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    doctor who: by design a fun campy mess, mileage will vary with each season based on personal taste, occasionally treats its women and gays okay, multiple episodes of actually outstanding quality, on the whole a net positive culturally

    supernatural: started off okay, only got worse. cautionary tale about beating a dead horse. enjoyable if you can look past the flaws but Oh Boy The Flaws. some episodes very good, somehow. deserves to be mocked but if u still care i respect ur tenacity

    sherlock: genuinely should never have been made. terrible as an adaptation and a show. prime example of homophobia as written by a gay man, unbearably up its own arsehole, every autistic person alive deserves compensation for the high-functioning sociopath line. zero redeeming qualities. every copy in the world should be erased and replaced with hbomberguy’s video. if ur still invested in 2020 im so sorry


    The fucking what line.


    if u made it thru 2012 w/o “i’m not a psycopath, anderson, i’m a high-functioning sociopath. do your research.” being permanently burned into ur brain im so jealous and, also, incredibly sorry to have made u read it now




















    If you like the wellerman, try on this classic


    this is a pathologic ass song 


    The Chemical Worker’s Song. Not far off our current days’ wage slave experience. I’m telling you, you need Union Songs.

    Sailors aboard a ship used to hum to warn the captain they were THIS close to a mutiny and didn’t like conditions AT ALL. Because humming was something others could keep doing when you stopped. Anyone comes close you stop, but the hum of the rest keeps on and they can’t prove who, exactly, is doing it.

    Just saying.


    Sea shanties are a gateway drug to work/labour songs of all kinds, labour songs always end up including union songs, and that’s how you end up extremely hardcore for organised labour.

    And if people want more information, this particular song is called “The Chemical Worker’s Song (Process Man)”, written by the Canadian folk group Great Big Sea.

    Sea shanties and labour songs are an active tradition! Are you pissed? Sing about it.


    Small point of clarification: The ICI Song, aka The Chemical Worker’s Song or The Process Man, was written by Ron Angel in 1964. Great Big Sea’s version is gorgeous and raw, but they stand on other folkies’ shoulders here and it’s worth remembering. http://ehc.english.ucsb.edu/?p=19619


    I went in the notes to find a mention of Great Big Sea so I didn’t have to say it, glad my friends and mutuals can always be trusted


    My mother didn’t believe me when I said the reason her phone keeps displaying ads for dog car harnesses is because it eavesdrops on her spoken conversations.

    “Watch this,” I said. “I want to buy a wetsuit. I need a wetsuit. Where can I get a wetsuit? Bring me a wetsuit. Wetsuit size small. Women’s wetsuits. Wetsuits for children. Wetsuits for dogs. Discount wetsuits. Hot single wetsuits in my area? Sexy wetsuits. Wetsuits for sale. Purchase me a wetsuit. We need to get a wetsuit. Spend money on a wetsuit! I want to get a wetsuit. Where did you get that wetsuit?”

    Her phone is now advertising wetsuits.


    Former web developer, AI/UI dev, and data analyst for various things (including targeted marketing on social media) here.

    If you have accounts like Facebook and Google +/Gmail, or any app that requires permissions to read & write your surface settings, then this is why it happens. Your default settings for location and other permissions (mic and camera) are enabled for constant read-write.

    What does this mean?

    You can toggle your permissions for these apps for conditions like Never or While Using App. Keep in mind that if you have apps opened up in the background of your phone, then you're technically using them. Make sure to close them out completely when you don't want to use them.

    But why?

    When you have your location permissions enabled for apps, this data is collected and used for targeted marketing. Google is the biggest offender.

    Example of how to stop active data collection

    You can pause permissions on Google accounts:

    You can toggle app settings for surface permissions off:

    Friendly Reminder

    The more you create accounts by using your Google or Facebook to login, the more active data collection you offer to these companies. Unfortunately, Facebook will never not offer you the chance to not have ads showing on your newsfeed. However, you can shut off channels of active data collection by signing up with an email address and a good ol' password instead of using SSO (single sign on) with Google or Facebook.


    This cyberpunk future is so lame


    “This representation was groundbreaking for the time and a lot of people liked it” and “This may have aged poorly and many modern audiences from the group don’t feel represented by it and are bothered by aspects of it” are not mutually exclusive


    see also: “it’s okay to feel uncomfortable with these pieces of media due to their clumsy—if not harmful—depictions” and “some people still enjoy them, despite their flaws, especially older people who grew up without the same amount of representation we have today, and it’s not your place to tell someone they can’t like it”