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    What is Red Salt?

    Most witches already know what black salt is, but I feel like many witches (especially baby ones) don't quite think of other salts. For example: red salt. Red salt is an ingredient for a multitude of different magics and practices, including further powering a spell, manifestation, protection, libido magic, and passion magic. It's commonly used in spell jars or to replace regular salt, and occasionally in kitchen magic.

    So, how does one make red salt? Well, there are many recipes, and the recipes vary from witch to witch, just like black salt. Here is my personal recipe for a small batch.

    What you need

  • A cleansed jar with a lid
  • 1 tbsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp cayenne
  • 1 tbsp red chili flakes
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp black pepper
  • 1 tbsp finely crushed bay leaves
  • Simply add all your ingredients into your jar, give it a shake, and use it as needed. I personally enjoy using red salt in spell jars relating to self-defense, personal power, and general protection. I also enjoy using it to anoint candles for spells and rituals to enhance the power behind them. I can also suggest adding a pinch or two (very small amount) to kitchen spell recipes to enhance its power as well, but be light with it because the flavors may not go along with what you've made.

    As always, do your research, be safe, and blessed be!

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    things to start and stop doing to be the best you

    things to start doing:

  • put yourself first - live for yourself and up to your own standards and stop pushing aside your needs for other people.
  • set healthy boundaries for yourself and others
  • always find new skills and hobbies to learn and pick up
  • have a routine that works for you
  • never settle for less. if it's not what you want, keep looking forward.
  • be bold - not letting fear stop you from being great
  • improve your self talk. compliment yourself more. tell yourself things will be okay.
  • enjoy the silence more
  • more self reflection!
  • learn how to enjoy your own company
  • socialize more
  • take yourself out on solo dates
  • walk with your head high, shoulders back
  • listening to your intuition when you first brush it off. you can find out the reason later.
  • start being active. move your body. go on walks, go to the gym, sign up for yoga, dance classes, pilates, etc.
  • continue talking when someone cuts you off.
  • put people in their place. if your boundaries have been crossed or you see something that isn't right, don't be afraid to speak your mind whenever you see necessary.
  • read more books. set a goal for each month.
  • seek for all sides of the story. never come to a set conclusion at first glance or none at all.
  • take your own advice.
  • be assertive. don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. do what's good for you no matter what anyone says, be clear about what you want in life and go for it.
  • ask questions. don't be afraid to. this applies to everything.
  • explore different styles that pique your interest. clothes, majors, hobbies, jobs, literally everything.
  • journaling your thoughts and ideas.
  • things to stop doing:

  • seek validation from others
  • living for others when you should be living for yourself.
  • passively consume content on social media
  • having FOMO. who cares if you missed out on the latest celebrity gossip, what person cheated on who, the food pictures people are posting on their stories. does it benefit you for a lifetime? no? okay then.
  • saying "i'm going to do this" and not do it.
  • isolating yourself for a long period of time
  • spending more time on your phone than you are living your life. there's life outside a glowing screen. stop wasting what you have and make the best of it even if it seems "impossible". you can always make something out of nothing.
  • comparing yourself to others
  • idolizing everyone. celebrities, public figures, influencers....
  • letting people's limiting beliefs have a hold over you
  • choosing to keep the victim mentality.
  • putting your responsibilities and happiness aside to laze around or for other people.
  • sticking with your circle when you've outgrown them. i don't care how long you've known them for and how good the bond was. if they're not good for you anymore, leave.
  • letting people step all over you - say no and don't give in to pleases.
  • pushing your trauma/problems aside. your problems are no less than others. you are important too. tend to yourself.
  • guilt trip yourself for resting when you want/need to.
  • abandon your needs.
  • insulting yourself for failures and mistakes. it's normal, you're okay.
  • believing everything you see and hear whether it be online or in real life.
  • don't take criticism from people you wouldn't take advice from. or anyone for that matter unless it's out of the goodness of their heart (constructive)