The Hand That Leads

M, 33. Owner of @thehandthatfollows01. Below you will find depictions and descriptions of unequal relationships in various forms. Nothing on this page is safe for minors, and nothing should be practiced without prior informed conscent.

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    In spite of what people have told you your entire life, you aren't strong. Deep down you have always known you are weak. Easily confused, easily discouraged, easily distracted... you've always been ashamed of those weaknesses. The flaws people seem to overlook in their kindness, the ones you can never forget.

    And that is how you came to understand your purpose. Even though you can't be strong, you can at least be useful to someone who is. Someone with vision. Someone who can take your brokenness and give it meaning. Devote yourself to service and perhaps you can finally be of use.


    Yellow? You WANTED this to be seen, didn't you? You wanted it to be obvious what an attention whore you are. You wanted Men to notice this lacey little strip of cloth between your legs and imagine tearing it of of you. You've dreamed of this exact moment at night, hand between your legs and losing yourself to the pleasure.

    Well this isn't a dream, and it isn't a fantasy. Congratulations, you've caught my attention. You have no idea what you are asking for, no idea what you really are. I'm going to teach you, though. I'm going to make sure you can never doubt exactly what kind of girl you are.


    Sorry, Sir. The uniform is just so short and I have an extra long torso. I try to pull it down to cover myself, it just won’t stay down. I’m not trying to be indecent. I’m not trying to show all the men in engineering my pussy.

    Why am I not wearing underwear? Oh… there is some kind of anomaly that started to effect my cabin last month and all of my underwear disappeared. My replicator won’t print any, and any underwearI request disappears overnight.

    No, Sir. I promise I’m not lying, there have been maintenance engineers working on my replicator and a science officer assigned to studying the anomaly in my room, you can check their logs if you want.

    In the meantime… you want me working on the warp drive? But then I will have to bend over all the time… and I will need both hands to work…

    No, Sir. I am not arguing.

    Yes, Sir. I will get to work.


    I admit her report was suspicious, but this was hardly the strangest phenomena we had encountered on our voyage. Besides, this one was at least good for morale.


    Her mind was fuzzy, her thoughts lost in a pink haze for the vibrator that had been buzzing along maddeningly for... well, she had lost count pretty quickly. She was lost, drowning in the arousal. But... He was here. She could smell His musk, she could sense Him. Her Owner, her Master. Through the fog of lust she found him through half-lidded eyes. He was like a beacon, calling her towards Him. Drawing her to the one place she truly belonged. Only between her legs could she finally be at peace, only here could she really be herself. She slinked towards him, dripping between her legs and from her half open mouth, and sighed with contentment as she reached him. He gave the command and she got to work eagerly. As buzzing continued between her legs she unbuckled Him and lost herself in the pleasure of service.