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    So, I’m a 350 lbs guy and I was wondering whether you think I would end up in your belly or would you end up in mine?

    Oh...what a precious little ask. Based off of your name, I’m going to assume you know what I’m about to say. Your size has nothing to do with it, except for just how much my gut is gonna be expanded with you packed away inside. It would be a bit of a struggle, but I know for sure that you’ll end up pressing against the inside of my gut while I’m lounging with my arms resting behind my head. A couple more swallows and I’ll feel you shifting around on my lap and there won’t be anything more for me than to belch and lazily scratch my belly with you inside.

    Mr Bear’s Class

    (Part 2)

    It was the day after I had the chance to explore the gut of my teacher Mr Bear. Today I got to choose the guy who would use me to practice their method of vore.

    Since most of my day was dedicated to this class alone, I just showed up in a pair of shorts and a large hoodie. I walked in and Mr Bear began, “Glad to see that our resident prey isn’t already inside one of you!” He chuckled, “Now, today is a special treat for one of you!” I stood up and walked to the front of class, looking around the room full of predators. He pulled a name from a hat and unfolded the small slip of paper, “Miles!”

    I looked at the guy who perked up at his name.

    He had long hair under a beanie and a smirk on his face. Miles’s chin had a few whiskers, the jacket he was wearing unzipped and showing his loose grey shirt. I walked up and sat next to him, the smell of weed immediately hitting me. He smiled and opened his arms to engulf my in a tight hug, his nose nuzzling against my neck and sniffing.

    He let me go, “What’s up...” Miles sat back and scratched his chin, “Guess I’m the lucky guy today.” I smiled and nodded, looking at is pants, which didn’t do much to hide his growing member. “Already getting excited...” I took the note and got on my knees, pulling up his shirt and revealing a bushy treasure trail. He smirked and folded his hands behind his head as I pulled down his shorts. His cock sprung into my face, a nice large drop of pre sitting on the tip.

    Before I could lick the tip of the musky guy’s cock, a knock on the door grabbed our attention. Mr Bear cracked it open and greeted whoever with a, “Hello!” He moved out of the way and in walked Principal Neil.

    “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything...” He looked at me between the thighs of Miles, “Important...” He walked to the front of class and began to speak, “It has come to my attention that a new class of predators are being trained, hm?” The guys nodded. “Well, as principal of this school, it is my job to keep my students safe and the prospect of hormonal students eating anyone they choose is not ideal.” Brett sat back and crossed his arms in a huff. “If I catch any of you eating students outside the classroom, then you and I will have a...” He patted his crotch, “Private talk...” Mr Neil’s eyes locked onto mine, Miles smiling and sitting back, the idea of his cock out infront of the head of school amusing him. “Oh, we have a prey this year? Hm...” He walked towards the door and gripped the knob, turning it and walking out.

    Mr Bear smiled and clasped his hands together, “You heard him students, no eating other students outside of class!” A collective groan erupted from the class, “I know, I know, I trust you guys to let them out, but it’s his job.”

    “We get it Mr Bear,” Miles smiled, “Can I continue with my snack?~” He grinned down at me and patted my head, his cock tip slowly beginning to get larger along with the width of his shaft. He spread his legs wider and yawned, “Slide on in bud,” he slipped a few fingers into his slit to show how stretchy it was. I slipped my hands over the dripping maw of a cock, the rippled inside smelling of spunk. My arms slid inside and rubbed the warm insides.

    “Fuuuuck...” groaned Miles, his sandaled foot kicking up to nudge me deeper, “Yeah... slide on in there...” I continued to press deeper until my face pressed into the yawned slit, the sticky precut slicking my hair to my head. Mr Bear walked behind me and gave a gentle push, the force sliding me up to my waist. With the sudden bliss of his stretching member, Miles’s cock clenched and rose vertically, the force of gravity sliding me into his cum-filled balls. His balls bounced from the force, his cock seeming to burp with a drizzle of cum spurting out.

    Miles sat back and groaned while pumping his swollen cock, my face pushing against the stretchy nutsack. He rubbed his nuts with his foot, his excess cum drizzling onto his bush of pubes. Jaxon, a fellow cock Pred, walked up and rubbed the swollen nutsack, getting a long spurt of cum as a reward.

    “Dude! You look like you’re stuffed!” He laughed and continued to rub into the fuzzy sack.

    “Oh man... keep rubbing!” Miles groaned and his balls flexed, clenching together and forcing me back up through his meat tube. My hands slid out into the cold air of the classroom, the sudden temperature change making me shiver in his cock. I slid out into the arms of Jaxon, his shirt covered in his friend’s cum. Miles dragged his hands over his face, “Brooo...” He tried to pull his pants up but his still softening cock was too large, so he decided to let it hang. “Never came that hard before,” Jaxon smiled and gave his friend’s dick a nice few victory pumps, the hairy sausage limp in his hand.

    Mr Bear handed Miles his grade, an 87, “Congradulations Miles on your first prey! You might wanna work on holding them in because he just came out in just a few moments after!”

    I smiled and rubbed Miles’s balls, “Thanks Miles~” He winked and shot a finger gun at me, his dick finally able to slide back into his boxers.

    “Thank you guys for the cooperation with the whole Mr Neil issue, have a nice day!”

    It was in the halls of the school where I bumped into Brett. I was at my locker at the empty end of school, putting my binders inside. I still smelled of Miles’s cum, the school’s showers not enough to cover the smell. As I leaned down to place my last book inside, a meaty hand slammed the locker shut. I was crouched on my knees and only saw the large pair of nikes step up. My eyes scanned up the hairy legs and grey gym shorts to meet the flaming eyes of Brett. I didn’t wanna start off defensive, so I began with a simple, “Hello Brett.”

    He smirked and leaned down to meet my eyes, it being the first time seeing his face up close. The smell of his deoderate wafted into my face from the collar of his shirt, a small tuft of curly chest hair peeking out. His jaw was square with a trimmed layer of beard hair, his amber eyes staring into mine. “I finally have you alone...” I knew what was gonna happen, so I took initiative and reached up to play with a curl of his hair. “You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve jerked it to your squirms...” I blushed, him continuing, “I hold myself back everyday... I almost just ate Miles, fuckin’ stoner...”

    I slid my hand over his chest, “You sure you just want me?” My hand slid under his shirt and massaged his abs, “An Alpha like you could eat a whole frat house.~” I whispered into his ear, a deep grumble rumbling from his stomach. “Sounds like you agree~”

    He growled, “How many can you get? You got me excited...” Brett’s mouth began to water at the thought of the older guys in his grade sliding into his tight gut. “Wait... Football practice ends soon!” He got up and grabbed my hand with a tight grasp, lifting me up into his arms and running off in a jog. It was nice being carried by a larger man since he held me close to his sweaty chest.

    He pushed the locker room door open with his hip, letting me down, “Watch out for the coach, I think he’d enjoy sliding you into his hairy ass.” I sighed, thinking to myself, “Is everyone at this school a Predator?”

    I peeked around the corner and saw a line of naked dudes showering. A few of them walked around in their towels and I looked back at Brett, “There’s only one door right?” He turned around and smirked, locking it. “Go ahead~” I saw him rub his hands together before walking in, a couple of guys noticing and saying, “The fuck?” It was a few moments before the muscly legs of the players began to slide past Brett’s lips, his gut making his shirt ride up. A few guys tried to fight back but were snatched up and joined their friends. Brett’s Hungry lust subsided as the room was empty, but his gut was stretched beyond capacity. He sat back and let out an echoing burp that reduced the size of his gut to a crushing orb, the bodies of the multiple guys pressed together.

    “ BURRAAPPP “ Brett’s legs were stretched out beside his gut, the small amount of ginger hair spread thin over his treasure trail. I walked up and sat next to Brett, stroking his hair as he took deep breaths to hold the guys in.

    “Just keep breathing,” his hand reached up and rubbed gently, “You ate a lot bud.” I smirked down at him, his eyes like a puppy who ate too much. I rubbed his belly tenderly and, when he got too comfortable, I would press into his gut to force a burp. Once he gut began to bubble and the punches and kicks died down, he began to dose off on the cold shower floor. I walked up next to him and lifted his beefy arm, sliding one part of his shirt off and walking around to slide the other off. It bunched up on his neck, the sweat of struggled digestion soaking up into the shirt. I laid his arms out on the wooden bench to let his pits breathe. I stood back and looked over my handiwork, Brett in a relative state of satisfaction and his belly shrinking by the minute.

    It was around 3 hours of rubbing before I fell asleep next to him, my arms wrapped around his chest and my head resting on his shoulder. As the guys began to get broken down into proteins and fat, overall size of his gut decreased to a manageable level. I woke up before him with a yawn, my neck sore from the uncomfortable angle in which I slept. I felt pressure on my hip, it being Brett’s paw like hand. His eyes were still closed and was snoring in a deep food coma.

    I slid his hand off of me with it landing on the tile with a thump, my hand running over the tight belly. I looked around the lockers and pulled out a pen and paper from one of the abandoned bags.

    Brett woke with a deep burp and smacked his lips, the taste of man on his lips. He grinned and shook his belly, “Where’s my little guy?” He looked around and found a piece of paper, a small message written.

    “Enjoyed spending time with you!~ Ill be sure to tell Mr Bear about your extra credit work!” He chuckled and looked down at the bottom of the page, “Call me!~”

    God this story is delicious!!! I feel ravenous just thinking about it. It’s a good thing I’m not there though! I love a meal unable to fight back since he’s in a food coma 😈😩😋

    I tried my best at a drawing today. It took me about three hours. I’m still very new at this. I’d love some tips on how to get better too ☺️ please don’t hate on it too much though, I am still very new at this.😅

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    We’re into some freaky shit here but there are lines even I don’t cross.

    Keep this shit 18+ across the board

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    Mr Bear’s Class

    It was the beginning of my Senior year and the only class that was actually required was new this year, “Vore 101.” I had no clue what it was about but I heard that almost all the football boys signed up, so I was obviously excited.

    I walked up to the classroom and pushed open the door. It was filled to half capacity, around 15 people, including me, and they were standing around. The few that heard me walk in took a quick glance and went back to talking, leaving me to sit against the wall on my phone. The first bell rang and everyone sat down where they pleased, my seat of choice right in the middle of class. I looked around and I seemed to be the smallest guy in there, the rest being from every back ground. There was Brett, the ginger linebacker with shoulders that could rival a redwood, then there was Liam, who’s grease stained wife beater was strangely endearing.

    The bell rang again and a pot-bellied man stepped through the open doorway. His clothes seemed to look asthough they shrunk in the wash, his khakis struggling to hold his large rump. He took his place in the front of the classroom, writing the three words on the whiteboard, “Vore, Predators, and Prey.”

    “Good Morning Everyone! I am Mr Bear!” He seemed cheerful, his black hair receeding in a heart shaped pattern and almost migrating to his cheeks. “I will be your Vore instructor for this year, you guys look pretty eager!” He joked at the lack of energy in the room, earning a couple chuckles. “To begin, what is vore? Anyone?” He looked around the room for a volunteer, no one taking the offer to show off, “Well, Vore is the act of another person devouring another whole.” He smiled, “You May ask, ‘Why should I care about this?’. Well, you may find yourself in the stomach of some sleezy dude or wake up drunk one day and your belly is enormous, believe me, been there.” He smiled and patted his belly. “I’m here to educate you on the methods of devouring, ways to escape, and ways to harness your own evolutionary talents.” He pointed at Mark, a leaner guy compared to the others, “Have you ever felt so hungry that you thought that your fellow classmates looked delicious?”

    Mark blushed red, scratching the back of his head, “Uhm... I guess so.”

    “See? That’s your inner predator trying to come out!” Mr Bear sat down at his computer and pulled up a picture labeled, “Gigantism of the organ via voraphilia.” It had several diagrams of male bodies that had one or more organ’s enlarged, like the man’s balls being huge or having a stomach quadupel the size of normal.

    “These are all pictures of predators, each having a unique, but common, form of devourment.” He opened his mouth and pointed inside, “You See, my jaw is more elastic compared to normal, and my belly is huge. According to genetics, I am meant to devour whole men just by swallowing.” He stood up and smiled, “Do not worry, we will all be doing tests to find out what form your body is tuned for.”

    Liam raised his hand, “If we are a room full of predators, who’s the prey?”

    This made Mr Bear chuckled, his eyes locking onto me, “Well, we have one student who seems to qualify for that title.~” He licked his lips, “Come on up here, Ben...” I nervously walked up and was shocked when he wrapped his arm around me. “He will be the incentive for your grades, whoever becomes the best and most proficient Predator, will get to devour their first willing meal!”

    I looked up at him and whimpered, “W-What?” He smiled down at me and licked my cheek, it burning red with embarrassment.

    “Don’t worry~ You’ll find your way into everyone of these boys by the end of the year, including me.” I heard Mr Bear’s stomach growl, “Watch your back...” He let me go and I shuffled back to my seat. I knew this will be simultaneously the sexiest year of school and the most terrifying.

    It was a week later and all the predators knew about their talents. I was assigned to Liam today, his gut growling when I sat down across from him.

    “So... you’re the poor fucker who has to deal with all these hungry guys?” He crosses his arms across his chest and sat back, his long legs spreading to make his junk more comfortable.

    I smirked, “I guess so.”

    He smirked and adjusted his tattered ball cap, it covering his long, curly hair. My ankles sat crossed under my chair as I blushed as his attempts to sympathize with me. I felt his boot hook the back of my chair and slowly pull me closer, his rough hand sliding to hold mine. “As long as I’m the guy who’s eating ya... You’ll be safe in me.” He patted his belly. I smiled and felt my heart rate slow back down, leaving me endeared to this country guy.

    Mr Bear came over to us, “Are you ready for the eating?” I looked at Liam and he nodded.

    We moved to the front of the class and was pulled into a hug, his nose buried in my hair and taking deep sniffs. “You smell good...” Liam whispered in my ear. I felt the warm air of his mouth open and spread over the top of my head, his lips closing over my neck. He held me gently and lifted me to continue into his throat. He took his time when he guided my neck over his teeth, my shoulders beginning to slide inside.

    The other predators in class sat back impatiently while Mr Bear graded Liam’s performance. He would mark every gulp and every shift, Liam’s soft tongue lapped at my chest as it slid into his maw. My head entered his gentle throat, his inexperienced swallowing only taking me only inches deep each time, but provided a nice and easy slide into his fuzzy gut.

    It was just my feet left and my entire bottom half was curled up in his gut. He winked at the class and curled his tongue around my sole of my foot and swallowed, me collecting in the spacious sack of a stomach. He sighed and rubbed his belly with one hand and scratched his neck with the other, “Wow...”

    Mr Bear was excited and gave Liam’s belly a gentle rub and sat him down in his desk, “See students? A courteous Predator means a still prey.” Liam sat back in his desk and kicked his feet up, relaxing and letting his hands rub and massage his own gut.

    Brett, jealous of Liam’s contentment, asked, “How long does everyone get with him?”

    Mr Bear smiled, “Well, depends on how long you can hold him in. I know you cock predators are gonna jizz him up immediately.” He chuckled.

    Liam folded his arms behind his head and yawned, closing his eyes and dozing off. Mr Bear didn’t bother him, letting Liam gurgle around me gently.

    It was around an hour where I was inside of the gut of Liam, the gentle presses of his rubbing hands relaxing me to the point of almost dozing off. My slumber was interrupted when I felt pressure from both sides of the stomach, being pressed back up into the gullet of Liam and inevitably back onto the floor. It was Mr Bear who squeezed his gut and patted him on the shoulder.

    “Well done Liam! For a first time Predator you did well! You made a 93.”

    Liam tool the paper with a smirk and read the notes Mr Bear made, “Why not a 100?”

    “Well, you see how his clothes are still entact? A true predator’s stomach acids woud’ve dissolved them by now.” He thought for a moment, “Well, maybe you’re a rare case. You may be able to hold someone inside you indefinitely.” Liam nodded his head, reaching down to help me up.

    I stood up and looked around the room, “That wasn’t so bad...” I could tell that a few of the other guys were jealous of Liam with him being the first to get to eat me.

    I felt Liam’s large hand wrap around my hip and give it a gentle squeeze, “I hope I get to do that again, He’s tasty as hell.” Him and Mr Bear laughed, Brett slumping in his chair.

    “When do I get to eat him?” Brett asked from the back of the class.

    Mr Bear thought for a moment before speaking, “Well... If you all are willing to not digest him, first come first serve from now on!” Mr Bear grabbed my shoulders and opened his mouth, engulfing my head and shoulders into his sweltering maw. I knew I couldn’t escape so I just froze, his strong throat muscles pulling me past his uvula and into his gullet. It was a few more moments until I fully deposited into Mr Bear’s gut.

    Mr Bear sighed and licked his lips, running his hand over his plump belly. “That’s enough for today class, enjoy the rest of your day! I know I will.” He snickered and rubbed his bulging belly with his open hand, “Oh, and if you can get Ben here alone outside of class, feel free to ‘practice’.” He stood by the door as the guys filed out, the Oral vore predators sticking around and asking a few questions.

    Once the muffled talking finished, I felt Mr Bear thump his gut, “Still Awake?”

    “Well, yeah.” He smiled and slid off his sweater vest and unbuttoned his collar shirt, his hairy belly resting on his thighs.

    “Mmm... Im sorry I swallowed you infront of the whole class, I just knew one of those boys would’ve if I hadn’t.” I shifted in his belly as he put his feet on his desk, “How was Liam? Pleasant inside him I hope.” This interaction was odd to me, I just got swallowed and I’m being held inside his gut, but he’s still talking to me like it’s normal?

    “I mean, I haven’t really took the time to get to know any of the guys here. Liam though, he was nice about it, he did smell of cheap cologne.” This made Mr Bear chuckle, his belly bouncing with his deep rumbling.

    “Of course, he’s a nice boy.” He yawned, “I’m surprised, there was only a few Cock and Anal predators, those will be fun to watch!” As Mr Bear kept talking, I found myself ignoring the situation and enjoying the older man’s banter.

    It was around an hour before I felt myself slide back up his gullet and into his lap. Mr Bear wiped his mouth with his sleeve, smiling, “I guess it’s only fair that you get to do something to me.”

    I stood up and grabbed my stuff, “Don’t worry Mr B, Just let me choose who I gets me tomorrow in class.” He nodded before waving goodbye.

    Sooooooooooooooo when is part two!? 🤩

    I’d like to introduce you all to Chris. I’m so happy with this commission. He won’t be drawing any more of him, but I’m going to start practicing now that I had help getting a basic image of him drawn out. Of course with the artists permission. Buuuut all that aside, Chris is obviously a pred. He’s good at what he does, and he knows he is. He loves teasing and taunting his meals. He’s totally gay, definitely a bear even though he’s young enough to be a cub. He loves a delicious large meal, and hates when his prey doesn’t put up a good fight. So boring!

    I assume youre the brother of the kid i just gulped, arent you?

    “I can see your boner. You wanna feel him struggle don’t you. Tell you what, you rise my cock I’ll let you hump my gut. I even promise not to eat you.” The pred smiled as the brother of his last prey nodded silently and approached. Of course, the pred had said nothing about CTFing the boy after they had both cum.

    Happy #Faturday everyone, golden hour is my new favorite time to film. I’m gonna need to bring these suspenders back into action as soon as I have some pants that I can use them with, everything I’ve got is too damn tight right now. I’m growing out of a lot of stuff at the moment, but luckily I have some trusty pairs of basketball shorts that give me some room. I fell into a rabbit hole the other night about getting a romper or a pair of overalls. Putting a pin in that as an idea to come back to in the future. I’m really trying to start getting new Clips4sale videos up on a weekly basis for those of you who are interested in them! Thanks guys, seeya soon!

    Dammmmn I love his lil smirk. ☺️

    *Burrrrrrrrrrap* meals just wont stop squirming. I fuckin love it when I feel them sliding into my tank. Feeling it round out as they slip in. He was a tall man at work. I was minding my own business. He decided to be an ass to one of my employees while looking for basic hand sanitizer. Who does that!? So I took him to the back where I said I had what he was looking for. No sooner than I had him back there then he was filling out my gut. I love asses 😈🤤😩