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18 years or older. This site promoting Patriarchy, Andrarchy, and Male Supremacy and Superiority. I am a dominant man who believes that all of the female genders should be enslaved by man to bring The Men Worldwide Kingdom. Only through Male Supremacy and Superiority can the world will re-become at the natural order of life. In The Men Worldwide Kingdom, the females will have no rights or limits, the females will be bought and sold as property. After being bought the female slaves are branded to identify which Master it belongs to. All female slaves will be locked in a chastity belt permanently or temporary, usually decided to be the female slave's Master. Permanent collars are fastened together with a lock on it. In The Men Worldwide Kingdom, the dominant husbands are the head of the house, all women need actually be dominated by a strong gentleman since they were born. First by their fathers and after for her boyfriends, husband, brothers, uncles or other men, women will always be reliant upon. They will always be beneath every single man on The Men Worldwide Kingdom. Females are just specimens who created to serve men. Females must do anything to please men because that is the reason that they are born. Men Rule women obey, period. Thank you for your visit, we wish you a pleasant visit. Contact me. E-mail and Skype masterjosep1@outlook.com Amazon amzn.com/w/3K0AOWQWDAQ9V PayPal PayPal.me/MasterJoseP Instagram www.instagram.com/masterjosep1/ Line masterjosep1

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