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2022-01-22 21:57:11

    To anyone who’s thinking this way


    alternate take on “But I did everything right!”- people who say that are not moralizing.  They’re lamenting.  

    They denied themselves things they wanted to do, like going out or not wearing a hot, uncomfortable mask, or not seeing the people they love for important events- including funerals. And now they are sick.  They gave up the things they wanted and they’re still sick and they’re exhausted by all of it.

    anytime we try our best it is crushing to still fail because of what feels like the whim of the universe or worse, someone else not being careful.  It’s okay to be angry about it.  


    At the end of character creation, have every player roll a d100 for “plot reasons”. When the game begins, reveal that the result is how many miles in the air the characters start the campaign at.


    I have been informed that the edge of space is 50-62 miles off the ground, depending on which measurement you use. In light of this new information, I will not be amending the post in any way.