Jerome Valeska x Male Reader

    Warnings: language, mention of sex, oral sex, masturbation, gay sex.

    Category: Smut.


    You woke up not daring to move, an arm almost touching your groin and a few kisses caressing your neck. At that point, you've given up on knowing what kind of clichéd aristocrat or villain would be in your bed.

    After waking up in Edward Nygma's house, Victor Zsasz and Jim Gordon nothing surprised him. Nobody was stuck with the feeling and nobody bothered to call the next day.

    "Wow, you look like a lunatic" your voice was satisfying, as was the smile you felt around your neck "you look cold, it's scary, I like it"

    The voice was familiar, but not enough to show affection.

    You turned around and your mood soared. Your laugh took over when he looked at you confused.

    "You? What the hell have I done with my life?"

    "Want me to tell you? Kissed me in public when I was going to shoot you" he looked you up and down and gave you a peck "I can't deny that we did a good thing yesterday."

    You put your hand on his chin making him look into your eyes "This, the thing, this 'we' never happened"

    “Complain, complain baby, I don't care. But don't act like someone who hasn't moaned all night for more. “Jerome rested his hand, touching you, stroking, a rising tension that was making you forget how irritating he was.

    As the movement increased, his head rested on Jerome's collarbone, little bites were released "Um, no need to fight my good boy"

    Was fast.

    He moaned at the amount of hickeys you gave him. He realized that all his anger would disappear at any moment.

    Jerome reached down, replacing his hand with his mouth, sucking hard at an irresistible level. You pulled hard on his hair and finally came.

    He climbed in, grinning mischievously and his face covered in liquid.

    "Maybe you could have left it in your mouth," you chuckled.