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    Our Clip of the Week 18 -2016

    Lady Renee in “Kissed by the whip of the Amazon Queen“
    Category: WHIPPING
    The statuesque Lady Renee is in the mood for a bit of relaxation and Her favourite relaxation method is whipping pathetic little men like this loser. His little slave mind can't even comprehend that he hasn't done anything wrong, this is just for the pleasure of the Amazon Queen that has total control over his mind, body and soul. This will become a true test of endurance as the vicious Lady has in mind to use all the whips in Her dungeon, one after the other, harder and harder, with brutal intent, making him moan, scream and whimper as the blows flow like a river of fire over his feverish skin, leaving crimson welts and tears of submission. Her graceful body shines with beauty and bliss while he whimpers in despair.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Shane in “These riding boots will walk all over you.“
    Category: TRAMPLING
    Mistress Shane and Goddess Ezada Sinn have a liking to custom leather riding boots and this trampling mat gets the exquisite honour of feeling them on his skin, from two Goddesses, not just one. His joy can be read on his face, he's bursting with pleasure at being trampled by the hard leather soles of the boots. He will be stepped on, jumped on, kicked, stomped on, smothered by gorgeous asses, his pitiful cock getting erect from the vicious Mistresses trampling boots. He is allowed to jerk off feeling the weight of the lovely Ladies and the soft leather soles of the riding boots and he needs only seconds to cum, most likely the best orgasm of his life.

    Miss Tressa in “Human bench for Miss Tressa's muscular display“
    Category: MUSCLE WORSHIP
    Miss Tressa is rightly proud of Her finely honed physique perfected over time by regular exercise and slave beating. Her willing slaves body serves as a platform for Her to display her perfect physical attributes in a series of poses. He must serve Her well by remaining absolutely still as She uses his body as a bench. And all the time he suffers in the knowledge that he cannot feast his eyes on his Owner's perfect body.

    Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana in “men are made to be used by Women“
    Category: OUTDOORS
    One day Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana went to a forest to shoot some whipping clips. It was a cold, windy day, the winter was not over yet. They had a slave each, to be Their whipping boys, but also to serve Them in any way They needed. And, after having had fun whipping them, the Mistresses needed the slaves to clean Their boots, full of leaves and wet dirt. With their mouths, of course. While Mistresses Ezada and Ava found a tree trunk to sit down on, Mistress Kiana used one of the slaves as Her chair. The other two were left to do all the cleaning, and that wasn't easy at all. Their mouths got full of wet, half-rotten leaves, their faces got full of dirt. The cold wind was not helping either, even though their backs were hot from the whipping, and their Mistresses felt they could benefit from some warming up slaps on their faces. After all they are slaves, their Mistresses take care of them. They take care that they do their jobs, whether they like it or not. The important thing is that the Mistresses are pleased.

    Mistress Evilyne in “Shoe shine boy”
    Category: SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP
    Time for some thorough shoe cleaning for this slave as Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne introduces Her black patent leather stiletto shoes to his willing tongue. He must reverently lick every centimetre being careful not to slobber over Her precious footwear with too much saliva. The shoes must shine as though they were brand new in order to satisfy his Mistress. The soles are caked with the dirt and grime of the London streets and he must bite off all the dirt and swallow it before slavishly licking them spotlessly clean. If he can satisfy Mistress Evilyne with this simple but highly important and symbolic task he may one day be allowed be allowed to drink Her pee or even clean Her out after She has sex with Her bull. But he must prove himself worthy.