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2020-11-22 23:15:47

    A Day in the Life of my FLR


    [be warned…it’s not what you think…]

    7:00: the alarm goes off.  He begs me to hit the snooze and snuggle with him for 10 more minutes.  I do.  I snooze, then bite his earlobe while I tease his cock.  Uh oh…snooze alarm goes off…no time for more, work calls.

    7:10 - 8:10: He walks the dog.  I make coffee.  Showers.  He brings me breakfast (coffee and toast).  He says his mantra and eats, as well. He tells me about his work schedule for today and I catch him up on mine. I inform him if I want him to run any errands.  I kiss him goodbye, slap his ass, and we’re off to work.

    5:30-6:50:  I’m usually home first.  I walk the dog, get the mail, check messages and then, depending on when he’ll be home from work, I might make supper.

    6:50-7:00: When he arrives home, he follows protocol by taking off his clothing and seeking me out immediately to see what I require of him (he is allowed to pet the dog on his way :)

    7:00-8:00:  He says his mantra and then we eat together and talk about our day.  Sometimes I feed him from my hand.  Sometimes he eats from the floor.  Most of the time, we eat together at the table.  He clears and washes the dishes.  While he’s doing that, I surprise him by shoving him up against the wall and pulling his hands behind his back.  I slap his face lightly, yank his head back by his hair, bite his neck, and kiss him intensely.  When he is hard and aching, I release him and go back to the other room.  He finishes the dishes, does a few light chores.

    8:00-10:00:  We watch a show or movie together, catch up on bills, play a game, or talk.  If we watch a show, I will often have him massage my feet.  He may put his head in my lap hoping for some attention.  He may be allowed to be robed at this point, he may not.  Depends on my mood (and the temp in the house!)

    10:00-bedtime:  We read.  We talk.  He services my pussy with his mouth to my satisfaction.  I tease his cock and torture him with pleasure.  I may or may not let him come.  If he does, he must swallow his own come.  He may receive punishment at this time if he misbehaved during the day. He recites his mantra. Finally, we cuddle before falling asleep.


    This is probably not the glamorous, intense, bdsm lifestyle that people picture.  But the fact is that on most weekdays, there’s not much time to engage in elaborate interactions or scenes.  For the most part, the power exchange/bdsm elements are infused throughout our interactions in small, but fun ways.

    Now, this past Saturday we had a very intense bdsm scene that involved bondage, flogging and pegging.  He was allowed to orgasm, but made to swallow his come, as usual.  Finally, he serviced my pussy with his mouth and we both collapsed, happy and worn out.  

    So yeah, there are exciting, intense moments…but it’s important to realize that a FLR or a lifestyle relationship still have the “relationship” piece in there.  Life still needs to be lived.  I just like to think that we’ve got a little something extra to make the day a bit more exciting (and sometimes, yeah…more than a bit!)  :)

    ~Ms Kay

    [this text has been updated from the original to include a few more details]