Welcome to my page. I am a strong female, a sapiosexual, a Lover of music, animals, kindness, beauty, fun, the ocean, the skies, doing the right thing, chocolate and love. Please do not send me pictures of your penis. I already have a good man. I will block empty blogs. I am here to discover, inspire, learn and post. I want to laugh as much as possible in my life. Music is everything to me. My blog consists of things on this big, blue marble that resonate with me. Things I find beautiful, erotic, heartwarming, lustful, relaxing, sweet, sassy, sensual, sexy, interesting, provocative, unusual, fun and funny. I'm an Incurable Romantic. That will never change. Intelligence and a good, warm heart turns me on. I believe every living creature deserves to feel loved. You are loved. I begin with loving myself. Although a work in progress, I am grateful every day to have the chance to tweak myself, evolve and improve. Enjoy the wild ride that is your life! We don't know how long we'll be here or when we'll be back! πŸ˜‰ We've got this! RAWR as loudly as you can, every day, just because you can. Take your time here and enjoy. Now go misbehave! xoxo

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