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    Mistress Kennya in “The heavenly smoke and ash of a leather seductress
    #1 in the "HUMAN ASHTRAY" categ
    Mistress Kennya is a stunning Lady but when She wears the barely there leather straps and amazing butter soft platform boots, She blows away a slave's senses. Mix that with the sexy way She smokes and uses Her human ashtray and you get a lethal combination of mean seduction and heavenly smoke and ash. The lucky slave at Her divine feet will do anything to be in Her service, he will gladly eat Her ash, inhale Her smoke and many more.

    Mistress Vivienne in “The heady aroma of power and leather
    Clip of the week - 29
    Mistress Vivienne's personal slave has already finished his tasks for today so he receives an unexpected gift: the privilege of worshipping his glorious Mistress, from the tip of Her gorgeous shoes, up Her shapely legs encased in dark silk, caressing Her perfectly round bottom with his unworthy lips, smelling Her delicious aroma through high quality leather... After he is dismissed to fetch gifts for his Mistress it’s your turn.

    Mistress Kennya in Smoke, ash and a frustrated human ashtray
    #1 in the “HUMAN ASHTRAY” c
    Male submissives go weak at the knees at the sight of Mistress Kennya and She likes nothing more than to use Her stunning looks and sadistic personality to tease, torment and tantalise them to the point of abject frustration. This slave is locked helplessly in a service table and as his delectable Mistress settles down for a smoke She teases him relentlessly with Her amazing leather steel heeled thigh length boots. He is utterly desperate to worship the soft aromatic leather but for now he is no more than a simple ashtray. He coughs and splutters as Mistress Kennya blows Her smoke in his sad face, Her glorious boots and heels so close and yet so far. He longs achingly to kiss and touch them but She just cruelly leaves him there with a mouthful of ash and a lipstick laden butt to chew on, Her smile of pleasure at his frustration the sure sign of Her sadistic delight.

    Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana in “men are made to be used by Women“
    Category: OUTDOORS
    One day Mistresses Ezada, Ava Black and Kiana went to a forest to shoot some whipping clips. It was a cold, windy day, the winter was not over yet. They had a slave each, to be Their whipping boys, but also to serve Them in any way They needed. And, after having had fun whipping them, the Mistresses needed the slaves to clean Their boots, full of leaves and wet dirt. With their mouths, of course. While Mistresses Ezada and Ava found a tree trunk to sit down on, Mistress Kiana used one of the slaves as Her chair. The other two were left to do all the cleaning, and that wasn't easy at all. Their mouths got full of wet, half-rotten leaves, their faces got full of dirt. The cold wind was not helping either, even though their backs were hot from the whipping, and their Mistresses felt they could benefit from some warming up slaps on their faces. After all they are slaves, their Mistresses take care of them. They take care that they do their jobs, whether they like it or not. The important thing is that the Mistresses are pleased.

    Mistress Evilyne in “Shoe shine boy”
    Category: SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP
    Time for some thorough shoe cleaning for this slave as Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne introduces Her black patent leather stiletto shoes to his willing tongue. He must reverently lick every centimetre being careful not to slobber over Her precious footwear with too much saliva. The shoes must shine as though they were brand new in order to satisfy his Mistress. The soles are caked with the dirt and grime of the London streets and he must bite off all the dirt and swallow it before slavishly licking them spotlessly clean. If he can satisfy Mistress Evilyne with this simple but highly important and symbolic task he may one day be allowed be allowed to drink Her pee or even clean Her out after She has sex with Her bull. But he must prove himself worthy.

    Mistress Sarah in “A worshiping tongue and a whip“
    Category: FOOT WORSHIP
    Mistress Sarah is a sophisticated, elegant and deliciously cruel Mistress. Her strong natural sadistic streak can only mean much pain and suffering for any witless male creature honoured to be in Her presence. Today She is wearing a pair of magnificent open toed platform designer shoes as befits a Lady of Her class. As She reminds the miserable wretch at Her feet not only are Her long steel stilletto heels more that twice the length of his pitiful excuse for a cock but just one of Her elegant shoes is worth more than his sad life. He must reverently worship her toes and shoes and then lick the dirt from the soles. She has a nasty looking whip at hand should he displease Her in any way, or maybe She will just use it for Her pleasure. After carefully removing one of Her shoes Mistress Sarah forces Her entire foot into his mouth. Shen then vigorously fucks his mouth causing him to gag and splutter and should his teeth touch Her soft skin he will feel the lash of Her whip. Face fucked by a foot - how degrading for the pathetic creature.

    Miss Tressa and Mistress Gaia in “Boot worship extravaganza“
    Category: SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP
    What a lucky day for this small dicked boot slut, faced with not one but 2 pairs of glorious boots to worship and drool over. Miss Tressa's legs are adorned in beautiful suede boots whilst Mistress Gaia sports a pair of magnificent black patent leather over the knee boots. The slave's tongue is put to good use cleaning the soles of the beautiful Mistress’s boots and deep throating the long stiletto heels. They tease his useless cock with Their heels and then under Their expert guidance he cleans every gorgeous inch. His tongue and jaw will ache long before he is dismissed from Their presence but They don't care for he is just an object to be used for Their pleasure.

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, Mistress Gaia and Mistress Saint Laurence in “Cumming all over his whipping marks”
    Category: ORGASM CONTROL
    The whipping slaves have served good today, maybe they even deserve some rewards. Goddess Ezada, Mistress Gaia and Mistress Saint Laurence are in the mood to see if their battered bodies can perform under pressure, orgasm control is hard to take when you can barely move from the vicious whippings. The first slave is useless to the Mistresses, his cock so tiny that its barely visible; hes quickly discarded in favor of the second victim of the day. Now this one has potential, getting harder by the second under the watchful eye of our sadistic Goddesses. Having the privilege of worshipping Their glorious high heels might be one of the reasons, the wicked instrument of torment that Goddess Ezada uses on his poor cock is certainly one very good reason. His come half spurts, half dribbles on the welts of his stomach under the taunts and humiliating laughter of the Mistresses. He might just have earned himself another punishment for cumming too fast.

    Mistress Roberta in “Mistress Roberta's Feet worship tutorial”
    Category: FEMDOM POV
    If a woman needs to be admired, a Mistress needs to be worshiped and the best way to start is with Her feet. Mistress Roberta is teaching how; Her feet are arrayed in black stockings and a pair of red high heeled shoes and Her dress is showing just enough to put anybody at Her disposal, licking Her shoes in ecstasy.
    With smooth movements and a soft but commanding voice She shows were and how Her shoes need do be french kissed. When enough skill is accumulated, it's time to pass to the next level, Her stockings covered feet. She plays with Her feet and toes directing the slaves' mouths to the points that need their affection, enjoying Her place in the world as woman and Mistress.