I know I dont usually make text posts much on here but I hope everyone had a great new years eve last night and have a great year! I'd also like to say thank you to everyone as i've recently reached 700 followers and When I made this blog a few months ago I never thought i'd get that many this soon. So cheers all you filthy boys and girls ;)

    Hey guys and girls sorry I havent been online/updated my tumblr for a while! I've been on holiday for the past ten days so i have not had a chance to come online, however i'll make it up to all you naughty people by compiling some more photosets or something? Seeing as the one's I made of Karla James seemed to be quite popular a while ago amongst you lot ;] So look out for some more tomorrow ;D

    Wow so those 3 photo-sets of Karla James I posted last night seemed to be popular amongst you guys and girls ;) Over 300 notes altogether, gained 26 new followers since I posted them less than 24 hours ago and I have now reached over 200 followers so thank you! There's plenty more where that came from so i'll be posting some more sets soon!

    My first post :D

    Hey guys and gals this is my first post on my first blog so apologies if it starts out awful at first as I dont really know what im doing at the moment :p Anyway I made this blog as ive seen a lot of sexy Tumblr blogs out there and wanted to make my own that reflects my personal turn ons and hopefully there are some people out there who agree with me :]