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    how to draw arms ? ? 


    holy fuck is right… but… does it work with legs???


    yes !!


    but how much extend








    finally. i can be accurate


    This is too fucking great to not reblog


    I give it MASCLES



    Okay but for anyone who legit wants to know how to calculate it correctly:

    The elbow joint on average rests a couple inches higher than the navel, so if you measure how long the distance is from the middle of the shoulder to that point then you have the length of the upper and fore arms!


    So if anyone’s wondering about legs too, the simplest rule of thumb is that the length from the top of the leg to the knee is equal to the distance between the top of the leg and the bottom of the pectorals:

    And I wanna stress that when i say “top of the leg” i’m not talking about the crotch (please don’t flag me tumblr it’s an anatomical term) i’m talking about the point where the femur connects to the pelvis, which is higher up on the hips:

    It’s easier to see what I’m talking about in this photo of a man squatting: 

    So yeah if you use that measurement when using this technique you should get fairly realistically proportioned legs:

    But remember! messing with proportions is an important and fun part of character design! Know the rules first so you can then break them however you please!




    Licherally in the midst of drawing a guy and crying at how bad the arms are. Thanks Tumbles


    I only ever saw the part where people started drawing the limbs outrageously long and genuinely wanted to know how to fix that, so I’m really thankful to see the rest.


    Hello! I love zisashi angst and I have at least 70 fics to rec! ... Would you like me to recommend them? 👀 I've been colecting them for over a year now

    Hello! I love zisashi angst and I have at least 70 fics to rec! ... Would you like me to recommend them? 👀 I've been colecting them for over a year now

    So, this person did DM me the recs but they didn’t want to be mentioned by name, so I’ll just thank them a lot for sharing their suggestions. They had also placed sweet little notes for all of them, I’ll include them, but I hold no authority of them. I’ll add some of my own insight if I have any.

    Here is the list for me and all of you to check them out:

  • don't scream until the earth crumbles by rise_beyond_the_graveyard (serenlyall)
  • 3K/Oneshot-  [Their Note:  Angst for Hizashi and Shouta. Mentions of torture, be careful with the tags]

  • If At First You Don't Succeed... by MarziPanda95
  • 26K/Completed- !!! It Is completed! Yay, I’ll definitely read it at first chance. It is a Groundhog Day fic. [Their Note:  A personal favorite that was completed very recently. Mentions of torture (mental and corporal) the tension in this fic is amazing! And its really well written]

  • Without You I Can't Breathe by morbidcorvids
  • 2K/Oneshot- Major Character Death. Hizashi basically dies in Aizawa’s arms from what I saw.  [Their Note: This one is... So good but omg it made me so sad ;;;; a great piece of angst!! Mind the tags before breaking your heart].

  • Hindsight Is 20/20 by Nartothelar
  • 2K/Oneshot- Wait there’s fics of this AU!? Omg! I was wondering where I could get more insight about it and this fic is part of a series. Now tho 👀 [Their Note:  Part of nartothelar's awesome mafia au! I love the angst in this one, and even comes with art! 💕💞💖 love it so much]

  • Resignation by OnAir
  • 28K/Completed- [Their Note:  THIS IS OMG SJDVBDD MY FAVE, I'VE READ IT LIKE 8383737721 TIMES, its a must! Read! Of! Hizashi! Angst! Pleaaaase! Do yourself a favor and read this masterpiece]

    [More under Read More, because our provider was very generous with their suggestions]

  • Patchwork Family by bravobeavo
  • 3K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  This one is so cute! Hizashi angst with erasermic family fluff to warm your heart! Shinsou and Eri are so worried for their dad in this one ]

  • Consumption of the Heart and Lungs by YamiHeart
  • 4K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  I think you will like this one... Its a hanahaki!!!! And in japan with ninjas and samurais 💕💞💖 and an omg very good amazingly written hanahaki. It is part of a series though! So if you fall in love with it you can read the next one!]

  • White Chrysanthemums by LipstickVenom
  • 9K/Oneshot- I see Major Character Death warning and Hurt no Comfort. I’ll approach with caution [Their Note: Ok hear me out, this one hurts! A lot, but its oh so amazing💕 fully recommend it!]

  • Paper Hearts by Xen_The_Protogen
  • 2K/Oneshot- Major Character Death Warning [ Their Note: Super fun timeline to follow! Well... Not fun, this fic made me cry, but I loved how the story was told! Please, its a must read!]

  • Soul Bound by Ibelieveinahappilyeverafter
  • 7K/Oneshot- It is written by Andy. I trust it. [Their Note:  One of the best soulmate fanfiction out there, its not fully angst, but it is there in some parts! (USJ I see ya) this one is more like Hizashi and Shouta angst though].

  • you are my sunshine by chimera (emptyheadspace)
  • 5K/Completed- Ha. Ha. I see the title and the MCD Warning... Someone here is not afraid of that warning [Their Note:  I mean, the title already tells you that this sadder than mufasa's death. 5+1 type of fic (I love the format so I loved this one even more!)]

  • I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry by Tabs
  • 1K/Oneshot- It does say happy ending tho [Their Note: And yis.... Short and sad, read it!]

  • Shout & Mute by ill go with that then (Linelenagain)
  • 9K/Oneshot- Body swap, you have my curiosity and attention [Their Note:  Ok this one is not angst angst, but is more like Aizawa finally realizing the hardships that Hizashi must have (and is going through) because of his quirk thanks to a bodyswap! :D (love this one aye)]

  • A Gift of Sunshine by Ibelieveinahappilyeverafter
  • 35K/Completed- It’s Andy again! Hi sir, I’m a fan. The concept seems interesting [Their Note: Ok so... In this fic Hizashi is a sword and Aizawa attends UA with him (it? Lol) well, he is more like a soul in a sword, not the swor- meh, just read it. It has some heave angst in some chapters! And its not that long! Reallyyyy good fic]

  • More Than Just a Smile by ravyn_sinclair
  • 7K/Oneshot- -heavy breathing- I see BAMF Hizashi in the tags. BAMF HIZASHI! [Their Note:This is a fic of Hizashi being underestimated and showing everyone that he has some brains/ knows how to be a hero. There is angst by the end of the fic~ this piece of writing is just- a masterpiece. Kudos to the writer!]

  • Improbable Botany 101 by Tierfal 
  • 46K/Complete- [Their Note: OKAY! A HANAHAKI THAT IS JUST 💕💞💖 its longish? Not that much, you'll finish it in an hour or so, but is just sooooo gooooooood! Amazing hanahaki angst! I love how they show us the feelings and thoughts of the characters].

  • 6:15 by dadzawa_of_1a
  • 3K/Oneshot- [Their Note: So great! I loved this one! And its very well written! Its a quick read so please just go go go go!].

  • I thought we'd last forever byorphan_account
  • 1K/Oneshot- MCD Warning [Their Note: Great fic my dear! And very sad... Mind the tags :'"c]

  • Ice It by Say_Jay
  • 3K/Oneshot- Oh! I’ve read this one! It’s so cute. I was looking for it when I was doing the Hizashi whump list, but I hadn’t bookmarked it! Now I have! Gosh I hate losing fics, thanks for bringing it over [Their Note:  Its more like... Comfort after getting hurt? But meh, angst anyway sbdbjdbd However, I think that everyone in the erasermic fandom is familiar with this short masterpiece].

  • Dust in the Wind by d_lynx
  • Sleep and Sweet Tea by d_lynx
  • 2K/Series-  [Their Note: Ok this one is just pure angst. A very short concentrated bomb of angst. It does have a happy continuation though! So you can go and check that].

  • Guillotine by existentialrat
  • 4K/Ongoing- !!! 👀 Do I have anything to do with the origin of this fic? I see the author’s note there. I’ll wait~ [Their Note: Hizashi is with hanahaki! Ohnooo! Dnjdbdj well well, this one is not finished, but there is one chapter left so... You can choose to either wait or just start reading it. Oboro lives in this one though!]

  • Honest with You by astrange_one
  • 8K/Completed- [Their Note:  Hizashi gets insecure after having an encounter with his past foster parents :c babyyyyy. He suffers so much mentally speaking in this one]

  • Needle-thin Tightrope by Dramaticdragon
  • 2K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Another insecure Hizashi! This one is short but ohhh amazing!]

  • Lost and Found by TheWiseMansFear
  • 16K/Ongoing- Last Update: April 2020 [Their Note: Hizashi is tortured but refuses to tell why! Its not finished! And the updates are slow, but is very good, read under your own risk].

  • Day 3: Unexpected/Revelation by presentedmic
  • 2K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Great fic! Shouta tells Shinsou about the time he almost lost Hizashi! Cutecutecute and angsty!]

  • Desolate by maplebee
  • <1K/Oneshot- MCD [Their Note:  A short very angsty fic... Almost made me cry, this one did].

  • With You by maplebee
  • <1K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Short and sad as well, this author is great with making you feel stuff in less than 1k].

  • Accidentally Forever by Arkham_Cat
  • 1K/Oneshot- I skimmed through it, it seems mild with no Mature content [Their Note: Short Omegaverse, shows how Shouta accidentally marked Hizashi. Its angst? But not very heavy angst, soft angst? Dunno. And is short as well! So I would recommend it if u want a quick read!].

  • Sunshine Boy by MarziPanda95
  • 40K/Completed-  MarziPanda again! Hmmm 👀 [Their Note: We all know that Marzipanda95 is a goddess of Hizashi Angst, and this fic is one of her greatest masterpieces! Please! This is a must read!!! Recently completed].

  • Even As I'm Busted And Broken by Tippytap
  • <1K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Ok... Short but sad, Hizashi is finally overwhelmed. Mind the tags please]

  • (Don't Ever) Stop Talking by WritingStarsIntoConstellations
  • <1K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Aizawa messes up by using his quirk on Hizashi! They are teens in this one~]

  • Kintsugi (Broken & Fixed) by DarklingMoon
  • 12K/Completed- [Their Note: Another 5+1 cause god knows I love them so much! Its a great fic filled with angssttttttt... Read it lol]

  • Lemon Boy by modernmint
  • <1K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Short! Focuses on the phobia that Hizashi has with bugs and the relationship of the boys! They are teens in here].

  • Five Times Present Mic Apologized (And One Time He Didn't Have To) by BurningTheSapphires (MyStShSh)
  • 5K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Features villain present mic! Is not mostly angst but it has...] Good ending? I hope.

  • Sixty Seven by AcroArdent 
  • 1K/Oneshot- MCD [Their Note: This is just short erasermic angst. Featuring villain aizawa!]

  • Waiting For You to Call My Name by Purplemerald
  • 2K/Oneshot- [Their Note: I mean, you tell me "Hizashi angst" and I think of this fic, short, painful, a must read].

  • Snapshot by LipstickVenom
  • 5K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Insecure of his body image Hizashi :c ]

  • Five Stages of Grief by NeitherDeadnorAlive
  • 3K/Ongoing- I saw no MCD warning. [Their Note:  Hizashi is trapped with some civilians under loads of rubble! Rescate mission ensues! And huh... Its not finished, but its some great angst thooo]

  • Musical Vibrations by Rose_Cat
  • 1K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Hizashi gets deafened :c ]

  • Letting Go by Zombieisms
  • <1K/Oneshot- MCD [Their Note: Hizashi is comatose].

  • Dangerous byAutisticWriter
  • 1K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Little kid shinsou and hizashi bonding over their time at the orphanage].

  • One Last Time by CoolPandr
  • <1K/Oneshot- MCD [Their Note: Aizawa Mourning our sunshine boy :c short and painful]

  • You're Late! by AnotherWeirdoHere
  • <1K/Oneshot- MCD. I didn’t even read it but the title and the summary alone pained enough of a picture to make me choke. These concepts hit me for some reason [Their Note: Short angst! Super cute ending].

  • Too Loud and Too Much bydoctornemesis
  • 2K/Oneshot-  [Their Note:  Insecure teen hizashi :c someone give this boy a hug].

  • Just a Push bySay_Jay
  • 5K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Aizawa injures Hizashi while training!]

  • Everything I Wanted by toshiwoshi
  • 4K/Oneshot-  [Their Note: Hizashi gets misuranderstood and gets his heart broken :c happy ending tho]

  • Memories by My_Furnace_Has_Wings
  • 2K/Oneshot- MCD Omg... [Their Note: Ok this is erasermic family angst... Suuuuper sad, this author is great.]

  • Actions Speak Louder than Words by My_Furnace_Has_Wings
  • <1K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Teen erasermic confession with angst! Really good ^^]

  • Mr loverman by popweezle
  • 1K/Oneshot- Angst with a freaking Happy Ending tag. Finally I am getting super depressed with these scenarios I am reading here. Good God. [Their Note: Another comatose Hizashi~]

  • first love / late spring by pgsaihara
  • 1K/Oneshot-  [Their Note: Erasermic angst, insecure Aizawa makes Hizashi upset :c ]

  • Needle-thin Tightrope by Dramaticdragon
  • 2K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Another insecure about his volume hizashi :c poor baby but I kinda get him].

  • Small Hiding places by IsTheMedia
  • 2K/Oneshot- Part ofVillain!Mic [Their Note:  Part of villain Hizashi series! But can be read alone... Implied child abuse, mind the tags].

  • (dis)trust by Cat_Tac
  • 4K/Oneshot- TW: Sexual assault (doesn’t get far, but it is the basis of the plot). Mentioned this one in previous ask, but let’s put it in this huge pile too [Their Note:  MIND THE TAGS PLEASE, this can be triggering. Hizashi is assaulted at work and feels guilty].

  • Be grateful, hero bySaltywithSarcasm
  • 2K/Oneshot- [Their Note: Hizashi is kidnapped and tortured]

  • Tenacity by tiniest_hands_in_all_the_land
  • 23K/Oneshot- [Their Note:  Ok so... This is more Aizawa centric? But there is some amazing hizashi angst at the end! (Another 5+1 fic!)]

  • Déjà vu by douchegrayson
  • 9K/Completed- Mentioned this one before too. I really love its concept so much [Their Note: Everyone forgets hizashi thanks to a quirk! Our poor boy is desolated :c ]

  • Stay With Me byMintIceTea
  • 2K/Completed- [Their Note:  Erasermic angst and fluff!]

  • Engagement by fecklessphilanderer
  • 8K/Completed- [Their Note:  Hizashi falls off a building, fluffy ending!]

    Note: In all of these, make sure to read the tags please, in case there are any themes you’re uncomfortable with. I have not yet read most of these, so once more you’re gonna have to look out for yourselves. 🙏

    BL Tag

    Tagged by my favourite person @negrowhat

    1. your all time favorite bl and why?

    ahhh I am really and indecisive person so it's hard to pick favourites but it would be a toss up off UWMA, The Untamed (i know pls), Cherry Magic, Color Rush, Lovely Writer, Gaya Sa Pelikula. I think.

    2. that one bl that scarred you for life?

    UWMA because that opening caught me off guard and it's InKnorn's story that makes it hard for me to rewatch.

    MODC, Word of Honor...

    3. is there any bl that made you feel very single?

    UWMA (once again), Oxygen the Series and Cherry Magic. I wanna be with soft with somebody too :(

    4. if you could change one thing from a bl, which one would it be?

    The sexual assault that is not taken seriously in some dramas, too many use it as a plot point then gloss over it.

    The misogyny and the y-girls/fujioushi. Not because a story is about two men means that need to be represented negatively.

    5. that one bl you detest (don’t hold back) back:

    Fish Upon the Sky. ohmygosh I tried I really tried but this show is a mess. The cringe!

    Together With Me: The Next Chapter. I love maxtul but I hated where they took the plot.

    History 1: Obsessed. The name should give it away.

    6. your top five: (in no particular order)

    • Cherry Magic
    • UWMA
    • History 3: Trapped
    • Lovely Writer
    • ATOTS

    7. that trashy bl you lowkey like:

    Tharntype. the only time I will use the term toxic cute and no, I won't explain.

    My Engineer the series. Mess but ramking babies.

    8. your favorite korean bl (it’s important we know)

    Color Rush. Very interesting plot and world building would have enough for longer episodes.

    Mr Heart. This some cute shit and they are my babies.

    To My Star. I really need S. Korea to make longer BL dramas.

    9. season 2? which one?

    Both History 3. I need Tnagyi out of jail for Trapped and who cares about continuity for MODC because I don't.

    I would love a Color Rush s2 as well.

    10. a bunch of dramas will air soon. which ones are you the most excited for?

    Between Us, Bad Buddy. I am starting to think we imagined these.

    My Sweet Dear looks interesting!

    Currently airing ones I wanna watch: Peach of Time

    11. tag them!

    (if you want to) @omarandjohnny @yehyek-tunal @tauntedwaters @jezebelgoldstone @pink-akuma-watching-in-queer @waywuxian @thelastoftheredhotswamis


    These dudes are fucking legit.  They don’t just show up one day in court, either, they actually make friends with the kids and let them know they have a support system and that there are people in the world who care about them and will always have their back.  And less important, but also cool, is that the few times a couple of them have come into my cafe, they’ve been super friendly and polite and when I told one of the guys that I noticed his Bikers Against Child Abuse patch and wanted him to know how awesome I thought he was because of it, he got kind of shy and blushed and said, “The kids are the awesome ones, we just let them know they’re allowed to be brave.”


    The source is long, but so, so good. These men and women are available in 36 states, 24 hours a day to stand guard at home, in court, at school, even if the child has a nightmare. Many of them are survivors of childhood abuse as well, and know what it’s like to feel scared and alone.

    In court that day, the judge asked the boy, “Are you afraid?” No, the boy said.

    Pipes says the judge seemed surprised, and asked, “Why not?”

    The boy glanced at Pipes and the other bikers sitting in the front row, two more standing on each side of the courtroom door, and told the judge, “Because my friends are scarier than he is.”


    Actual tears.. hnngh


    Show me more of people like this, world. I give up on humans too easily.


    where do i sign up for this,i want to be in this gang


    This is fucking amazing. It may be out of character for me to say this but rock on


    Bikers Against Child Abuse was founded in 1995 by a Native American child psychologist whose ride name is Chief, when he came across a young boy who had been subjected to extreme abuse and was too afraid to leave his house. He called the boy to reach out to him, but the only thing that seemed to interest the child was Chief’s bike. Soon, some 20 bikers went to the boy’s neighborhood and were able to draw him out of his house for the first time in weeks.

    Chief’s thesis was that a child who has been abused by an adult can benefit psychologically from the presence of even more intimidating adults that they know are on their side. “When we tell a child they don’t have to be afraid, they believe us,” Arizona biker Pipes told azcentral.com. “When we tell them we will be there for them, they believe us.
    ( Article)

    More about BACA, from their site


    My parents are a part of this organization and they are metal af

    They go on runs to protect the child if they feel even the slightest threatened no matter where. If the child needs them to go on vacation with them, they do. Bikers come from across the nation to watch over and take shifts for these kids. And the best part is once you’re adopted into this family as a BACA kid, you’re always one. Even when you’re 40 and the perp gets released from jail, they’ll come meet with you and find your best options for avoiding the person and maintaining the life you’ve built for yourself. Once a BACA child, always a BACA child. In Florida, there’s 100% rate for identifying the perp based on the child’s testimony. Why? Because BACA stands with the child and supports the child so they feel comfortable enough to point out their attacker.

    What’s better than a badass biker gang being on your side???




    it’s back! I will always reblog BACA


    Damn good people.


    I know they wouldn’t consider themselves such, but these people are freaking heroes and the world is a better place because of them. 


    Hey folks, it talks about this in the article but its not mentioned in this post, BACA is a 501 © (3) charity that depends in part on donations to help pay for stuff like gas for their bikes. If you want to help, consider donating


    @copperbadge You like posting about heroes, Sam. Seems like this would be up your alley.


    I love these folks! I’ve reblogged them before but it’s wonderful to see the donation information has been added. 


    Always reblog. Keep doing what you’re doing y'all.


    Guys? This post changed my life. I saw this post. Forever ago. And thought it was only in america… and wished desperately that they could help me. But then I saw it again, during a bad episode, and checked their site. They aren’t just in the USA

    They’re in Canada as well and probably other countries. I met and talked with a native guy who runs the place near me. His name is Shaman. I got in, and I’m considered a BACA child now. Despite being 17, turning 18 when I talked to them. They spent time with me when my abuser was over, they gave me therapy resources. They give you something called a ‘level 1′ where they go to your house with as many bikers as they can, i shit you not a solid 20-40 bikers came from even out of province, and met me. I got to choose my biker name and I got a vest with patches on it and my name on it. They all hugged a Teddybear before giving it to me, and told me if I ever felt the BACA bear was running out of love, to give them a call and they’d refill it for me, and then I got a ride on one of their bikes. Just a day or so ago I went to an annual party with them and they we ate food one of them cooked and had a lot of laughs. 

    I’ve never felt as loved as I did being a part of the BACA family. They also gave me dog tags with the names, and phone numbers of my 2 workers.  So I can call them whenever I feel scared. 

    BACA is an absolutely wonderful group that will do everything in it’s power to help any child whos been abused. 

    And it doesn’t end when you’re 18 either. As long as you get in contact/get your level 1 before you’re 18? you’re ALWAYS a BACA kid. I’m 18 now and they still invite me to parties, ask me if I’m okay, and are there for me. They’re still trying to find me resources for therapy. 

    BACA has changed my fucking life. 

    I hope you all can read this, and reblog it knowing from someone who fucking been with them, that they are absolutely amazing. 


    If I ever don’t reblog this, it’s because I am physically being restrained against my will.


    Supporting your local hero’s.


    FUCKEN AMAZING what these Bikers do!!!! This is why I don’t give up on humanity…

    💞🖤💞 Carpe Diem 💞🖤💞


    Links the International BACA Chapters:

    United States













    New Zealand



    United Kingdom


    B.A.C.A’s Byline: “Keepers of the Children.”

    B.A.C.A.’s Motto: “No child deserves to live in fear.”

    Not all heroes wear capes, some wear biker vests.


    Had seen this before, but never realised that this is on an international level - there’s even a contact address close to where I live (in Germany), very cool (though hoping the only use I’ll ever have to make of it is for donations) ❤


    OK BUT YES VESEMIR IS DADDY. Not even gonna lie I ship him with Jaskier so much! Especially the idea of Jaskier being Fae and having met young Ves on the path and they end up getting together off and on. But Jaskier thinks he’s been lost in the sacking. So it’s a …surprise when Geralt finally brings him to the keep and he finds a familiar face. also I just ship him with older!Ves because the bard has a thing for older men and Vesemir needs love too

    this ended up being with established!geraskier, oooops.


    It’s so so perfect I love it. I feel like Jaskier would have made sure when they got together Geralt understood he couldn’t be exclusive. So by extension I see him shouting (cause he knows Geralt can hear him through out the keep)

    Jaskier: Darling is it ok if I fuck Vesemir?

    Geralt: *Appearing at the doorway not bothered at all*


    I always get so excited to see your work! Thank you for sharing it!! Especially Vesemir! I love that old wolf so much I want to give him all the hugs please he deserves them! TTuTT

    You’re so nice that he decided to cook an omelette for you


    ( thank you!! ;_______; )


    I am weeping for joy. I love him so muuuuuch 😭😭 also to have one of my favorite Witcher artists not only respond to one of my asks but with their amazing art too!!!

    less cringy NSFW/intimacy memes

    ACTIONS: (add + to reverse who does the action)

    ✦ to finger my muse 
    ✧ to give my muse oral 
    ☆ to get caught doing something sexual in public
    ✻ to catch my muse masturbating 
    ✸ for a drabble about my muse having a sex dream about yours
    ❆ to tease my muse 
    ❁ for our muses first time 
    ✶ for something awkward to happen during sex
    ♢ for something to make our muses laugh during sex 
    ♤ for my muse to help yours undress 
    ☽ for my muse to have trouble taking off an article of clothing 
    ♧ to guide my muse’s hands where yours wants to be touched 
    ♜ for my muse to kiss an area where yours is insecure 
    ♞ my muse gets a cramp during sex
    ♦ my muse sneezes during sex
    ♟ my muse says the wrong name during sex
    ✪ for our muses to be intimate in nature
    © for morning sex 
    ✘ to
    eat food off of my muse 
    ♕ make your own scenario 


    “god, you look so good” 
    “i got you, baby” 
    “you’re being so good for me” 
    “i promise i’ll be a good” 
     “you have to be quiet if you want to cum” 
    “say please?” 
    “are you gonna be good for me?” 
    “shit— i have to pee”
    “wait, that hurts”
    “not there”
    “that feels so good” 
    “touch me here” 
    “did you just yawn?” 
    “you make me feel so good” 
    “do you like this?” 
    “i want to hear you when you cum” 
    “i’m so close” 
    “i need you” 
    “how much do you want to cum?”
    “turn around”
    “your fingers feel amazing”
    “i’m yours” 
    re mine”
    “tell me you’re mine” 
    “you sound so pretty when you moan” 
    “is this okay?”
    “say it again”
    “i love you”

    Hey my dudes! I have made a kings man rp server on Discord! It’s 18+ as there will be NSFW content! So if anyone on interested come join us!




    “Uh, yeah? I grew up with them, and what the fuck do you mean do I know Richie? I am Richie! Richie Trashmouth Tozier the one and only man, accept no substitutes!” He squinted at the license the man showed him before sniffing lightly. “Whatever dude, you might have a super old and expired licences with the same name, but you’re not Eds. I’d know my Spaghetti man blind folded and in a box alright?” He suddenly remembered they were standing in the middle of a park with a psycho killer clown on the loose. Pushing away from the tree he jammed his hands into his jacket pocket. “Whatever and whoever the fuck you are, if you know about Pennywise..all that shit, if Mike call your ass then you know we can’t fucking stay here. Come on. We gotta get back to the town house.”

    That can’t be right. Even if this guy was loud, obnoxious and sprouting his nicknames, this wasn’t Richie Tozier. Whatever was going on, neither of them believed the other, it seemed and Eddie took a step back shaking his head. This had to be a hallucination, strange and messing with his head like Pennywise always did. He expected the Leper to show up, twisting out of this man’s features. “I’m not going with you,” he said forcefully — rather, what he hoped sounded forceful and not the terror he felt. “I don’t know you, you’re not Richie, if you were, you’d know it’s me! You’d know because you use to pinch my cheeks, mess up my hair and call me those stupid nicknames! Not someone else, me!”


    “Dude, ok, one, I fucking am, you wanna see my id or some shit? Also, I have fucking known Eddie since the fourth grade, and he’s the only one I call those names to! Anyway it doesn’t matter! We gotta go find Mike and the others. I mean unless you really wanna hang around for that fucking clown to come back and ask to play a goddamn game with you too.” He shot back, scrubbing a hand over his mouth once more before he was heading back across the green. “No matter who you are or aren’t, sticking around to get picked off by that fucker is not a good call.”