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    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “The fiery cheeks of pleasure
    #1 in the "FACE SLAPPING" categ
    It is rare that a male's ugly face can bring some pleasure to his Mistress but the aristocratic Mistress Lilse really likes Her slave's face. For slapping. Hard. She simply loves to derive pleasure from pulverising Her slave's cheeks with Her soft delicate hands. All the time he is being viciously slapped he must look into his beautiful Mistress’ eyes and then he will be able to appreciate the sheer joy that his face can bring to Her. His face will feel like it is on fire and his head will ring but he will be blessed with a warm inner glow knowing that his suffering has brought so much pleasure to his stunning Mistress.

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte “Mistakes are punished at the House of Sinn
    #1 in the "FEMDOM" categ
    All House of Sinn slaves are trained to the highest standards of obedience to meet the demanding needs of their Owners. They are taught to understand that any mistake, infraction or breach of standards, no matter how small will be met with severe and brutal punishment. A slave who lives in fear of brutality and pain will be a more docile and devoted creature. Today Mistress Lilse's slave has made a silly mistake so will be subjected to the inevitable harsh punishment. This is after all for his own good and to make him a better slave. Mistress Lilse is a strict disciplinarian and She will beat him with a vicious heavy crop and when she tires of this he can expect his puny cock and balls to be pulverised by Her riding boots. And he must express his deep gratitude for his correction.

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Slapping the dignity out of the smirking slave
    #1 in the "FACE SLAPPING" categ
    Mistress Lilse's slave seems to think he can talk and laugh without first seeking Her permission and so he needs to be taught a lesson in humility and manners. She will slap all the dignity out of his stupid smirking face. She delivers a series of brutal face slaps with such force that the hapless creature cannot even keep his head still. His face reddens and his head is in a spin as his inability to simply count the number of painful blows angers and irritates his aristocratic Mistress even more. He had better start shaping up as Mistress Lilse will maintain Her vicious onslaught until he learns his lesson. This could be a long and painful process.

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Amuse Me with your rattle“
    It is time for Mistress Lilse von Hitte to introduce a new toy to Her anal slut. This is a rattle and all the slave has to do to amuse his imperious Goddess is simply to make the toy rattle. Easy. However this is no ordinary rattle as the slave discovers when Mistress Lilse starts fingering his man pussy with all Her fingers in preparation. For this rattle is in the shape of a large dildo which Mistress Lilse is going to bury deep in his ass and then sit back as Her slave amuses Her by making the toy rattle. Because it is buried in his ass the only way he can make it rattle is to jump up and down, dance and wriggle much to his Mistresss amusement. Will She be so sadistic as to make him wear it permanently so that when he goes out on the street or to his place of work he will constantly rattle for his Goddess?

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Giant anal intruders for the lusty whore“
    Category: STRAP-ON
    Whores always get dick surprises but sometimes what he thinks is a good surprise turns to vicious torment as he gets much more than he can handle. Mistress Lilse von Hitte and Goddess Ezada are so skilled in the art of breaking man pussies that he doesnt stand a chance. Blindfolded and dazed by the chance to please his Mistresses, he shows his true whorish colours, welcoming the gruesome anal intruders with lusty abandon. His small dicklet turns rock hard at the vigorous pounding, his man pussy getting wider and wider under the penetrating huge horse dick. His training will take long and it will be hard, with a plugged mouth to make it bigger and the promise of double penetration of horse dicks, he may only dream at the next stretching encounter with the sadistic Mistresses. His useless cock will remain hard throughout the next torment, and the next Who knows when he will be allowed to finally take his pleasure? maybe never ...

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “The brutal fuck of a dirty slut”
    Category: STRAP-ON
    Mistress Lilse von Hitte has a vicious pounding in mind for the strap-on slut and what better way to enforce that than using Her huge black monster of a cock. As the whimpering slave whore tries to plead for a gentler fuck, the Sadistic Mistress kindly informs him that She can only fuck hard and he must endure it like the fucking dirty slut that he is and this is just the start of his torment, next time he will get a even bigger cock up his male pussy and then, if She feels like it, She will put both Her hands inside him. Everyone knows dirty whores want it up the ass.

    Miss Tressa, Mistrress Lilse von Hitte, and Mistress Liberty in “Degradation of a useless whore“
    Category: HUMILIATION
    This slave is a slut for humiliation and degradation, a cheap whore whose little cock gets harder and harder the more he is humiliated and degraded by his 3 beautiful Mistresses. Treating him like the tart that he is the Mistresses abuse him verbally, make fun of his small penis and torture his nipples while they spit in his mouth and slap his ugly face. And the more they degrade this piece of dirt the harder his little cock becomes. He is made to beg to sniff their armpits, so sweaty on a hot summer day. Having deeply inhaled Their strong pungent aroma he must then lick all the salty sweat up. Yet this little armpit slut cant get enough of it as evidenced by his bobbing dicklet and so the only way to deal with such sluttiness is to deny him the pleasure. The 3 gorgeous Mistresses mock him and laugh at him before he is made to crawl back to his cage. A real humiliation whore.

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “A traffic cone for the manwhore by Mistress Lilse von Hitte & The House Of Sinn”
    Category: HUMILIATION
    Mistress Lilse has received a complaint about one of Her man whores who every day of his life must work the streets selling his man pussy to earn money for his Owner. This is a very serious complaint, his man pussy is not large enough or stretchy enough and cannot satisfy customers. Ordinarily such a complaint would lead to his instant dismissal from Her stable of whores. She decides however to deal with the issue by putting him through a stretching test. he is summoned to Her apartment and soon realises what the test will entail when he sees a traffic cone on the floor. The test is simple, he must be able to sit on the floor and take the whole traffic cone in his pussy or face a severe punishment.

    Mistress Lilse Von Hitte in “Mistress Lilse's boot cleaning slave - a House Of Sinn production”
    The aristocratic and beautiful Mistress Lilse has a huge collection of boots and shoes. So much so that She possesses a shoe slave whose only role in Her life is to keep all Her boots and shoes spotlessly clean at all times. For this simple creature this is a position of privilege as he spends his whole useless life enslaved to Mistress Lilses shoes. His tongue is a cleaning implement, it is of no other use. As Mistress Lilse returns to Her apartment he must get to work immediately cleaning all the dirt and mud from Her expensive boots. He must do so with total devotion and passion licking and licking until his Owner is fully satisfied.