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    New Manyvids clip

    BBW Peach in the shower

    Do you ever ask yourself how a big piggy shower?

    If her big belly looks when its covered in bubbles?

    How it sounds when the hot water drops down her fat body ?

    How does she dry herself? How she lotion her fat jiggly body? yes ?

    Then its the perfect vido for youย 

    This time I'm not just in the shower. I filmed how I get undressed and how I dry myself and get dressed ๐Ÿ˜Š.


    Why do I want to get fat?

    Because I want to let go and allow myself to have the body I dream of. To be the object of a partner who finds fulfillment in the overindulgence and fattening of others. I love fat bodies and have dreamed of having one of my own for the longest time.

    I want to feel my skin stretch as my body grows softer, fatter and larger. The feeling of clothes tightening and stretching, tearing and bursting is an exhilarating reward that lets me know Iโ€™m reaching my dream body. To feel rolls rise across my body, pushing outwards against my clothes, forcing me to seek out a larger size.

    Food, eating and binging is an activity that makes me happy. Not because of guilt or shame, but because I enjoy it and cherish every bite. Because I love the thrill of a person encouraging me to meet my limits and push myself a little further. The feeling of a bloated belly and seeing how large itโ€™s become in front of my eyes is blissful. Becoming incapacitated and vulnerable is beautifully intimate. To feel loving hands poke and rub my distended stomach, the teasing and marvel, the desire and lust.

    To give in to laziness, gluttony and obesity is comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. Slowing down to a waddle due to cumbersome thighs and the momentum of a backside that has itโ€™s own center of gravity. To feel the excessive weight on my frame as struggle to get out of bed and the extended time it will take to wash my overgrown body. Knowing that sitting at the table isnโ€™t as hot as sitting in front of an open fridge and binging like a ravenous pig. Having my body develop rolls where I never thought Iโ€™d have them, a fat pad or fupa, arms that sag, ankles that swell and bulbous breasts that should be flat, yet arouse me to no end. I want to feel my belly hang out of tshirts and to force shirts open. To feel my body jiggle as I make any slight movement. So that I can have a fatter face, with thick chin rolls. And to widen and take up more space, with a fat back that has rolls that resemble breasts sagging to the side. Most importantly to have soft, flabby belly, extending in front of me, becoming the largest part of my body. A belly so big, that it forces my thick legs apart when I sit. I want my belly and thighs to be so round, that they bury my parts giving rise to extra care of my own wandering hands and the lustful hunt for of an enamored partner.

    Because we only live once and I would rather allow myself to live the life I fantasize about. Bodies are fluid, they shrink and they grow or they stay the same. But for me, I want it to expand, to bloat and grow softer. Because Iโ€™ve realised that Iโ€™d rather be happy and fulfilled than frustrated and unhappy. As I grow fatter and rounder, I become jolly and sensual. My fantasies and kinks are important to me, I want to live them and to experience them without shame. I need to let myself become a glutton and sought out by an encourager, who would fatten me up and help me set the best worst example for myself. Because I want someone to share my desires with and to experience theirs. I want to be pushed to the point where I can consensually submit and feel myself get fatter as my inhibitions are broken, as I become the obese version of myself I lust for. To double in size, then triple - my thighs being bigger than my torso used to be, my breasts bigger than my head and my backside as wide as a family couch.

    Because this is who I am and I WANT to get fatter.

    Pretty much lol

    This is what I want. Jsyk.

    I want this in a partner