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    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Lady Yna in “Testing out the newly trained furniture
    #1 in the "HUMAN FURNITURE" categ
    Lady Yna has grown weary of Her pitiful husband. Unable to satisfy Her in any way and unable to support Her lavish lifestyle She is about to discard him on to the slave scrapheap. That is until Her dear friend Mistress Ezada steps in and suggests that She could retrain the creature as a piece of human furniture. Lady Yna likes this suggestion although doubts that the useless fool will survive the strict unremitting 1 month training programme under the legendary Mistress Ezada. But now is the time to find out as Mistress Ezada presents the results of Her very strict regime. This is going to be a severe test of endurance as a couch and trampling mat for him under the shapely Goddesses. Will he be good enough to spend the rest of his sad life as a piece of furniture or will he be dismissed for ever..?

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne in “A lesson in humility
    #1 in the "SPITTING" categ
    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne have a pathetic little male creature that dreams to be a filming slave for the vicious Ladies but that seems to be much harder that he can imagine. As the Mistresses put him through his paces, it's obvious he's useless, not fit to film but fit enough to be humiliated, spat on and used as a toilet. There is something magic about how Mistress Evilyne and Goddess Ezada mesmerise a slave into hardness by the mere mention of Their divine champagne and caviar, the more graphic the humiliation, the harder his little prick is leaking, encouraged by the copious amount of spit the gracious Ladies spend on his pathetic face. His hard on is as useless as his person to the Ladies.


    Mistress Kennya and Mistress Saida in “Human ashtray for two Goddesses
    #1 in the "HUMAN ASHTRAY" categ
    Mistress Kennya and Mistress Saida have a looser slave bound in Their dungeon, useless and old, ready for humiliation and disdain, only good to be spat on and used as a human ashtray. Even that is an honour for him considering how young and gorgeous the Ladies are and They make sure to tell him that, let the looser be ashamed of being alive in Their presence, let him gag on Their ash and choke on Their smoke, after all, what good is he?

    Miss Sarah & Miss Jolie in “A lesson in drilling male fuck holes
    Our Clip of the week - 20
    Category: STRAP-ON
    Miss Jolie has never fucked a man pussy before and her good friend, the stunningly beautiful Miss Sarah, is going to take Her in hand and introduce Her to the joys of penetrating slave holes. They have a piece of male meat helplessly immobilised so that just his mouth and asshole are exposed. But that is all they need. Miss Sarah forces his ass cheeks apart as She slides Her large cock deep inside him. At the same time his muffled cries are silenced as Miss Jolie plugs his mouth with Her big strap on. He gags and chokes as She forces it deeper and as She and Miss Sarah change ends it is clear that She is a natural and cant wait to fuck the slaves ass vigorously. The slave groans and moans as both Mistress's warm to the task of plugging him at both ends. Yes, under the expert guidance of Miss Sarah, Miss Jolie will quickly become skilled at drilling male pussy for Her own pleasure and satisfaction.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Shane in “These riding boots will walk all over you.“
    Category: TRAMPLING
    Mistress Shane and Goddess Ezada Sinn have a liking to custom leather riding boots and this trampling mat gets the exquisite honour of feeling them on his skin, from two Goddesses, not just one. His joy can be read on his face, he's bursting with pleasure at being trampled by the hard leather soles of the boots. He will be stepped on, jumped on, kicked, stomped on, smothered by gorgeous asses, his pitiful cock getting erect from the vicious Mistresses trampling boots. He is allowed to jerk off feeling the weight of the lovely Ladies and the soft leather soles of the riding boots and he needs only seconds to cum, most likely the best orgasm of his life.

    Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana in “men are made to be used by Women“
    Category: OUTDOORS
    One day Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana went to a forest to shoot some whipping clips. It was a cold, windy day, the winter was not over yet. They had a slave each, to be Their whipping boys, but also to serve Them in any way They needed. And, after having had fun whipping them, the Mistresses needed the slaves to clean Their boots, full of leaves and wet dirt. With their mouths, of course. While Mistresses Ezada and Ava found a tree trunk to sit down on, Mistress Kiana used one of the slaves as Her chair. The other two were left to do all the cleaning, and that wasn't easy at all. Their mouths got full of wet, half-rotten leaves, their faces got full of dirt. The cold wind was not helping either, even though their backs were hot from the whipping, and their Mistresses felt they could benefit from some warming up slaps on their faces. After all they are slaves, their Mistresses take care of them. They take care that they do their jobs, whether they like it or not. The important thing is that the Mistresses are pleased.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Ava Black in “Forced erection by milking machine”
    Category: FEMDOM
    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Ava Black exert total control on Their slave, his unwillingness to perform punished by the vicious milking machine called by the loving name of Venus. He has no choice in the manner of his use, and his Mistresses want him hard. The milking machine pumps him nice and hard, fast and slow and he cannot help but get hard, after all after a forced erection, a forced orgasm is in order or so the vicious Mistresses want. Their wants and wishes are the law.

    Miss Tressa and Mistress Gaia in “Boot worship extravaganza“
    Category: SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP
    What a lucky day for this small dicked boot slut, faced with not one but 2 pairs of glorious boots to worship and drool over. Miss Tressa's legs are adorned in beautiful suede boots whilst Mistress Gaia sports a pair of magnificent black patent leather over the knee boots. The slave's tongue is put to good use cleaning the soles of the beautiful Mistress’s boots and deep throating the long stiletto heels. They tease his useless cock with Their heels and then under Their expert guidance he cleans every gorgeous inch. His tongue and jaw will ache long before he is dismissed from Their presence but They don't care for he is just an object to be used for Their pleasure.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “Giant anal intruders for the lusty whore“
    Category: STRAP-ON
    Whores always get dick surprises but sometimes what he thinks is a good surprise turns to vicious torment as he gets much more than he can handle. Mistress Lilse von Hitte and Goddess Ezada are so skilled in the art of breaking man pussies that he doesnt stand a chance. Blindfolded and dazed by the chance to please his Mistresses, he shows his true whorish colours, welcoming the gruesome anal intruders with lusty abandon. His small dicklet turns rock hard at the vigorous pounding, his man pussy getting wider and wider under the penetrating huge horse dick. His training will take long and it will be hard, with a plugged mouth to make it bigger and the promise of double penetration of horse dicks, he may only dream at the next stretching encounter with the sadistic Mistresses. His useless cock will remain hard throughout the next torment, and the next Who knows when he will be allowed to finally take his pleasure? maybe never ...

    Miss Tressa and Lady Yna in “Crushing the loser under My voluptuous weight“
    Category: TRAMPLING
    Miss Tressa's personal floor mat has upset Her somewhat today. He has no other use in Her life and thinks he serves only Her. The audacity of his assumption brings a surprise as Miss Tressa decides to lend him to Her friend the deliciously lush Lady Yna. Instead of merely resting Her feet on his useless body She steps on to him and subjects him to a serious trampling under Her voluptuous weight. She is disgusted by the fact that his tiny squishy cock starts to leak and soils the soles of Her expensive hosiery. As She steps on to his face and cuts off his breathing he fears for his life but he has little choice in the matter. He is so afraid of being crushed that, as Lady Yna searches out his balls to step on, She cannot find them as they have obviously disappeared back inside his body in fright. As She climbs off his trembling and whimpering body, he is declared as pleasing to trample on and crus, so now, Miss Tressa will feel She can invite all Her Lady friends around to use Her mat.