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    Tag yourself: Modern monsters.

    Vampire: Black leather jackets and sunglasses, night owl, blood-red lipstick and black eye shadow, deep kisses, mysterious,  is a picky eater, intelligent and witty, buys old stuff for “the aesthetic”, wants to see the world, is a wine-person, can do a perfect snarl, eye-rolls at stupid people.

    Werewolf: Long and colourfull nails, loves puppies, eat a lot of meat, playful, is athletic, protec and attac, can’t do math, is sweet and lovable, hoodies and running shoes,  loves to cuttle, always knows when the next full moon is.

    Siren: Coloured hair, wears skirts and dresses, swims at night, shiny highlighter, doesn’t wear shoes, seduces people with her songs, eyes as deep as the ocean, shallow kisses, laughs at her own jokes, sings in the shower, likes the stars, collect crystals and seashells.

    Zombie: Wears statement t-shirts, mixes food together, can’t do sports to save her life, knows all the memes, a fangirl TM, would lose her head if it weren’t attached to her body, pillow-forts and blankets, is very lazy.

    Witch: Wears all black, magical symbols as tattoos, carries her potions in water-bottles, her house is full of plants, has a pet bird, loves the outdoors, grows her own greens, vegetarian, wears hats, scientific, cat-person.

    Ghost: Is shy, cold colours, clothes that flow in the wind, sensitive, cries a lot, mostly stays at home, owns an ouija-board, want everyone to get along, pale, soft lipgloss, is always freezing, walks lightly, doodles on everything, stares through people, remember embarrassing things too often.

    Bad parenting includes:

    -Physically harming your child for any reason. No, it doesn’t work the way you think it does. No, your child doesn’t deserve it. You’re just an immature sadist who doesn’t know anything about conflict resolution and you certainly don’t know anything about having/raising another human being. Physical abuse encompasses hitting, shoving soap or vinegar down their throat, rough grabbing, etc. Instead of acting like a toddler, try talking to your kid.

    -Punishing your child for not doing their homework. The modern education system’s stupidly unfair for a majority of people, especially compared to how it was decades ago. Plus there are several reasons for why your child isn’t doing well in school that doesn’t relate to them being lazy. They could be getting bullied. They could have one or several undiagnosed mental or physical illnesses. You might be an abusive parent which makes your child unable to focus on anything but escaping reality ‘cause you’ve made your household a stressful environment. Instead of jumping to conclusions about your child’s own shortcomings, try having an open dialogue with them like a responsible parent.

    -Taking your child’s internet-accessing electronics as a punishment for disobedience/failure to conform to your or society’s expectations. You know what doesn’t help a person succeed in life? Depriving them of a means of escapism, communicating with others, obtaining unlimited information, and working on personal projects/projects that are vital to their career path. Most people need the internet to function in the modern world, and you have no idea how helpful internet access/access to technology is for those with mental health problems. Instead of tackling a possible symptom of a problem, tackle its source.

    -Taking away your child’s privacy “for their own good/protection.” You don’t actually care about the physical and mental well-being of your child when you go through their devices, take away their locks/doors/curtains, read their diaries, and monitor their activity obsessively. You only make your child more distrustful of you and more unsafe in their own home. If you actually cared about your child, you’d give them space. If they want to talk about something that’s bugging them, they’ll come to you.

    -Depriving your child of sleep and getting mad at them when they don’t perform well in their daily life. It doesn’t matter that they have to get up early for school. Teenagers’ circadian rhythms/melatonin levels aren’t the same as adults, and even if that weren’t the case, it’s COMMON SENSE that a full night of sleep is vital for your health. Either a) be understanding towards your child’s irritability and ineptitude at school/work/whatever, or b) work around their obligations and let them get uninterrupted sleep. Societal responsibilities are NOT more important than your child’s well-being.

    -Blaming your child for their mental disabilities, depriving them of means to control their mental disabilities/not accommodating their special needs, or claiming they’re pretending/exaggerating. You have no right to say your child’s thoughts and feelings are invalid based on your own narrow-minded assumptions about reality and the human body. Do research before forcing your unfounded beliefs on your child, or even better, actually listen to your kid when they say they have a problem. And don’t give them your half-assed presumptuous diagnosis, especially if said diagnosis makes claims about your child being egocentric/a psychopath.

    -Telling your child they can’t pursue their dreams because their dreams are apparently not as financially secure as more traditional jobs. You can’t expect every person on earth to be satisfied with an exhausting/creatively uninspiring/9 to 5 job. If you weren’t prepared to take care of your kid financially/offer emotional support during a time in which they’re pursuing their dream jobs, then why did you have kids in the first place? You don’t know the best career path for them, THEY do. Saying no to ambitions you deem “impossible to reach” or “unwise” just means that when your child is old and on their deathbed, they’ll have infinitely more regrets about not doing the things they really wanted than if they’d done what they loved decades ago. Money is a stupid human construct and while it’s necessary for survival, having an independent, large income ISN’T (this assumes you have enough resources to care for your child, which you SHOULD already have.)

    -Telling your child their negative feelings towards you are unfounded. You’re not a god, and if you claim to be anything close to infallible, then you’re a narcissist. Listen to your child’s criticisms. Be open to change. You don’t know everything just 'cause you’re their parent/an adult.

    -Purposely having multiple individual kids when you can’t financially/emotionally support each and every one of them. (Not that this needs to be said, but I’m not referring to having multiple kids in one birth, I’m referring to many, purposeful births). You’re not allowed to just have as many kids as you want without thinking about the long-term consequences. These are actual human beings you’re choosing to care for, each with their own wants and needs. If you create an environment where there’s not enough money/food/space for every member of your family, then reconsider having kids. (Of course it’s a different matter if the lack of finances is unplanned.) It doesn’t matter that society pressures you into it. It’s still your choice. (in the words of adults everywhere, “if your friends told you to jump off a cliff, would you?”)

    -Forcing your religion onto your child when they disagree with it. Your view on spirituality isn’t special; your beliefs are one of several in existence, and trying to indoctrinate your child into believing the same things as you either won’t work or will create a toxic belief founded on fear of judgment/punishment instead of something genuine.

    -Convincing your child that you’re the only one who actually cares about them and that they wouldn’t survive in the outside world without you. I don’t know if you understand the concept of friendship, romance, or just basic human sympathy, but I guarantee you’re not the only person who’d care about your child. Blood relatives are drops in an ocean of billions of humans, humans ranging from strangers who can provide helpful services to friends who would probably be willing to lend money/housing/etc if the people they cared about needed it. If you’ve somehow convinced yourself you’re the only person in the world who’ll be there for your kid when they need help, then you’re probably not.

    -Mocking your child’s appearance (too fat, too skinny, etc). Teenagers are already struggling with body image issues and the last thing they need is for their parents to point out flaws. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t mean anything when you made your comments, it still makes an impression, and even if you do mean it, your subjective perception isn’t objective truth.

    -Threatening to kick your child out. YOU chose to have a kid. YOU chose to take full responsibility of their physical and mental health. You have absolutely no right to threaten them with homelessness just 'cause they’re different/disobedient. If you can’t recognize that, then you’re unfit to be a parent. Either try to fix the situation without forcing your own child out of their home, or get professional help to manage it.

    In short:

    -You don’t know how to care for your child just 'cause you created them.

    -You don’t know how to care for your child just 'cause you’re older.

    -You’re a flawed human being like everyone else, and odds are your (older) child knows more about what they need to live a happy, fulfilling life than you do.

    -Good intentions don’t make you a good parent. Good actions do.

    -No one asked to be born. Children don’t owe you affection/obedience for bringing them into this world.

    -Empathizing with your child/appealing to their empathy and capacity to learn is the best form of parenting.

    ~Sincerely, a victim of parental abuse.

    Seriously, patrol officers carrying rifles is indefensible.

    Like, even if you don’t want to eradicate, defund, or disarm the police there is no fucking excuse for a city police officer to have firearms that are used either for distance killing or suppressive fire.

    I *suppose* you can make the argument that in police standoffs there’s a reasonable use for snipers but does anyone have any actual examples of police in a standoff using sinper fire to kill a hostage taker in a way that didn’t kill a bunch of hostages? Like? How often does that happen?

    Often enough to justify millions of dollars to equip police officers with rifles of any variety?

    No. Fuck that.

    I mean, look, a lot of people look at the North Hollywood Shootout and go “oh god, we have to better arm the police to respond to situations like this” and I’m looking at it and going “Armed bankrobbers didn’t shoot people until police arrived on the scene and began firing at them and their bag of money full of dyepacks from an insured bank” and somehow I don’t think the 800ish rounds the cops fired in that shootout would have been LESS dangerous to civilians if they were rifle rounds instead of .38 handgun rounds.

    But the LAPD got 600 M16s because of that and AR-15s are now part of their standard carry.

    Check out this article and video about the LAPD qualifying course in 2012. What’s the longest distance on that course?

    Twelve fucking yards.

    That’s how good cops have to be. Fire twelve yards with a handgun once a year, MAYBE, and there’s more emphasis on speed and reloading than accuracy.

    Everyone I know who’s ever worked at a range where cops shoot says the same thing: they’re terrible fucking shooters.

    These people shouldn’t be armed *AT ALL* but there is zero reason that a beat cop needs a gun that has an effective range of a third of a fucking mile. A beat cop shouldn’t be aiming his gun at a person a third of a mile away, a beat cop shouldn’t be aiming his gun at a person a hundred yards away, a beat cop shouldn’t be aiming his gun at a person fifteen yards away because a beat cop only has to train effectively to shoot someone twelve yards away and can barely be trusted to do that within the department requirements.

    Any of the shit you see like the UPS driver who got shot or Michael Brown or the standoff at the Trader Joe’s - every average joe cop who’s got his gun out over the hood of his cruiser and pointed at something forty feet away might as well have his dick in his hands because he’s qualified to shoot exactly the distance of three fucking parking spaces and not a fucking foot more.


    My stance on the whole thing is, of course, abolish the police because I think the whole fucking system is broken beyond repair and needs to be reconsidered from the ground up.

    But if you’re not there can you AT LEAST agree that people who are only required to learn to shoot the width of an average suburban garage maybe shouldn’t be trying to shoot the length of a fucking football field?

    Everyone I’ve ever met who’s either worked at or been a regular at a range where cops shoot has said the same thing: they’re shockingly bad shooters and they’re fucking cocky about it.

    Working at the gun store it was a fucking *constant* thing the gun sales side would bitch about because at least three times a week we’d have an off-duty cop come in, ask to see a gun, not clear it when it got handed to him, and *immediately* either sweep the store or point it directly at another person in the store.

    Part of my job as a cashier there was clearing guns that came in. So you could bring a gun into the store but it couldn’t be loaded and it had to get checked before you took it into the back.

    MOST people kept their guns unloaded because it was LA county and it’s basically impossible to legally carry a loaded firearm there. ONCE I pulled back the slide on a regular dude’s gun and it ejected a round because he’d kept a round chambered and my manager yelled at him to basically never come back after that.

    Off duty cops? Never gave a shit. Full magazines, round in the chamber, safety off. IF they were willing to let you clear their guns they always had them hot and ready to fire in the fucking case.

    “I'm safe.

    “I hope everyone is okay.

    “The Portland Police lost control tonight.

    “The only reason I made it home safely tonight is because my community had my back.

    “The Police declared a public disturbance right as we arrived, before anything could even be disturbed, and they attacked us minutes later.

    “In spite of a national moratorium and a restraining order, the police used tear gas on a crowd that included children, in the neighborhood filled with families, families who were on their porches supporting the people.

    “Police targeted streamers and journalists who were documenting their crimes, brutalizing them while screaming "stop resisting" to people who were laying on the ground with their arms covering their heads.

    “Police shot impact munitions and pepper bullets at people who were doing nothing but standing on a sidewalk or in the blocked off road, deliberately shooting people in the face, neck, and groin.

    “Police deliberately hit people in the head with batons and trampled over those who were doing nothing but peacefully sitting in protest of police brutality.

    “Tonight, the Portland Police broke the national moratorium on the use of teargas in non-life-threatening situations.

    “Tonight, the Portland Police disregarded the local court order banning the use of teargas in non life-threatening situations.

    “Tonight, the Portland Police broke their contract with this city and they need to be held accountable.

    “The Portland Police ignored the Constitution of the United States and stole our first amendment right to assemble.

    “If the police are the ones who are breaking the law - ignoring our protections under the Constitution, ignoring a national moratorium on teargas, ignoring a direct order from a judge - if the police are the criminals, and if the mayor supports their criminal activities, what recourse do the people have?

    “If the police can break any law whenever they want, without consequence, if they can target journalists, if they can brutalize peaceful protesters, if they can gas an entire neighborhood filled with families, if they are exempt from acknowledging the protections of the Constitution of the United States - and there is literally nothing we can do about it because City Hall said so in the contract they signed with these pigs, then it is the DUTY of the mayor and City Hall to end this contract that endangers the entire city.

    “It is a contract that allows the police to do anything they want to anyone in Portland for any reason that they see fit, and have zero consequences for it.

    “This is the contract that the mayor signed with these animals.

    “I want to file a lawsuit. I want to take every possible peaceful step to find recourse. I want to believe that there is a legal way to get justice. Because if we cannot find recourse politically, peacefully, then it confirms that we don't live in a free country. If we don't live in free country, then we live under tyranny. If we live under tyranny, then it is our duty - to ourselves, to our children, and to future generations - to fight for our liberation by any means necessary. And believe it or not, that is the last thing I want.”

    - from a Facebook post dated July 1, 2020 (name redacted due to ongoing police retaliation issues)

    Police are beating and arresting journalists and protesters nightly in our city. It's bad.

    With Mayor Durkan’s new executive order, SPD is destroying the CapHill Autonomous Zone (alternatively known as the No-Cop Co-Op, CHAZ, and CHOP). Clearing and making arrests of protesters and houseless, and destroying all tents, tables, supply areas, etc.

    Some reports of Seattle city employees stealing personal property because “everything in CHOP is trash”.

    Should be noted none of the 36 demands of the protesters were met.

    Also reports that business owners, workers, and residents are being threatened by the police, demanding IDs to prove they live there (a concept right-wingers were super upset about when they falsely claimed protesters were doing to people coming in and out of CHOP).

    The police violence started this morning and is still ongoing. My information has been gathered mostly through protest comms on twitter. If you have additional details from those on the ground, please add.

    fae breakdown~ faeries:

    The term Faerie is derived from “Fé erie”, meaning the enchantment of the Fées, while Fé is derived from Fay, which is itself derived from Fatae, or the Fates. In Ireland, the Faeries are called the Aes Sídhe (singular Aes Sídh). Sídhe happens to be the name for the earthen mounds and hills that dot the Irish landscape. Irish mythology, legendry, and folklore claim the Faeries live under these mounds, so the term “sídhe” has come to mean Faerie in general, but it more properly refers to the palaces, courts, halls, and residences of the Faeries. However they are known by a wide variety of euphemisms, including “the Fair Folk”, “the Good Neighbors”, “the Little Folk”, “the Little Darlings”, and “the People of Peace”. This is done for two reasons. The first is to avoid attracting their attention and the second is to avoid insulting them. Faeries can be found anywhere. Mounds, caves, and other underground areas; the sea and large lakes; off-shore islands; above the clouds; and even the air itself. The gentry and the rustics can inhabit under ground or under water, but mostly they tend to inhabit the wilderness just beyond human towns and villages, such as woods, fields, hedgerows, glens, mountains, and rocky clefts. Others inhabit human funerary monuments such as dolmen and tumuli, or rings of standing stones, or mushroom rings.

    Powers: Luck, good or bad, is heavily influenced by faeries who can pass good or bad fortune on those who encounter them.

    The power of illusion is a hallmark of faerie magic. Whether it’s disguising themselves from humans, or altering the appearance of familiar terrain to cause confusion.

    Shape shifting is common, most likely into woodland creatures or changing their size.


    Cockiness, selfishness, lack of manners, and infringing on privacy. Fae are private creatures, never chase or attempt to sneak on them. Avoid becoming indebted to faeries- or any fae by that measure. Iron things. Especially scissors left out in plain view. Pins, knives, anything made of iron will frighten them, sometimes. Clutter, disorder, stacks of things that haven’t been sorted, and so on Bells. I know that some faeries like bells, but they are their own bells. If your cat wears a bell, or you have a very rude alarm clock, or something like that, the noise may drive away the faeries. Water. Many “psychic” experiences are attributed to a deep, hidden stream under a building. Some faeries are the opposite: They don’t like to cross a stream, hidden or visible. (Then again, we have plenty of faeries who live in or near the water, so this isn’t a firm rule.) Looking them in the eye.

    To Lure/Please Faeries:

    Tidiness, order, and cleanliness, especially in the kitchen Bread and cake – little bits set out in the evening Something that clearly invites them. The faerie door is a good example. Milk or water, set out in the evening, perhaps in a nice thimble (but not one made of iron or steel) Glittery and shiny things – small bells, marbles, jewelry (no iron or steel) Music – light, happy music, even singing in the shower can help Low lighting – they are most often seen at dusk and dawn, but a small candle (electric is okay) can guide them to your home

    Common Misbeliefs: not all faeries are kind and forgiving, faeries are mischievous spirits above all and will not hesitate to steal your first born if you cross them. they are not butterfly winged tiny women. faeries come in a range of sizes, shapes, and types. mostly categorized by the terrain they inhabit (ex: water faerie, forest faerie, etc.)

    How to tell if you or someone you know is a changeling

    What is a changeling?

    A changeling, changelin, chanjon is a fae that has been placed in a human family by the fae parents in stead of a human child born recently in that family. It is unsure why fae do this. If it’s out of curiosity for humans, or if they want to strenghten the bond between world, fae might keep the human child and raise it as their own. If it’s out of malice however, there is no knowing what could have happened to the child. Slavery, death, or cruel entertainment are the most awful possibilities. 

    They might not be a child at the time of the change (some say they lived for at least 9 years in the fae realm before) but as they take the place of the human baby they will transform into a child-like body. They age as one, and as they grow they will slowly forget their time as faeries and believe they really are humans. But minor details can help to identify them. In the old days, people resorted to awful actions to get their children back, often leading to the death of the changeling. I don’t think any parent ever got their human child back, sadly. 

    Times have changed. In most countries, you do not leave a child under a tree at night if you suspect he might be a fae. Mostly because we don’t remember about the fae realm. So they grow up amongst us now, and they probably know nothing of their heritage. 

    How do you recognize a changeling?

  • They have features similar to their birth parents: face, expressions, voice… But their bodies are unusually proportioned for their family: thinner or larger, taller or shorter, longer limbs, bigger heads of feet… Sometimes it is the hair or eye color too. When you put them next to their parents, you will notice an extreme physical difference in some way or another. This is better to assess after puberty has passed though
  • Where did they grow up? Families settled near a forest or abandoned buildings, bridges, caves, anywhere the local fae might dwell, are at higher chance of having had a change in the cradle. 
  • Growing up, they have difficulty fitting in. I know, most of us do. But they never fail to do everything wrong in the social book yet humans are fascinated by them. We fear them or are beguiled by them. Even if they are not the extrovert and charismatic type. In fact, it is even more noticeable if they’re not and still have our constant attention. 
  • Watch how they interact with nature surrounding them. Even if it’s not much, a rock covered in moss, a trickle of water. They are drawn to it. Listen closely. You might hear whispers or laughs of the fae watching.
  • They sometimes live their whole human life in the same area they were raised in, know a lot about the local folklore, and have an overall fascination for anything mystical. 
  • So i/someone i know might be a changeling. What do i do?

    Well, in my opinion it is neither a curse nor a blessing to be a changeling. It merely explains aspects of them that have been mysterious until now. Maybe be aware that the moral code of fae is chaotic at best and that those people should pay great attention to this. There is a small but existing chance for them to be extremely wicked. Remember that in the human world, human morals should be applied, they’re a bit confusing but still less than faerie ones!

    So here you go! Feel free to add more accurate info if you have any, i am not a folk-lore scholar in any way, just someone with an experience i felt i had to share.


    *slides you a bundle of hand painted rocks and old pennies* please tell me more about Fae culture, their fashions, their idioms and sayings. What are the differences between the courts? What are some overarching aspects- how much changed between Virgil and Durants reign and what didn’t? Why?

    this is gonna get long, and the worst part is its only gonna be one part of this question because i have so many fae idioms i haven’t had a chance to use yet and im making up new ones all the time so im absolutely going to dump them on you - feel free to resend the other questions

  • <>I have cats to chase - common among goblins and unseelie sprites, essentially a very dismissive “i have better things to do”
  • <>the moon is full and the wits are waning - its the full moon, commence shenanigans
  • <>a good tree is also a good shelter - good things are better when they have many uses. particular to Seelie, especially nymphs. 
  • <>A lot of noise, but where are the acorns?- all talk and no action. also particular to seelie
  • <>like singing to the echos - talking to an audience that doesnt understand you or just doesnt care
  • <>A
    good tongue is the best weapon – the power of a well-spoken word
    can not be underestimated. 
  • <>To
    use footstools as tables – to be stoic when you are being made fun of. particular to small folk (dwarves, gnomes, etc) and sprites - a bit of a tongue in cheek joke about how revels and other such events are usually not designed with people their size in mind
  • <>go pick flowers- leave me alone. used by both Unseelie and Seelie, but is usually noticably more scathing coming from an Autumn or a Winter
  • <>did a squirrel nest in your ear? - you have no ear for music
  • <>do you always solve puzzles with fire? - are you always this brutish/unsubtle?
  • <>just walked out of the [dark/light] and air - fae version of “born yesterday”
  • <>A weasel is a weasel, but so is the ermine - valuable things can come from unexpected places
  • <>To have root rot - to be a coward. particular to Seelie.
  • <>Sending a hunt after mice - to waste a lot of effort and resources on something and get little in return. particular to gentry
  • <>only good to sharpen knives - a person who is a waste of space. as you may guess, very particular to Unseelie
  • <>Do you like cream? - a rebuttal when someone asks a very obvious question
  • <>Counting stars- staring excessively at your sweetheart.
  • <>Trying to sell honey to the bees - trying to deceive someone on a subject at which they are an expert
  • <>Video shows Maryland cops REPEATEDLY pepper spray 15-year-old honor roll student.

    <>5 ft 105 lbs girl, whose name has not been officially released yet, was <>brutalized by Hagerstown police after she on her bike was hit by a car, but refused medical assistance. 

    Her family’s attorney says that when police arrived, they grabbed the little girl, lifted her hands above her head and slammed her face into a wall.

    They slammed her against a wall, arrested her for refusing treatment, maced her 4 times in the police car while handcuffed, and took her to the police station instead of the hospital.”

    She was put in the car, which is when a bystander began filming the incident. The video shows the 15-year-old with her hands handcuffed behind her back kicking at the police car door and later a cop is heard saying:<> “Put your feet in, or you’re going to get sprayed!” Officer proceeds to pepper spray her a few times. 

    <>The girl can be heard screaming: “I can’t breathe!”

    The girl was only taken to hospital when she was released to her parents. 

    Three hours after being pepper sprayed she was finally able to wash her eyes.

    <>She is now charged with disorderly conduct, two counts of second-degree assault, possession of marijuana and failure to obey a traffic device.

    <>#BlackLivesMatter    #StopPoliceViolence



    this is where I live and there’s nothing on the news about it


    This is torture. They tortured her for fucking fun.

    just keep in mind they took Dylan Roof into custody wearing a bullet proof vest to protect him from anyone that may try to kill him THEN they bought him Burger King to eat after the arrest. 

    But this is how they treat an innocent child.