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2021-02-27 05:22:17

    I’ve been posting on all SNAP INSTA AND TWITTER regularly and those will b my main socials now so if you wanna keep up with my posts and me 🥰 PLEASE make sure you follow before my blog is deleted

    Heres a link to learn how to export your whole blog at once instead of having to manually find all of your own photos 

    I will warn you as a 8 year tumblr user, it took 24 hours for my blog to export 


    I’m going to b I’m starting to use Twitter ALOT it most likely will b my Main platform since tumblr is dying… I’ll have my tumblr as long as they keep and I’ll post sometimes (what they let me) but if you wanna keep up with my post and what I’m doing I’d HIGHLY recommend following my Twitter and supporting me there!


    They will prob delete my account soon SO PLEASE FOLLOW MY OTHER ACCOUNTS