris’ mind dozed off and he leaned forward again. Unfortunately for him he had not put the underwear back in his pants well enough. The waistband was slightly folded exposing his named written in black marker on it. A guy sitting behind him saw it and snickered. He grabbed the attention of his friends and pointed at Chris’ underwear. ‘Look he’s wearing undies his mom bought him. Let’s get him after class.’ He whispered to his friends. They nodded in agreement. After the lesson Chris quickly left and walked to his locker. He was searching his bag while he heard someone calling his name. ‘Hey Chris! What are you up to?’ Chris turned and saw he was being approached by the guy who sat behind him in class and his friends. They were all members of the football team and looked massive compared to Chris’ now skinny body. Fear started to build up in Chris’ body. He had to play cool, like there was nothing wrong. There was no way they could know about Chris’ situation. ‘Hey, I’m good man. There’s not much happening at the moment.’ Chris said a little nervous. ‘Oh yeah?’ He replied while taking a step forward. He grinned, towering over Chris. ‘I saw you bullying a poor nerd the other day. Don’t you think that’s unfair?’ He said. ‘The prick deserved it, he’s a big wedgie magnet.’ Chris replied. ‘You think? I think it’s a real dick move to pick on your own kind.’ ‘Wow, what do you mean dude? I’m not a loser or anything.’ Chris said, his voice trembling in fear. He looked down and could not help but feel small and pathetic. His skinny body was nothing compared to this jock. These new pants made him look like a dork and the shoes made him very clumsy. For a split second Jason accepted his fate. There was not much time to think though. ‘We’ll see about that you dork!’ The jock said while quickly grabbing Chris and turning him around. His pair of briefs, longing to be pulled up, had already pushed themselves above Chris’s pants so they would be visible. With ease the jock grabbed a handful of fabric and with a powerful pull he yanked a big part of the briefs up. An incredibly sharp pain shot through Chris’ ass. The jock lifted him off the ground with ease and started to bounce in up and down. The motion made the thick pair of glasses fall from Chris’ head and the world around him became blurry. He tried to kick around in the air which made him look even more pathetic and gave the briefs more room to wedge themselves between Chris’ ass. After a few ups and downs the leg holes became visible. This gave the jock the opportunity grab Chris’ arms and push them trough. This caused the wedgie to become even worse and Chris screamed in pain. During his pleading and shouting his voice started to change. It moved from a manly deep one to a nasal and wheezing one. The bouncing had caused his teeth to shift and protrude forward, giving him a bad lisp. The force of gravity had pulled down his nose, increasing it in size while his ears shifted until they pointed sideways. While still carrying Chris by his briefs the jock moved his face towards him and whispered in his giant ears. ‘I knew you were a wimpy dork. And you say that other kid was a wedgie magnet. For saying that you’re gonna spend a few hours thinking about those words.’ And with that he walked towards the restroom. There he found a hook on which he hung Chris by his own underwear. And with that he walked away while laughing. 

    The force of his own weight made the wedgie hurt a lot, but the brief just would not rip. With his arms stuck through the leg holes there was no way of escaping for Chris. For a minute he could not do anything. He started to sob realizing that this was the end. No wedgie could be worse than this one so he’d inevitably change again soon. And as he had figured it did not take long for more changes to occur. First his hoodie disappeared. There was no room for such a baggy piece of clothing in his wardrobe. Next, his black undershirt turned yellow. A tear appeared in the middle which quickly lined itself with buttons. The buttons then did themselves all the way to the top, where a red bowtie appeared. Compared to his face, the bowtie was enormous and the now ill fitting shirt made him look like a little kid. The short sleeves were puffy with his skinny little arms sticking out. On his wrist the fancy and expensive bracelet Chris was wearing changed into a cheap digital watch with a calculator build in. A pair of bright red suspenders slid over Chris’ shoulders, fastening themselves on his pants, pulling them up even further. Only to expose more white of his wool socks. Chris, of course was unaware of all of this since his glasses were still broken in the hallway. Luckily for him, a magical force moved the two parts back together. A piece of tape appeared to repair the frame and the reappeared on Chris’ nose. With his regained vision he noticed the new changes. This made sob even harder. His now nasal voice sounded like a little kid whining. His breathing got faster and he started to wheeze more. An inhaler appeared in Chris’ hand. He took a puff and immediately felt better. He figured he was going to have to keep doing that from now on. Then more of his body started to transform. His dark brown hair turned black and became extremely greasy, as did the skin of his face. His hair parted itself into a neat and formal style, with a noticeable cowlick in the back. All over his face, freckles and bright red spots appeared. On his buck teeth a pair of shiny braces were placed. Lastly, the pressure on his crotch became smaller as his dick and balls shrunk to boyish sizes. 

    With this final change his transformation was complete. The magical force that guided the whole transformation lifted Chris up and placed him on the ground. There he could free himself from the wedgie and push the underwear back into his pants. His shirt automatically tucked itself in his underwear, exposing his waistband to the world. Chris tried to push it down but it was no use, the waistband kept crawling up. He snorted and sighed. There was no going back now, he had become the person he bullied for so long. Defeated Chris left the restroom and went back to his locker. There he grabbed his Pokémon backpack and headed out. Chris arrived home quite late. He immediately noticed that his bedroom had changed. A big gaming CPU sat in his desk which was littered with cans and bags. His wardrobe had become significantly smaller and his kingsize bed had become a single one, covered in anime sheets. The wall were lined with posters of different science fiction movies and chemistry jokes. Chris opened the wardrobe which was empty. Defeated and extremely sad Chris undressed. Under his sheets he found a Pokémon pajama which he put on. He just wanted to sleep, hoping all of the changes would revert themselves. 

    During that night the changes became more permanent. Chris’ wardrobe started to fill itself. Hanging neatly were his different coloured short sleeved shirts. For each colour he had a matching bowtie and suspenders. A few pairs of formal pants appeared in different fabrics and patterens. A few pairs of khaki shorts lied besides his longs. His underwear drawer was a sea of white as pairs of tighty whities from differing cheap brands appeared. All of the waistbands had his name in them with black marker. More kneesocks in white black and grey appeared. In the bottom drawer a few pairs of dress shoes and sandals appeared. In his sleep Chris’ mind was altered as well. He was an A level student specializing in organistry. His name was Theodore and he was top of the school despite being a freshman. Unfortunately for Chris his old life was not erased though. While the rest of the world saw him as a puny little nerd, Chris would remember who he used to be. Yet his appearance and awful voice would make it hard for anyone to believe him.

    After a short sleep Theodore opened his eyes. His vision was till blurry and his room still nerdy. Under the sheets he felt that he had another wet dream that night. His tiny dick was covered in drops of sperm. Theodore got up and put on his pair of briefs, not caring about the orgasm anymore. Getting ready for school he could not help but say to himself ‘Gosh d-darn! I am ready for another j-jolly day!’ While wheezing and snorting he clipped on his suspenders, straightened his bowtie and went out. But inside his mind Chris was still crying. 

    A lifeguard dream

    This is a story that was originally posted on my Patreon. It’s made public now. Still want to support me? go to paypal.me/danielfalcon99 I will write you a personalized story as a thank you. Enjoy reading!!

    At last Ethan was ready for his new job. School had ended a week ago and Ethan and his friends were already enjoying their vacation and free time. For quite some time he had been working on getting this particular summer job. Ever since he was a boy, Ethan wanted to become a lifeguard at the beach. Every time he would go to the beach and saw those muscular guys in tight red shorts running around and saving poor children and hot girls Ethan could not help it but feel aroused and excited. When a spot on the team became available Ethan immediately applied. He was certainly smart enough for the job but being a lifeguard meant having to be fit as well. Unfortunately for Ethan he wasn’t that fit when he applied for the job. Nevertheless they decided to hire him under the circumstance that he would work out at least three times a week until the job started. Ethan was extremely motivated to achieve his goal so over the course of four months he worked very hard. At first he did some light cardio but he gradually expanded his workout until he did heavy lifting and intense crossfit. Ethan was still young, being only 20 years old, so he quickly started to gain muscle. He kept a photo diary in which he took a mirror selfie daily to show his progress. In the short period of two weeks he had already made a lot of progress so when the four months had finally passed he was accepted to the job. A few days before he had to work for the first time Ethan received a package. Upon opening it he saw a pair of red swimming shorts and a whistle. Ethan was filled with joy when he realized this was his uniform. There was no going back now, he finally was a real lifeguard. He snapped a pic in the bathroom wearing the tight pair of shorts and sent it to his friends. They were all jealous of his new position. Admiring his new ripped body and his new shorts Ethan could not help but get hard. His dick started to tent in his shorts. He pulled it out and started to wank, staring at his own body in the mirror. He fantasized about running on the beach, getting stares from all around him from both boys and girls. About children looking up to him as he was the boss. It did not take long for Ethan to reach the edge. While moaning, large squirts of jizz flew out of his cock and on the mirror. 

    Two weeks later Ethan had already worked quite a few shifts. The team was great. Ethan was making a lot of new friends and was getting along with the other guys. Or so he thought. Trying to bond with them Ethan regularly made jokes about other people on the beach, as if the lifeguards were better than the average people. On top of that, he would show off a lot to girls on the beach, neglecting his tasks as a lifeguard. One time, a young boy nearly drowned if it wasn’t for another lifeguard to notice it while it was Ethan’s responsibility. The guys on the team decided it was time for Ethan to go. He just wasn’t suited for this type of job. They could have just fired him but they decided to have a little fun first. The next day while Ethan was takin off his regular clothing the guys stole his pair of shorts. They drenched it in a special kind of chemical and quickly put back for Ethan to find. He had not noticed anything and put them on. Not much happened until later that day. To set the punishment in motion the other guys had staged an accident. A hot teenage girl had nearly drowned and quickly needed help. Seeing this as an opportunity to impress the girl Ethan rushed to the spot. But while running over there, he was about halfway there, Ethan started to get out of breath. He stopped running and panted heavily, while leaning on his knees. What was happening? He thought. He was in shape so this short distance should not be a problem to him. Then he noticed his body started to change. The ground was getting closer to him as he noticed that he was shrinking. His tall legs were becoming shorter and next to that, the muscles on them started to shrink down. The dark hairs on his legs retracted back into his skin. His pair of shorts was now large and baggy with his skinny smooth legs coming down from it. There was no time to think about that though since the pair itself started to change. The signature red disappeared while the fabric shrank down and turned white. The legs shortened while the pair of shorts became a pair of tight trunks. Ethan’s bubbly muscular butt protruded outwards and was clearly visible in it. It was then that his upper body changed too. The big abs on his chest and belly deflated and his torso shrank down to match his lower body. In a few seconds Ethan had gone from muscular stud to skinny twink. Finally his face shifted. His manly jawline softened and his lips inflated. His hair became lighter and went from a messy beach style to a more sleek and styled look. A shiny stud appeared in his ear, completing the both feminine and boyish look. 

    Ethan looked at his changed body in amazement. A deep sadness flooded over him as he realized all of his work was for nothing. He hoped this was just a prank and it could be reverted again. In the distance Ethan heard laughing and he saw the guys from the lifeguard team approaching. They pointed at him and started to make pictures of his skinny body. Ethan felt weak and vulnerable. One of the guys told Ethan about the chemicals on his shorts. The changes were permanent and they hoped Ethan had learned his lesson. Ethan however wasn’t accepting it and stormed at one of the guys, with the intention of hitting him. While laughing he easily grabbed Ethan and put him over is shoulder. Ethan tried to hit the guy on his back but he was too weak to hurt the ripped back of the lifeguard. ‘You’re coming to the timeout zone, little twink.’ Ethan was furious, he was a lifeguard! Not some kid who could be commanded. During the walk though, Ethan calmed down. The bouncing up and down on the stud’s shoulder even started to arouse Ethan. Those hot lifeguards were so perfect. It was everyone’s dream to be carried by one of them. His dick started to get hard in his skimpy shorts. The lifeguard noticed this and smiled. At last the chemical was affecting Ethan’s brain. That was always the last part to change. He put Ethan down on a patch of sand close to the lifeguard’s cabin. ‘You stay here, sweetie. If you behave yourself you can come visit us in the cabin later this afternoon, we can have a lot of fun there. The guy winked at Ethan and walked away. The thought of going into that cabin with those ripped guys, and the sight of the hot ass of the lifeguard walking away drove Ethan insane while his dick was rock hard and leaking in his tiny trunks. Gosh how he wished he could be a lifeguard too.

    When I was  on vacation I stumbled upon four naughty boys. They looked about 26 years-old and they obviously did not have strict parents, or had them. At the edge of town they were harassing girls and talking back to adults, all while wearing skimpy shorts. Their muscular bodies intimidated all other people walking by. When I passed them they shouted something at me. I could not make out what it was but their cocky grins made me believe it was a bad word.  I balled my fist as I walked over to them. My face was already turning red with anger. I politely asked them for their names. They told me their names were Gaz, Bratt, Drew and Tresh. Typical names for such bad boys. I proceeded to ask them why there were making fun of others and intimidating passing people. The boys just laughed it off. Gaz flexed his biceps at me. I figured it was time to do something about this situation. 

    I raised my hand and snapped my fingers. The world started to shift around us and within seconds we moved place to the courtyard of my school. The boys looked around nervously. They had no way of knowing what was happening. I placed my hands on my back and watched the show before me. First the boys dropped in height. I made sure their age regressed to 18, perfect for boys like them to learn how to behave. I watched as their scruffy haircuts shifted into preppy, neatly combed ones. Next, their shorts all turned dark grey uniformly. The material changed to wool and a white lining appeared on the inside. The pockets disappeared while they all shortened themselves to be the same length as Drew’s (second from right) The elastic backside made sure they stayed pulled up properly. Tight white briefs appeared under the shorts to keep their junk in place. Their socks turning grey too and rising to their knees was amusing to watch. They folded themselves as a yellow lining appeared. They all looked down at the same time in surprise. I laughed while their shoes turned to proper black dress shoes.  With their bottoms done white short sleeved shirts appeared. After buttoning themselves a pair of suspenders and a red tie appeared, tightly knotted. Red blazers slid over their shoulders to complete their new uniforms. The changes then stopped. The boys looked at me in anger after checking out their clothing. Bratt was the first to speak. ‘Dude you sick fuck! I look like a dork in this!’ I laughed. ‘You know what lookes even more dorky?’ I snapped my fingers and his hair turned bright red. He looked up, unable to speak. Drew next to him started to laugh, jeez these boys were stupid. ‘Dude you’re never getting laid again like this!’ He said. I raised my hand and snapped my fingers again. ‘Neither are you since you’re not nice to your peers.’ His eyes widened as he cupped his shrinking junk. I made his penis shrink to a microsize and laughed. All boys had lost the same amount of weight in the age regression process and I could see on Tresh’ face that he was glad he was still the biggest. I snapped again and his muscles disappeared and he dropped even more in height. His legs became very skinny while his blazer looked really big on him. Tears filled his eyes when he realized he was the smallest now. I then turned my eyes towards gaz, who was silent the whole time. ‘You need a new feature too, boy.’ I snapped again. He opened his mouth to speak but noticed it was becoming harder. A pair of shiny braces had appeared on his teeth. He tried to speak again but could only talk with a hard lisp. The other boys did not dare to laugh. 

    Well boys, that concludes the physical changes. I can’t do the mental ones so that’s why you’re here. Welcome to my school of recorrection. In the upcoming years you will be taught respect and obedience. You will wear this uniform while you’re hear and if you graduate you’re awarded normal clothing again. If you try to escape before that or fail to pass, you’re stuck in this uniform forever, understand? The boys were filled with fear for me so they quickly nodded. In the distance the school bell rang. ‘Well Theodore, Benjamin, Maxwell and Albert, off to your first class!’ ‘Yes sir!’ The boys shouted in unison. While the former bratts walked away I looked at their bottoms in their tight shorts. I couldn’t help but snap one more time. Their asses inflated into round and firm bubble butts. That would only be of benefit to them in one of their classes: being a good bottom.

    The headmaster’s son part 3

    The walk to the shoe store felt like a marathon to Aiden. It was warm outside so the AC units of the mall were blowing at full force. A cold wind blew around Aiden’s bare knees, making him shiver. This small event made him feel extremely little and vulnerable. Unconsiously the poor boy stuck close to his dad. James looked at his new son and smiled, he was already starting to behave like a proper boy. The only thing that remembered him of his old life was the scruffy haircut and the worn sneakers. But that was going to change soon too.

    The two reached an old looking store in the back of the mall. The windows were dusty and Aiden could see a few pairs of black and brown dress shoes on display. He feared for his elaborate sneaker collection to be thrown away after this day. Upon entering James was politely greeted by an old man who seemed to be the owner. He was wearing brown suit with matching shoes. His whole appearance looked really old fashioned. ‘I am here for my son. He needs new shoes for the upcoming school year. You know what kind I approve of.’ James said. ‘Of course sir.’ The man replied. He immediately grabbed Aiden’s hand and guided him to a chair. He then proceeded to hold all kinds of measuring devices against the boy’s feet. Over the course of a few minutes his face became more worried. After a while he walked over to James. ‘I’m afraid your son has flat feet, most likely due to those horrible shoes he’s wearing.’  The two men looked towards Aiden. ‘Do what you have to do’ James replied. The man scurried off to the back of the shop only to return a minute later with a box in his hands. He kneeled at Aiden’s feet and opened the box. Inside, Aiden could se the clunkiest, unfashionable pair of black leather shoes. In a reflex Aiden lifted up his feet. ‘There is no way I’m going to wear those awful shoes!’ He exclaimed. The old man had a surprised look on his face and anger filled James’. He walked over to Aiden and grabbed his arm. ‘I will not allow such protest and behaviour from you boy!’ The angry tone at which he said it terrified Aiden. James pulled the boy up and sat down on the chair himself. He then proceeded to pull Aiden over his lap. The boy couldn’t imagine what was going to happen next. James’ face red with anger he lifted his hand only to slap to down on Aiden’s butt. There was a loud smack and Aiden screamed in pain. ‘You are to behave yourself boy! And listed to your superiors!’ James shouted. *Smack, Smack, Smack* Aiden tried to hold back his tears but was unable to. ‘I was going to punish you at home but I think this will work better’ James smacked a few more times. The worst thing for Aiden was that the chair was visible from the entrance of the shop. He heard the laughs of a little boy and could feel the stares and fingers pointing at him. ‘Look mommy! He wears the same uniform as I do to school! He looks a lot older though.’ 

    The spanking went on for a little while until Aiden was crying so loudly James thought it was enough. He picked up the defeated boy and placed him back in th chair. The old man just smiled, he had seen a lot of boys being spanked in his store, although never one this old. He grabbed the shoes from the box and placed them around Aiden’s feet. ‘There you go that should resolve the problem. Wear these every day for a few months and then you can switch to a normal pair.’ Aiden’s eyes widened and James just nodded. James proceeded to pay for the shoes while Aiden stood up. Under his skinny legs his feet now looked extremely big. Apart from the ever present feeling of boyishness he now felt a little dorky too. The boy tried to take a few steps but nearly tripped over his own feet. Looking really clumsy Aiden made his way over to James. He overheard the two mean talking about other pairs of shoes. Black and brown dress shoes, white sporting shoes, sandals... ‘Sandals!?’ Aiden thought. That would make him look even younger than this! For a second Aiden wanted to protest the feeling of this sore bottom made him shut his mouth again. He really did not want another spanking for that was the most humiliating moment in his life so far. 

    They left the shop. James forcefull grabbed Aiden’s hand and guided him to the barber shop on the other side. Walking awkwardly Aiden followed. A neatly styled man greeted the two. ‘This boy needs a proper haircut.’ James said. ‘Shorts I see, so he’s around 14?’ The man asked. James smiled. ‘No he’s 18, but the boy is new here and needs to be taught some discipline.’ Aiden’s face turned red in embarassment. The barber smiled and guided him towards a chair. ‘What will it be for this boy?’ The employee asked. Aiden felt a little insulted that the barber did not ask him, but rather James what his own haircut should be. ‘Short on the sides and a parting on the top. My school only allows conservative and formal haircuts. Use Brylcreem to finish it off.’ James said. ‘Certainly sir’ The employee said. He quickly got to work. After a while a woman and her son entered the store. The boy was seated in the chair next to Aiden and clearly looked a few years younger. He was in the same school uniform as Aiden, but with trousers instead of shorts. Aiden’s face turned red again as he realised that this younger boy was allowed to wear trousers while he was stuck in these boyish shorts. The younger boy looked at Aiden’s bare legs sticking out from under the cover. He snickered. ‘Little shortie pants’ He whispered. Aiden wanted to talk back but he could already feel James’ hand slapping his bottom so he remained silent. After a while the barber was done. He removed the cover and grabbed a big jar. He opened it and scooped up a handful of white cream. He carefully applied it to Aiden’s hair while styling it. He applied a parting at the left side and made sure no hairs were sticking out. When he was done he held a mirror in front of Aiden. The boy was nearly unable to recognize himself. In just one day he had gone from a free boy of 18 to a 14-year old proper uniformed boy. His hair had changed drastically and looked really old fashioned. He had once seen a very old move where boys his age had haircuts like these. He now exactly looked like those ancient school boys. 

    James was satisfied and paid the barber. The two then left the shop. Aiden looked back one more time to see the other boy. He had gotten a slightly more modern haircut and now looked older than Aiden. The boy stuck out his tongue as he looked at Aiden’s bare legs. Completely humiliated, Aiden left the mall with James by his side. When the two arrived home they were greeted by Aiden’s mom. She gave Jason a quick kiss and proceeded to check out Aiden. She smiled and told him he looked really smart in his new outfit. ‘We should have done this way earlier’ 

    During the next three days life seemed to be a lot more normal. Aiden was allowed, still in his uniform all day with the clunky shoes, to watch TV and play outside during the day. He mostly kept to himself because he did not want others to see him dressed like this. In the mornings James taught him how to neatly com and duringb and style his hair with cream. At lunch and dinner he taught Aiden how to sit and eat properly. Calling James ‘father’ and ‘sir’ was becoming more normal, as was calling his mom ‘mother’. Aiden was starting to learn how to please James to prevent punishment.  James had already bought a few extra pairs of white briefs and had thrown out all of Aiden’s old boxers. When his mom was washing his uniform, Aiden was told to wait in the living room, only wearing his briefs. This was one of the most humiliating things yet, having to sit on the floor in just his underwear. Whenever James sat down on the couch next to him, wearing his fancy suit, Aiden really felt like a little kid. James seemed to notice this and was pleased to see that Aiden was starting to behave himself.  On the fourth day, just after breakfast, James entered the kitchen with a big box in his hands. He commanded Aiden to stand up and come with him to his bedroom. Unconscious of what was going to happen, fear struck Aiden. 

    In Aiden’s bedroom James opened the closet. He had placed the bix box on the bed. Next to the closet was a big trash bag. ‘Pick up the bag, son.’ He told Aiden. ‘Today is the day you’re saying goodbye to that horrendous and improper life of yours. Put every piece of clothing you own in the bag.’ Aiden’s eyes widened. Was James really going to make him empty his closet? This was the only suit he had and he hated it! Hestantly, Aiden picked up the bag. He looked at the stacks of t-shirts and jeans. Some of them he was very fond of. Aiden missed the look and feeling of a pair of long jeans around his legs. The grey formal shorts were still strange to him and he hated the slight itch of the wool knee socks. ‘Come on boy, what are you waiting for? I told you to put EVERYTHING in the bag.’ James said. With a sad face Aiden started to grab the shirts and threw them in the bag. The closet was emptied quickly. James opened the drawer with his underwear and socks. One side was filled with different kinds of socks in different colours and the other side was a sea of white since James had already replaced all of them with briefs. Not wanting to anger James Aiden proceeded to take all of his socks and throw them away. Aiden looked at James thinking he was finished but James guided him to his shoes. A few pairs of old sneakers, most ripped around the seams and incredibly dirty, next to a few pairs of sporting shoes and flip flops disappeared into the bag. It was completely full now and quite heavy. James took the bag from Aiden’s hands and placed it next to the door outside of the room. He then opened the big box on the bed. ‘This is your new wardrobe, son. It contains everything your going to need until you finish school in a few years. All the pieces are well tailored so you should be grateful for this. Now I want you to take every piece and give it a place in your closet.’ James said.  Aiden took a look into the box. There wasn’t much colour in there. Only black, grey and white. A few hints of blue told his those were the school colours. Accepting his fate Aiden started to pick up the items and place them in the closet. A few pairs of white formal shirts. Most of them short sleeved and 2 long sleeved once. a few white under shirts and tank tops. Only grey and black formal shorts. None of them had pockets and all had an elastic backside and a white lining. They looked shorter than the pair he was currently wearing. Aiden had hope that he was allowed at least one pair of long trousers but to his disappointment there were none. James seemed to be able to read his mind. ‘I wil consider giving you a pair of big boy pants when you prove that you can behave yourself.’ Aiden proceed to grab a few pairs of grey knee socks white a blue stripe on them. There were black ones too and one pair of white ones. A black and blue pullover. Two sweater vests and 2 blazers in the school colours. A very short pair of sporting shorts and white long sporting socks. A black and blue striped tie and a matching bowtie. 2 pairs of black suspenders and a black leather belt. Another pair of those clunky shoes and 2 pairs of black normal dress shoes. Aiden was horrified to find a pair of leather sandals in there too, but the worst thing was the school cap he lastly picked up. ‘Good job son. And now that you have your cap why don’t you try on your school uniform?’ James grabbed the cap and placed it on Aiden’s head. This was such a powerful move since it seemed to make Aiden even smaller. Aiden was then told to put on a pair of new shorts. He put hem on and they were definitely way shorter than his old pair. They stopped well above his knees precisely where his fingers ended when standing. With more bare leg Aiden felt more exposed. James  grabbed the old pair and put it in the trash bag. Aiden proceeded to put on the school socks, a white short sleeved shirt and the school tie. James helped him put on a pair of suspenders to keep his shorts from dropping. Sock garters were placed under the fold to keep his socks up. James straightened the tie and gave Aiden his blazer. He put it on and noticed it was slightly too big. The sleeves were quite long and with this on, it almost looked as if Aiden wasn’t wearing pants at all. This just added to the school boy look making him look more juvenile. Looking at his son James was very content. In just 4 days he had transformed this 18-year old brat into a proper and neat boy, from his shoes and clothing to his haircut and behaviour. Aiden did not look happy at all. Wearing this full uniform, his feet covered in clumsy and dorky shoes, his hair styled to perfection and all of his old clothing thrown away, this was the point he realized that his transformation was complete. There was no going back now and he could not do anything about his position. He was to obey his father who was also the headmaster of his new school. With just 2 weeks left until the first day, Aiden believed that would mark the end of all freedom and fun in his life...


    Such a shame because he was doing so great at his new job. Until he started to flirt with one of his co-workers and showed sexual behaviour towards others. After one of his colleagues reported him his boss took great measures. Chastity was the only option in stopping him from misbehaving again. The boss even made sure to do something about the boy’s attitude by changing his uniform.  When he showed up at work the next day, face red from embarrassment, his co-workers just laughed. The air conditioning was cold around his bare legs while he tried to pull down the legs of his shorts. Others made comments about his juvenile appearance and started to call him little office boy. The obvious bulge in his tight shorts was not caused by his dick but rather by the clunky metal chastity cage around it. Whenever his socks dropped his co-workers were informed to spank the poor boy until his uniform was presentable again. This resulted in some of them pulling them down on purpose just so they could see the poor boy cry. It took one week for the boy to break. He was being treated like an intern and accepted that this was his place now. He lost his desk to the actual intern and spent his days cleaning up others mess or getting them coffee. Regular spankings and flicks of rulers had made his exposed legs sore and red, much to the amusement of his colleagues. The horniness was the worst though. His boss had said that if he could behave for a full month he would be released. But the constant reporting of minor mistakes by his co-workers was making this extremely hard for him.


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