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    Miss Sarah in “The perfect leather gloves
    Clip of the week - 42
    What can be more perfect than the butter soft leather gloves of a Goddess? The way they mould to Her perfect alabaster skin, the way they retain Her delicious smell of perfection? This pathetic slave is so lucky to not only see and touch them but also to worship them to his heart’s content.Isn’t Miss Sarah the most perfect being in the world?

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “The fiery cheeks of pleasure
    #1 in the "FACE SLAPPING" categ
    It is rare that a male's ugly face can bring some pleasure to his Mistress but the aristocratic Mistress Lilse really likes Her slave's face. For slapping. Hard. She simply loves to derive pleasure from pulverising Her slave's cheeks with Her soft delicate hands. All the time he is being viciously slapped he must look into his beautiful Mistress’ eyes and then he will be able to appreciate the sheer joy that his face can bring to Her. His face will feel like it is on fire and his head will ring but he will be blessed with a warm inner glow knowing that his suffering has brought so much pleasure to his stunning Mistress.

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Slapping the dignity out of the smirking slave
    #1 in the "FACE SLAPPING" categ
    Mistress Lilse's slave seems to think he can talk and laugh without first seeking Her permission and so he needs to be taught a lesson in humility and manners. She will slap all the dignity out of his stupid smirking face. She delivers a series of brutal face slaps with such force that the hapless creature cannot even keep his head still. His face reddens and his head is in a spin as his inability to simply count the number of painful blows angers and irritates his aristocratic Mistress even more. He had better start shaping up as Mistress Lilse will maintain Her vicious onslaught until he learns his lesson. This could be a long and painful process.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, Mistress SaintLawrence and Madame Caramel in “No rest for the whipping slaves
    #1 in the "FEMDOM" categ
    Goddess Ezada Sinn, Mistress SaintLawrence and Madame Caramel are in a vicious streak tonight , in the mood for more and more slave suffering and pain, aroused by the marks already marring their skin and by the prospect of much more to come. The pathetic pain sluts have tough skin but no amount of training is going to spare them the cruel, long whipping from the mean Ladies. They will break, its just a matter of time...

    Our Clip of the Week 18 -2016

    Lady Renee in “Kissed by the whip of the Amazon Queen“
    Category: WHIPPING
    The statuesque Lady Renee is in the mood for a bit of relaxation and Her favourite relaxation method is whipping pathetic little men like this loser. His little slave mind can't even comprehend that he hasn't done anything wrong, this is just for the pleasure of the Amazon Queen that has total control over his mind, body and soul. This will become a true test of endurance as the vicious Lady has in mind to use all the whips in Her dungeon, one after the other, harder and harder, with brutal intent, making him moan, scream and whimper as the blows flow like a river of fire over his feverish skin, leaving crimson welts and tears of submission. Her graceful body shines with beauty and bliss while he whimpers in despair.

    Mistress Evilyne in “Shoe shine boy”
    Category: SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP
    Time for some thorough shoe cleaning for this slave as Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne introduces Her black patent leather stiletto shoes to his willing tongue. He must reverently lick every centimetre being careful not to slobber over Her precious footwear with too much saliva. The shoes must shine as though they were brand new in order to satisfy his Mistress. The soles are caked with the dirt and grime of the London streets and he must bite off all the dirt and swallow it before slavishly licking them spotlessly clean. If he can satisfy Mistress Evilyne with this simple but highly important and symbolic task he may one day be allowed be allowed to drink Her pee or even clean Her out after She has sex with Her bull. But he must prove himself worthy.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Ava Black in “Forced erection by milking machine”
    Category: FEMDOM
    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Ava Black exert total control on Their slave, his unwillingness to perform punished by the vicious milking machine called by the loving name of Venus. He has no choice in the manner of his use, and his Mistresses want him hard. The milking machine pumps him nice and hard, fast and slow and he cannot help but get hard, after all after a forced erection, a forced orgasm is in order or so the vicious Mistresses want. Their wants and wishes are the law.

    Mistress Evilyne in “A propper ashtray face“
    Category: HUMAN ASHTRAY
    Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne is in the mood for a nice relaxing smoke on Her lovely German holiday and a good, properly trained slave makes a perfect ashtray. He eagerly opens his mouth without being ordered to, so eager to please that he is not only speechless but also terrified of his Mistress whims. His pathetic little cock shies at the humiliation the vicious Mistress is gracious enough to reward him with but as time goes on and he will be put in extreme situations, his cocklett will thrive under Her expert handling.