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    Miss Sarah in “The perfect leather gloves
    Clip of the week - 42
    What can be more perfect than the butter soft leather gloves of a Goddess? The way they mould to Her perfect alabaster skin, the way they retain Her delicious smell of perfection? This pathetic slave is so lucky to not only see and touch them but also to worship them to his heart’s content.Isn’t Miss Sarah the most perfect being in the world?

    Mistress Kennya in “The heavenly smoke and ash of a leather seductress
    #1 in the "HUMAN ASHTRAY" categ
    Mistress Kennya is a stunning Lady but when She wears the barely there leather straps and amazing butter soft platform boots, She blows away a slave's senses. Mix that with the sexy way She smokes and uses Her human ashtray and you get a lethal combination of mean seduction and heavenly smoke and ash. The lucky slave at Her divine feet will do anything to be in Her service, he will gladly eat Her ash, inhale Her smoke and many more.

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte in “The fiery cheeks of pleasure
    #1 in the "FACE SLAPPING" categ
    It is rare that a male's ugly face can bring some pleasure to his Mistress but the aristocratic Mistress Lilse really likes Her slave's face. For slapping. Hard. She simply loves to derive pleasure from pulverising Her slave's cheeks with Her soft delicate hands. All the time he is being viciously slapped he must look into his beautiful Mistress’ eyes and then he will be able to appreciate the sheer joy that his face can bring to Her. His face will feel like it is on fire and his head will ring but he will be blessed with a warm inner glow knowing that his suffering has brought so much pleasure to his stunning Mistress.


    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne in “A puppy, monkey, wanker and still useless...
    Clip of the week - 35 2
    Category: FEMDOM
    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne have all kinds of slaves in Their dungeon but rarely have They seen a more pathetic and useless specimen. As his puppy impersonation is more like a monkey one, he paves the way for one of the most intense humiliations ever, to the enjoyment of the mean Mistresses. Their exquisitely booted legs jerk his pitiful cock to attention after his hand proves unable to perform only to make his humiliation so much more profound. He can bark or scratch his head, roll on the ground and wank his dirty appendage to a long, hard ejaculation but there is still a lot to work on if he wants to be kept in Their service. Maybe cleaning his own cum with his tongue will be a point in his favor…

    Mistress Lilse von Hitte “Mistakes are punished at the House of Sinn
    #1 in the "FEMDOM" categ
    All House of Sinn slaves are trained to the highest standards of obedience to meet the demanding needs of their Owners. They are taught to understand that any mistake, infraction or breach of standards, no matter how small will be met with severe and brutal punishment. A slave who lives in fear of brutality and pain will be a more docile and devoted creature. Today Mistress Lilse's slave has made a silly mistake so will be subjected to the inevitable harsh punishment. This is after all for his own good and to make him a better slave. Mistress Lilse is a strict disciplinarian and She will beat him with a vicious heavy crop and when she tires of this he can expect his puny cock and balls to be pulverised by Her riding boots. And he must express his deep gratitude for his correction.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn and Lady Yna in “Testing out the newly trained furniture
    #1 in the "HUMAN FURNITURE" categ
    Lady Yna has grown weary of Her pitiful husband. Unable to satisfy Her in any way and unable to support Her lavish lifestyle She is about to discard him on to the slave scrapheap. That is until Her dear friend Mistress Ezada steps in and suggests that She could retrain the creature as a piece of human furniture. Lady Yna likes this suggestion although doubts that the useless fool will survive the strict unremitting 1 month training programme under the legendary Mistress Ezada. But now is the time to find out as Mistress Ezada presents the results of Her very strict regime. This is going to be a severe test of endurance as a couch and trampling mat for him under the shapely Goddesses. Will he be good enough to spend the rest of his sad life as a piece of furniture or will he be dismissed for ever..?