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    This is where we will go!!

    Long Controversial Rant/Educational

    So today I checked my messages and was invited to join an Anti-Circumcision group; The group was made because there is a pro-circ group on Fet as well, and given my curious nature I just had to check it out for myself.

    I really shouldn’t have, but I did, and I was deeply saddened and angry at what I was reading. Below are a few of the posts, user names have been removed because I’m feeling nice.

    “What would a circmom say to a badmom?”

    A bad mom, of course, being a mom that doesn’t have her boys’ foreskin removed. I hope that you shame them mercilessly. I hope you ask them why they want their sons to have dirty nasty pricks. I hope you ask them why they want to have to constantly inspect their boys’ dingalings for hygiene.

    “All of my boys are circumcised”

    It is a requirement that all my boys be circumcised. You will not be accepted in my “family” if you are not circumcised. Simple. I do have other requirements but that is an absolute. Be cut or get cut out.

    My wife and I watch several videos of circumcisions, really makes us both excited to see the foreskin being removed. We feel all babies and also men should be circumcised. But that is our opinion.

    You mean here not hear.

    Anyway, yes, I have watched circumcisions before. One of my adult sons underwent the procedure. It is a little more complicated when you are an adult than a baby but he did fine. It wasn’t anything special for me except to know that he was within the requirements to be a son of mine. All of my sons are circumcised. Those that are not, are not allowed to show their little male clitty. It can never, ever be exposed.

    Not a single person in this group mentioned any medical reason for why they did it, other than because of their own sexual preferences. I’m all for whatever fetishes people have, but by no means should you be extending your fetishes or sexual preferences onto an unwilling participant, in this case a baby, who is not able to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision for itself. The sheer (willful) ignorance of these people is appalling, I also find the fact that some people got “excited” while watching a baby boys genitals being cut up, or that one woman won’t accept her sons if their genitals are not sexually appealing to her absolutely sickening.   Why should parents be making decisions that could be potentially devastating to their childs sexual experiences later in life? If you wouldn’t mutilate your daughters sexual organs, why would you do it to your son?

    Now for some facts:

    - Circumcision is the US was recommended to stop boys from masturbating, it was uncommon here until the late 1800’s.

    - During the Victorian era doctors also justified female circumcision for the same reason.

    - Female circumcision is now known as FGM or female genital mutilation and was only made a crime against federal law in the US in 1997, there are still 26 states where it is not a crime.

    - There are no laws in the US to protect males from genital mutilation.

    - The American Association of Pediatrics no longer advocates or recommends circumcision.

    - There are 20,000 - 70,000 nerve endings in the foreskin.

    - every year in the US more than 100 baby boys die because of circumcision, either during the procedure or after due to complications/infection.

    - Circumcision affects women as well, by causing vaginal pain (dyspareunia), dryness during intercourse, and difficulty achieving orgasm.

    - Removing the foreskin leaves the head exposed causing it to become desensitized, not to mention the head isn’t even the most sensitive part to begin with. You can read up on a study here:

    - Circumcision has been linked to erectile dysfunction, does not decrease the risk of HIV or other STDs, can decrease penile sensitivity by up to 75%, can cause painful and/or crooked erections.

    - The foreskin is not “dirty” and it provides it’s own form of lubrication which makes sex more pleasurable for both partners.

    For more info, and there is a lot more, here are some links to info: (site provides sources)

    There is a plethora of information on this subject, from the functions and benefits of it, risks, what happens to your babies foreskin after, cost, etc.

    A love letter to your uncircumcised dick

    Dear boyfriend,

    I love your dick.

    I'm using a throwaway account even though I have a throwaway account already, because you know about my real throwaway account, and I don't want you to think I'm some dick-obsessed psycho. I feel like if you read this, you'd know it was me, but you probably won't ask me, because saying, “Hey, did you write a post on Reddit about how much you love my dick?” is a weird thing to ask someone, so I think I'm in the clear. But anyway, I really need to write this. So, new throwaway, here goes.

    I love your dick.

    I love giving you blowjobs.

    I love having sex with you.

    I love the way your dick looks when it's hard.

    And I also love the way it looks when it's flaccid, because guess what?

    I love your foreskin.

    Honestly, I do. Your dick is my favourite one I've ever had the privilege of seeing. Not that I've seen that many dicks in real life, but out all all the ones I've seen, I like yours the best. I've told you that before, but you shrugged it off because that's the kind of thing that girls say to every single boyfriend they have for reassurance. But it is the truth.

    You don't believe me because girls aren't supposed to like uncircumcised dicks. We're supposed to be grossed out by them and not know what to do with them and think you're some kind of weird-dicked freak. The first time you pulled down your pants, you probably expected me to be disappointed that you weren't cut, like everyone else I've ever been with. You still try to cover your dick whenever it's soft, with a blanket after sex, or your hand when you get dressed. You think it's embarrassing because when it's flaccid, you cant just pull your foreskin back and make it look cut.

    But I love it. I love the slightly taboo nature of your dick. I love how your foreskin is like some rare and secret special thing that not everyone else has. It's like a gift. I love how there's something raw about having sex with you. How even when we're “fucking” it still feels like “making love”, because it's like you're somehow closer to me (that might be because I fucking love you, but I'm sure your dick doesn't hurt either). I love how having sex with you feels. So much. It literally turns me on to type this. Physically (duh) and emotionally. You're the best sexual partner I've ever had. It's somehow more intimate to be with you than anyone else I've ever been with.

    One day I'm gonna just tell you to your face how much I love your dick and how I masturbate thinking about it and how it's literally become a fetish for me since we started dating. I tell you everything, but goddamn, it's hard to tell someone that something they think is weird is the biggest turn on ever for you. But I'm gonna tell you. Hopefully you won't think I'm too crazy.

    But for now, I'll just post this on reddit, and go touch myself and think about you.


    Your dick-crazed girlfriend.


    Uncut reality

    Growing up uncut there’s a sense of being flawed. You hear “foreskin is gross” or “ugly” Amy Schumer(?) Said it looks like the sleeve of a sweater lol. While accurate and funny it doesn’t help kids with body image problems. Its like you have a secret to be ashamed of. I even had a childhood friend say “if any of my friends were uncut I couldn’t be friends with them” made me think, as a straight man why do you care what your friends dicks look like? Lol luckily for me my first girlfriend really seemed to like it. She’d spend more time playing with my foreskin than I do! Slowly I learned how fucked up society is (in too many ways) and that I’m actually incredibly lucky. Now when I hear a chick say something like “foreskin is gross” I just laugh and feel sorry for her limited mind. (Circumcision of the brain) I’m uncut for religious reasons. The bible says not to cut, mark or pierce your skin for any reason. While I’m not religious my father is (he’s read it 40+ times and actually studies it, which most self proclaimed Christians don’t) and I’m thankful for that. My heart goes out to all circumcised men ♥

    (Thanks to themiddlelayer for linking me to this!)

    **** Research the Foreskin. **** Learn about the functions and the purpose of the Foreskin. ***** Respect your son’s right to Genital Integrity and Autonomy just like you respect your daughter’s rights. ***** His Body, His Choice ****


    Male genital mutilation is DISGUSTING.

    really…because they do it for medical reasons most often than not. Circumcision helps prevent the spread of STDs and also helps cut down the opportunity to get a UTI so make sure before you post about something you do your research. :)


    none of that is true. i have done my research, more than you obviously. routine infant circumcision in NOTHING but a cosmetic procedure. There is zero medical benefit. babies aren’t having sex, they have no worry for std/i, not that circumcision does anything to prevent it (they are actually finding the opposite now). also, the high instance of uti in intact infants is due to improper foreskin care, like fully retracting it before it’s ready. A study in Iceland (i believe), where there is no RIC, has found that one is more likely to DIE during their circumcision than to ever need one. there is no reason to chop health body parts off nonconsenting people, period.

    Just disgusting. Even if there were vast medical benedits to WGM, people would be up in arms.

    But when it comes to men, deafening silence