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    Mistress Kennya in “The heavenly smoke and ash of a leather seductress
    #1 in the "HUMAN ASHTRAY" categ
    Mistress Kennya is a stunning Lady but when She wears the barely there leather straps and amazing butter soft platform boots, She blows away a slave's senses. Mix that with the sexy way She smokes and uses Her human ashtray and you get a lethal combination of mean seduction and heavenly smoke and ash. The lucky slave at Her divine feet will do anything to be in Her service, he will gladly eat Her ash, inhale Her smoke and many more.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, Lady Yna, Mistress Kennya, and Mistress Saida in “Femdom Ashtray Extravaganza
    #1 in the "HUMAN ASHTRAY" categ
    House of Sinn “Clip of the week 28-
    Being an ashtray for four leather Goddesses is such a dream for most slaves, most of them can't even comprehend the honour of serving four Ladies of The House Of Sinn in the same time. Goddess Ezada, Lady Yna, Mistresses Kennya and Saida, ravishing in silky soft leather are in the mood for abuse. This creature is bound, trembling at Their mercy when They have none, ready to do anything to please Them. And the mean Mistresses do like to torment him, from the huge amount of smoke and ash that They lavish on him to the copious amounts of spit and humiliation he is subjected to. All this as he is ordered to masturbate; if he doesn't cum by the time the Ladies finish Their cigarettes he will never be allowed to cum again. Aren't They generous? Extravagantly so in fact.


    Mistress Kennya and Mistress Saida in “Human ashtray for two Goddesses
    #1 in the "HUMAN ASHTRAY" categ
    Mistress Kennya and Mistress Saida have a looser slave bound in Their dungeon, useless and old, ready for humiliation and disdain, only good to be spat on and used as a human ashtray. Even that is an honour for him considering how young and gorgeous the Ladies are and They make sure to tell him that, let the looser be ashamed of being alive in Their presence, let him gag on Their ash and choke on Their smoke, after all, what good is he?

    Mistress Kennya in Smoke, ash and a frustrated human ashtray
    #1 in the “HUMAN ASHTRAY” c
    Male submissives go weak at the knees at the sight of Mistress Kennya and She likes nothing more than to use Her stunning looks and sadistic personality to tease, torment and tantalise them to the point of abject frustration. This slave is locked helplessly in a service table and as his delectable Mistress settles down for a smoke She teases him relentlessly with Her amazing leather steel heeled thigh length boots. He is utterly desperate to worship the soft aromatic leather but for now he is no more than a simple ashtray. He coughs and splutters as Mistress Kennya blows Her smoke in his sad face, Her glorious boots and heels so close and yet so far. He longs achingly to kiss and touch them but She just cruelly leaves him there with a mouthful of ash and a lipstick laden butt to chew on, Her smile of pleasure at his frustration the sure sign of Her sadistic delight.

    Mistress Evilyne in “A propper ashtray face“
    Category: HUMAN ASHTRAY
    Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne is in the mood for a nice relaxing smoke on Her lovely German holiday and a good, properly trained slave makes a perfect ashtray. He eagerly opens his mouth without being ordered to, so eager to please that he is not only speechless but also terrified of his Mistress whims. His pathetic little cock shies at the humiliation the vicious Mistress is gracious enough to reward him with but as time goes on and he will be put in extreme situations, his cocklett will thrive under Her expert handling.

    Miss Sarah in “Find an ashtray or become one”
    Category: HUMAN ASHTRAY
    Miss Sarah has Her slave look for an ashtray as She wants to relax and enjoy Her cigarette. The silly slave gets so flustered that he is unable to do more than panic as he cannot find one, thus managing to give the sadistic Mistress a very good reason to use his filthy mouth as Her ashtray. The desperate slave is so eager to please that he obeys instantly and the mere torment as he is played with and taunted shows on his face as he swallows the ash and inhales the smelly smoke. Needless to say he is not a smoker so that is as disgusting as can be but the mere thought of being in service to his Mistress makes him do anything to stay in Her good graces, eat the ash and swallow the butt of the cigarette. The question is, will that be enough?