Favorite Celebrity Fakes
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2017-01-11 17:01:03

    I was asked by a few followers to try my hand at some more “extreme” fakes. 

    At first I was a little confused by what they were asking but after a chat I knew what they were getting at.

    Usually I fake celebs as close as I can to how they look in real life. I had a few followers ask for more extreme body mods (tattoos & piercings) and celebs as fantasy characters. It’s an interesting idea so I’ve been thinking (and looking) about how to do this.

    Here’s Daisy Ridley in a more FemDom/tattooed/dark side version of herself.

    If this is something you guys like I’ll do more but for me I love trying new things and challenging myself with things like this.

    I hope you enjoy it and if you do then please spread the word so I can gather an idea if these are welcome or not.

    Keep it cool my dudes.

    Dan xoxox