I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Jenny, my 18-year old daughter, came into the room wearing her sweat shorts and tee shirt ready to go to bed after saying good night to her mom and dad. Jenny is a gorgeous little girl and being a former high school tennis player she had, what I call, a slightly over-developed body for her age. She has incredible thighs, 36C breasts just like her mother, a flat tummy, and golden brown hair. She is my princess and I love her with all my heart and soul. Since she turned 18 and started at the local community college I don’t get to see her as much as I used to. So these Friday evening family times were very precious to us. Jenny walks in, says Hi to her mom, walks over to me and says: “What’s up ‘old man? Hey can we talk about my class trip to Europe dad?” She sits on my leg but slowly slides into my lap like she has always done. She starts telling me about her day and plans for the next day and any juicy news. On this particular night she spent most of her time talking about why I should pay over ten thousand dollars for her to go to Europe for two months during summer. All the while she is squirming and wiggling and moving around in my lap. She does not sit still. She also knows that her daddy will do anything for her when she sits in his lap and bats her eye lashes and pouts her lips. Even at 18 it works on her dad. My wife, Jenny’s mother, comes in the room wearing only a long tee shirt and panties and never a bra. This is my favorite outfit on her. She sits down on the couch opposite to us and proceeds to watch TV. A few minutes later she is more into watching the daddy-daughter interaction than the TV. My hands slowly stroke Jenny’s hair as my other hand slides around her waist and rests on her cute tummy. I involuntarily pull Jenny towards me. She snuggles into my lap deeper. I can feel her round butt in my lap and her whole body on me. Jenny loves to rest her head on my shoulders while I am contemplating a decision for her or she wants to be extra sweet to me. As I have my small talk with Jenny she gets comfortable in daddy’s lap with little squirming, a bit of wiggling and some snuggling into me. My hand caresses her tummy, her gorgeous white thighs and just about any part of her body daddy feels need caressing. I look over to my wife to see if she has any opinion on her Europe trip but instead I see her having a flustered look on her. She looks all worked up. Her hand is snug between her legs pressing gently and she is slowly opening and closing her legs. She bites her lower lip a few times and I realized that she is getting turned on watching our baby girl sitting in her daddy’s lap. I smiled at her and got “oh daddy I love you” look back from my wife. Coincidently, just then, Jenny softly turns around, looks at me and says: “I love you daddy.” Did she notice her mother’s reaction? Did she somehow understand her mother’s unspoken words of lust towards her husband? Those words out of Jenny’s mouth simply melted my heart and made my cock harder. I was nervous but I wanted to do more with Jenny. Show her how much I love and care about her. I also wanted to test my theory about my wife and started to take it a bit further and asked Jenny if she was enjoying sitting in daddy’s lap just like old times. Jenny said that she always loved sitting in daddy’s lap and that it makes her feel comfortable and real good. She looked back at me smiled. Jenny: “Daddy I love you daddy.” and kissed my cheek. I said: Me: “I love you too pumpkin,” and gave her a peck and then a kiss on the lips. Jenny: “Oh that was a good kisses daddy.” And she giggled. Me: “Only for my baby girl. And if you are a good girl, daddy will give you kisses like that every day.” When I looked over at my wife hoping that she really enjoyed this additional interaction between daddy and daughter, I was surprised to see that her tee shirt was almost up to her crotch, and her legs were slightly open and her hand was pressed up against her pussy. Also her cleavage and half of left breast was almost exposed and hard nipples sticking out. She probably fondled them when I was talking to Jenny. Seeing my wife getting all worked up while watching Jenny wiggle and squirm in daddy’s lap made me very hard and it painfully pressed against my shorts. I am pretty sure that at this point Jenny could probably feel something hard and large poking her underneath but she didn’t say anything. I continued to talk with Jenny and let my hands roam around her sweet body while keeping a sharp eye on my wife. She now had put a light soft throw over her knees so she would not accidentally expose herself to Jenny. However I could tell by the movement under it that my wife probably had her hand inside her panties and was rubbing herself fast and hard. Her eyes were slightly open and she was looking in our direction, her lips were quivering and she was breathing heavy. After about 10 minutes of intense workup my wife got up and went up to our bedroom. By this time, Jenny had already wiggled so much in my lap that I had a wet spot on my shorts, her shorts and panties were bunched up on one side and she was breathing heavy as was I. I kissed Jenny hard on her cheeks and neck and I walked her up to her room. We stood in her room facing each other. I gave her a tight hug that lasted over two minutes. My full body including my raging hard-on was pressed against her. I told her that she is an amazing baby girl and that she is daddy’s princess. After I heard, ‘I love you dad, you are awesome" from Jenny, I looked deep into her eyes and then gave her a kiss on her lips with our bodies still connected. After about a minute of me kissing her sweet gorgeous pink lips I looked into her eyes and whacked her cute butt a couple times and we both laughed. After I put Jenny to bed, I went to my bedroom where I found my wife standing there looking at me with the sexiest look I have ever seen. She was wearing a large tee shirt and no panties or no bra. She had let her hair down. I could see her hard nipples poking out of her thin tee shirt material. The room had a certain smell of sex all around. Wife: So did you tuck Jenny in? Was she okay? Me: Yes she is okay. She is a good girl. Wife: Oh she is a very good girl I just lover her to death. Our angel. But she is a daddy’s girl first and foremost. Me: She is a cutie pie. But you know how girls are. They adore their dads. I love her honey she is my princess. Wife: Yes I know Mark. She loves sitting in your lap and wiggling that ass of hers for sure, and you seem to not complain. (Gleaming eyes, big smile) Me: Are you jealous? Do you want to sit in daddy’s lap too? Wife: (Serious looking) Yeah I do daddy. Are you going to disappoint your baby girl daddy or are you going to have her sit in your lap right now? Me: (Looking deep into my wife’s eyes I give her a big grin and my cock is now raging hard) I am one never to disappoint my baby girl. Come here sweetie, come sit in daddy’s lap. I removed my boxers, kept my tee shirt on and sat down on the chair. My wife smiled and walked up to me. She lifted her large tee shirt up around her waist exposing her sexy tight around ass and smooth pussy and sat down in my lap facing her back to me just like Jenny was earlier. She started wiggling her butt in my lap and calling me big daddy and giggling like a schoolgirl. I was getting harder feeling my wife’s hot ass on my cock. She lifted herself up from my lap long enough to put her own hands under her butt spread them wide and sit back down onto daddy’s cock. As my fat cock slid inside her tight crack, a moan escaped from her mouth and mine at the same time. She kept saying, “I love you daddy” as she continued to wiggle her ass in my lap. My thick cock was nicely snug in the crack of her ass and it felt great. The rubbery swollen tip of my cock was poking her ass hole and my balls were pressed up against her wet pussy gushing juices. My mind kept going back and forth between images of my wife and Jenny. I’d close my eyes and imagine its my sweet princess Jenny and then switch back to my wife just as I was about to cum. I couldn’t take it anymore I pushed my wife off of me, took my tee shirt off while she jumped into bed. That night she kept calling me ‘daddy’ and I fucked her at least for an hour before we fell asleep. The following week was slow as hell. I was having a hard time concentrating on work. I had even gone online to find some stories on daddy daughter’s taboo relationships or mother’s kinky fetishes about her daughter. Friday finally came and I came home early to find my wife already home. We had a quiet dinner, followed by a couple glasses of wine in the living room in front of the television. We were chit chatting on random topics. One of the topics was Jenny’s Europe trip, which had started this whole thing where Jenny sat in my lap and my wife got turned on by watching us. Wife: She should be excited to know that she can go to Europe. Did you see how cute she was being; trying to seduce her old man by sitting in your lap and batting her eye lashes? God I remember doing that with my own dad whenever I wanted something. That poor man didn’t stand a chance when I sat in his lap wiggling and squirming my ass. (Laugh) Me: I guess Jenny takes after her mom, moving her butt in my lap and telling me how much she loves her me. She knew what she was doing, that little minx. We both laughed. After I stared at my wife for a couple minutes, I said. Me: So did you ever feel your dad’s cock against your butt? Wife: Oh my God yes, Mark. It used to get really hard. It felt huge. I loved teasing my dad. I used to walk around the house in panties and tee shirt when mom was away. Me: Well, I am sure Jenny also felt her old man’s huge cock against her butt last week. I could not help it honey. (Smile) Wife: Yeah Yeah big daddy, I know you loved having your little princess sit in your lap, hug you and love you. You love all the attention from your daughter. Me: Well honey you really enjoyed watching our daughter sit in my lap didn’t you. Your pussy and nipples were on fire. Wife: OMG Mark, I was so fucking turned on watching Jenny wiggle and squirm her ass in your lap and watching you so much in love and lust with our daughter. Me: What can I say honey she is my princess. Wife: But you spoil her rotten too. There is nothing that you wouldn’t do for her. Me: I feel the same about my other princess too. (Evil smile) Wife: I know honey, you treat me like your princess too. I love that about you. You’re such a loving daddy and you have such a gynormous cock daddy. (Giggle. My wife tried to sound like our daughter.) Wife: So did daddy’s college girl tell you when she’s coming home? (Smile) Me: She said before midnight because she is going hiking in the morning. My wife and I both looked at the watch and it was 11: 35 pm. We both quietly looked at each other and smiled. Me: Well honey I better get changed. Wife: Well big daddy I better get changed too. (Evil grin) I put on my boxers and tee shirt. I guess I was feeling ambitious and hopeful. My wife came down wearing her usual, long tee shirt that just covered her butt, panties and no bra. Jenny came home before midnight. She sat down on the couch next to her mother and spent a few minutes chatting about her evening at Dave & Busters with her college friends and how they almost got kicked out. As we all started laughing, she said: Jenny: Okay parental-unit, I will be right back. Gotta get changed. My wife and I exchanged a very happy and naughty glance. Jenny returned wearing her tee shirt that barely covered her butt and showed parts of her panties. Jenny laid down on the carpet in front of me, on her tummy, head propped up, watching TV. Her cute round ass swaying and moving ever so often and her tee shirt was high up enough that I could see the bottom of her ass spilling out of her panties. A couple times my wife and I exchanged smiley glances with each other. We both knew what we really wanted to happen here. My mouth was dry so I kept taking sips of water. After about 10 minutes of watching my daughter’s ass move in front of me, I could not take it any more. I felt like I had to do something as I noticed a hint of disappointment on my wife’s face. I looked down at Jenny and her butt and said, Me: Jenny honey, are you ready to talk about your Europe trip? As if a lightning bolt had hit her, she jumped up and slid right into my lap in a matter of seconds. Jenny: Yes dad. What did you decide? Come on old man, are you going to cough up the money or not? As we talked, I noticed that Jenny was deep in my lap already, wiggling her sexy round ass with her one arm around my neck and the other arm across my chest. My boxers were not going to protect my thick hard cock from poking my daughter right in her butt. Wife: There she goes again, sitting in her dad’s lap. You know young lady you have been doing this since you were a little girl. Isn’t it time you stopped, you’re a grown college woman now. (Big evil grin) Jenny: Uh, what mom? I love dad and he is about to pay for my trip to Europe. (Laugh) And don’t tell me you never pulled this stunt with your dad. I see how you with grandpa now when he comes over. “Hi daddy, what you getting me for my birthday daddy?” (Laugh) Me: (Looking at my wife.) That is true honey; you are still your daddy’s girl. And you know sweetie, even when Jenny becomes a successful businesswoman or is married and has children of her own, she can still come sit in her daddy’s lap. I will always be her daddy and she will always be my princess. Jenny quietly, looked at her mom who smiled at her, and then she turned around to look at me, slid her hands around my neck kissed my cheek then kissed my lips gently and said: Jenny: I love you dad, and it’s a deal. I love being your princess daddy, but seriously, when I have my own kids, I can still be your baby girl? Me: Yes honey, Of course. (Smile and kiss on her forehead) My hands roamed around her sexy thighs, her tummy, her neck, her hair, and her knees. I kissed her cheeks and her neck. She hugged me real tight a couple times. It was an amazing feeling to have my precious baby girl be this close to me. My wife wasted no time in moving her hands between her legs. She had removed her panties off which I saw tucked under the couch pillow. That made my cock even harder as if that was even possible. I could tell that my wife was lost in her fetish and was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy fast. I continued to caress Jenny’s thighs, which made her tee shirt rise up almost to her crotch area. Her ass felt incredibly tight and her thighs were so silky and sexy. Her skin was so soft and she smelt great. My cock got harder. I noticed that my wife’s eyes were now fixed onto Jenny’s thighs and her ass. I told Jenny that I was going to lift her up so I can fix my boxers and she giggled and let me slide my hands under her butt and lift her up. My boxers were fine but my cock needed to straighten out. As soon as Jenny got up my cock started to pulsate hard and jerk a few times and create a huge tent pole in my boxers. My wife looked at my huge bulge and groaned, moaned, licked her lips and gave me that “I am going to fuck you silly tonight” look. I quickly put Jenny down into my lap. This time daddy’s big fat cock was resting nicely against her ass and I know overtime she would squirm, turn around, and wiggle and my cock would get pushed in her ass crack. I swear I heard tiny moans and whimpers from Jenny’s mouth. I knew Jenny was feeling something hard, thick, fat and huge poking her butt. I was nervous, as I did not want these encounters to stop. I was so hard and my cock was already oozing pre cum so much that I needed to fuck something soon. I started slowly gyrating my hips while pretending to either move or pick up a glass of water or something. My wife was finger fucking herself hard and deep as her eyes were closed. Jenny thought her mom had fallen asleep so she started whispering. I whispered to Jenny that to avoid waking her mother up perhaps she should face me so we can hear each other easier. Jenny got up and around and straddled my lap. I kissed her cheeks and her forehead and I hugged her real tight. She remained straddling me for a few minutes and I even found courage to peck her soft lips a few times. By then my cock was hard and thick and grinding against Jenny’s pussy. I was sure that the extra gyrations that Jenny was doing were so she could feel her daddy’s cock against her pussy. Me: Sweetie its time to go to bed. I did see a sad look on my baby girls’ face and to that I said, Me: Do you want daddy to hug and kiss you good night again just like last week? (smile) As soon as Jenny heard that she smiled broadly and got up. We both went up to her room. I made her stand on the floor again facing me and I gave her a very tight hug, which lasted nearly 5 minutes. My hands were roaming her back, her round butt and her hair. I felt her hands on my upper and lower back. Then I looked into my baby girl’s eyes and kissed her mouth with full on lips. We kissed for nearly three minutes intensely. My lips moved gently and our tongues touched. We kissed as lovers for another three minutes. I broke off the kiss, told her that daddy loved her more than life and that she was my princess forever. Then I whacked her butt and called her a naughty girl. She giggled said “I love you daddy, good night” as I left her room. I enter my bedroom to find my wife fully naked, on the bed, doggie style with her round ass up turned and facing me. My raging hard on poked out of my boxers. I remove my boxers and my tee shirt immediately and threw them on the floor. I got behind my wife and entered her juicy dripping wet pussy in one big thrust all the way up to the hilt without any warning. My wife’s pussy was on fire. I had never felt it quiver and contract around my cock so hard. I grabbed onto my wife’s ass cheeks spread them wide and shoved a finger up her tight pink ass hole. To that she screamed and moaned “oh daddy please fuck me daddy.” I pulled her hair and started pounding her pussy with my huge fat cock over and over again as my balls started to slap against her. I kept fingering her anus hard. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was fucking my precious Jenny as I pounded my wife’s pussy. After about 10 minutes of fucking her hard I could not take it anymore and shot streams of cum into her sweet pussy. Some of my cum seeped out of her pussy and onto her clit and my cock and balls which she sucked and licked off right away. We both went to bed soon after as she said “God I love you daddy.” I smiled like the happiest daddy alive.

    Jenny’s Part

    OMG! I adore my father. He is not only handsome but he is so loving and caring, my protector, my daddy. He treats me like a princess and spoils me rotten. I know he is very sexual and a bit of a sexual deviant and a pervert in the way he treats my mom. My mom is a bit of a flirt and a sexually liberal woman. I bet she experimented a lot in college, I can just tell. We are not very shy with clothes around the house and my parents are not really sexually secretive either. Like the other day, I was home and they fucked in the laundry room. Last year I almost walked in on them while they were fucking against the kitchen island on their anniversary. My dad grabs my mom’s ass almost every time they kiss right in front of me and a couple times I have noticed that my mom is jacking my dad off under the blanket while we are all watching a movie. I actually think that my parents are my role models for a perfect relationship. Although I am only 18 going on 19, I know that I want my man to be just like my dad and I can only hope that I look as sexy and hot as my mom when I am her age. On many different occasions I have heard my mom call her husband “daddy.” Like “What is daddy getting for his precious daughter for her birthday this year,” or “hey daddy where are you taking your sexy girls for dinner tonight,” or “come here big daddy let me give you a hug,” or when they don’t think I am around she’d say “are you going to fuck me big daddy?” No matter what the context, hearing that makes me weak in my knees, warm in my heart, and wet in my pussy. Several times now, when I am masturbating at night, my mind replays the words daddy or even mommy and then I utter those words out physically and that is what pushes me over the edge and I came. I am a bit of a daddy’s girl too. I played tennis in high school and I have kept myself in good shape. I am told I have a smoking body. I absolutely love wearing sexy clothes and underwear because it makes me feel great. Most importantly I love how adorable my dad looks when he looks at me prance around the house in tee shirt and panties or his dress shirt and panties, or low rider flannel shorts, and his boxers. Only recently I noticed my mom starring at my butt or my cleavage. I didn’t think of it much at first but one day I heard her on the phone saying, “she is such a hot little minx she turns her dad on for sure but she makes me quiver too. I bed she is all shaved just like her mother.” I knew she was talking about me. I grabbed mom’s old albums and found a couple pictures of her with her college friends and how close they looked and how skimpily they were dressed. I wondered if mom swung both ways. Needless to say I immediately went into my room, took off my panties, didn’t even bother to take off my shirt and masturbated myself to three or four massive orgasms thinking about, for the very first time, another woman, and my mom at that. Since then I have increased my teasing. It makes me feel good and its harmless. I am sure many young women have fantasized about incest with their fathers and even their mothers. It feels so natural. I mean you have such an amazing biological and emotional bond and you live together and see each other every day. How can I girl not imagine what her daddy’s cock looks like when she hears her mother call him daddy in bed and moan and whimper so loud even the neighbors can tell what’s going on. And how can a young woman not wonder what her mother looks like naked when she looks so hot and dad can’t keep his hands off of her. I wonder what an older version of my own pussy looks like in my mom, her ass and oh my god her breasts and nipples. Sometimes when my mom is not around I forget to wear panties. You should see the involuntary audio and eyeball reactions I notice every time I bend over or reach up for something in front of him. The real treat is when I find reasons to hug my mom and dad real tight. How amazing it feels when my daddy hugs me from behind and kisses my neck or cheek with so much love. He does the same thing with my mom. And strangely I love how tingly it feels when my mom gives me a quick hug from behind like when the other day I was doing dishes when she came home from work. One time my mom gave me such a tight hug from behind that lasted more than a minute that I my pussy gushed out creamy juices right there and then. And that was just because I surprised her by making dinner when I knew she had a horrible day at work. On such days I lock myself up in my room and rub my clit and finger my pussy and make myself cum several times before I can calm down. The last two weekends have been amazing to say the least not only because what transpired between my father and me but also because how my mom reacted to it. Oh my god that woman is so sexually liberated it makes my pussy quiver just thinking about it. Right in front of us as I sit in my dad’s lap batting my eyelashes to get him to pay for my summer trip to Europe, mom starts to open and close her legs with her hands between them. She had a flustered look on her face. At first I had no idea how to respond because I was so nervous and so new to this encounter. So I kept pretending to be clueless but kept looking over at my mom’s out of control body from the corner of my eyes. I know dad loved watching his wife get all worked up because as soon as all this started I started feeling daddy’s cock against my butt. To say that it felt gynormous would be an understatement. It felt like I was leaning against a fucking stripper pole that pulsated every 10 seconds. That first Friday I thought I was going to faint when dad hugged me and kissed me by my bedroom before going to bed. Not until tonight when mom totally fucked herself in the living room under blanket thinking we won’t notice. When dad got so worked up that his cock spurt out some cum on his boxers and on my panties. Some pre-cum even got on my bare ass cheek because how bunched up my panties were due to so much wiggling in his lap. But when he kissed me much longer with his tongue and caressed my sensitive ass and kept on pushing his gynormous cock against my gushing mound, my panties were so fucking wet that they got stuck to my hairless mound. I don’t know what came over me but I kept my panties on for a few more minutes and bunched up the back of my panties (exposing my ass cheeks) and pressed the bunched up panty-string into my crack until I came so hard I nearly passed out. I picked up a couple drops of pre-cum off of my bare but and licked it. I quickly took off my panties and started licking the back of my panties where daddy had come. His cum tasted so intoxicating it made my head spin. I don’t know what made me think of doing that but I am not complaining. That night, I fucked my pussy hard a couple times. Still not able to sleep I went online in search of incest stories and discovered Tumblr. You can imagine my state reading stories after stories of daddy and his precious daughter and a loving mother and her daughter. I went back to bed, lifted my legs up all the way and finger fucked my pussy with one hand while gently just touching my ass hole. I came a few more times before I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Next day I went hiking with my college friends. It was a bonding ritual as we were all in the same major. But all day I had a big happy smile on my face. I could not get home soon enough to read more online stories and fantasize how some of those stories can be brought to real life with my mom and dad. Due to work and school our weekdays are pretty much shot. But that did not stop me from reading more stories online while I rubbed my pussy. I would lie down on the bed after reading a few and finger fuck my pussy and cum several times. At one point my pussy was so sensitive from over-stimulation that once I came while I peed. That was so fucking intense. A couple nights I pretty much skipped doing all my school work because I was so fucking horny that I had to request extensions for my assignments. Something had to be done about this situation we got going in our perfect little suburban house. So I anxiously waited for the following weekend. I wondered if my mom and dad had the same feeling.

    The following Friday, after dinner, we all sat down in front of the television to watch some shows as usual. I was again secretly hoping for a repeat episode of last two weekends but was hopping that it would go further now. After reading so many tumblr stories I was ready for more, a lot more. I love my father and I love my mother. They were good ‘ol American kids in college and are great parents. They are successful, educated, stay in shape and love each other more than you can imagine. This incestuous sexy side that I had discovered in them and the subsequent infatuation with incest fucking after reading stories has brought me closer to my parents, at least in my mind. I love and adore them more. I had been reading incest stories and finger fucking myself every night. My favorite position is to lie on my back, lift up legs all the way up, spread my legs and ass cheeks wide and rub my clit and finger my pussy hard while sliding a finger in and out of my ass hole. On the nights I hear noises coming from my parent’s bedroom I sneak out and stand outside their bedroom and hear them fuck. I often hear my mom call my dad “daddy” and my dad call her “baby girl” or “princess” while fucking. That made my masturbating fantasies even more intense. So when the next Friday came, I was so worked up that I could not see straight. My pussy was on fire and there was an intense aching in my nipples. Something needed to be done about this condition. After half an hour I announced that I was going up to change and that I would be right back. I heard movement and whispers as I was walking up the stairs. I came back down 20 minutes and a pussy rub later, to find that my parents had also changed. Dad in his usual tee and boxers and mom was in a XXL tee shirt that she bought from our last Disney trip. I wore a XL tee shirt that covered just my upper thighs. I was over-sexed and out of control so I did not wear any panties. As I walked into the living room I felt that the room had somehow transformed into a dimly lit cave full of secrets. I wasn’t gone that long but looked like mom and dad had already started (mentally) without me. My mom had an anticipated flustered look on her face and my dad seemed a bit nervous. Was it because he was anticipating something more, a lot more, was going to transpire between daddy and his daughter tonight? I did not see any panties carelessly tucked under mom’s pillow. This could either mean that she still has them on or she did not wear panties at all, just like me. I was hoping for the later. As I walked up to my dad I felt my pussy was going to burst out in flames. I smiled. Me: Hi dad. (I walk up and without any more words I just sat in his lap making sure that my tee shirt rode up high enough that half of my ass cheek was visible to my mom. Dad: Hi pumpkin, how was your day sweetie? Ready for the weekend? Oh honey grandpa is coming to pick up your mom next week. She is going to help them get ready for the state sale before they move to Florida. Your car is going to be in the shop so you can use moms to get ready for your Europe trip next month. Mom: Honey dad is coming on Sat. evening. May be we can do a light dinner. We will start driving around 11 on Sunday morning. (I see a couple shifts in my mom’s posture) At this point my hands are around my dad’s neck and we proceed to talk about the following weekend, my trip to Europe and mom being away for two weeks. During this time I wiggled quite a bit in dad’s lap. My tee shirt rose almost to my crotch area. My white ass was showing. Dad’s one hand was around my waist pulling me into her lap and the other hand was resting and caressing my right thigh. At one point dad also found a way to caress the side of my bare ass. We turn the lights off when we watch a movie so the only light in the living room was from the television and the spill over light from the corridor. I look over at my mom and notice that her eyes are fixed onto my bottom, which was grinding against my dad’s lap and she was gently resting her one hand on her breast and rapidly fingering her pussy with the other. I noticed her legs opening and closing. God it turned me on to think that my mom was getting turned on watching her own daughter sit in her daddy’s lap. That reminded me of when my mom told me how she used to sit in her dad’s lap. Then out of the blue, dad said: Dad: “Honey how come you are not wearing any panties sweetie?” Me: “Its just not comfy dad. Boys and girls should not have to wear panties at night.” I said sounding like an innocent young girl. Dad chuckled. Dad: “Honey do you approve of this?” (Looking at mom) Mom: (Eyes barely open, face flushed) “a…umm… its okay Jack I am not wearing any either.” Dad: “Well that is not fair, I wish I was a boy then.” Dad said in a mock annoyed voice and then he smiled. I giggled and then twisted my waist looking back at dad and I smiled. That made me push my ass deeper into his lap and I felt a major twitch of a huge meaty hard thing against my butt crack. Me: “Oh daddy but you are a boy aren’t you?” Dad: “Well I am a man version of the boy.” Laugh. Me: “Well dad then the rule applies to you too and you should not have to wear your underwear.” Dad: “Well honey the situation is that my boxers are really my underwear.” Mom was zoned out and had no reaction other than “uhuh!” for us. Me: “I know daddy that you wear boxers for your underwear but you can follow the rule and please don’t pout daddy.” I giggled, dad said “oh yeah” and I felt him pull me into his lap more. OMG, I could now feel dad’s huge cock against my crack and it was burning my pussy up. I was about to open my mouth to say something when I heard mom say: Mom: “Yes big daddy, the underwear rule applies to you as well so take them off Jack, its okay.” As I started to giggle and I smiled at mom, dad patted me on my butt and motioned me to get off of his lap. He told me not to turn around and stand still. I was nervous. I looked over at my mom and her eyes were open wide. I heard movement behind me. I guess daddy was dropping his boxers. Then I heard dad sit down on the couch as I felt his hands grab my waist. I took a couple steps back and with nervousness I sat down into daddy’s lap again. Only this time my tee shirt was hiked up way over the waist and I was feeling my dad’s extremely thick hard cock against my ass crack. My pussy was on fire, it was wet, and it was quivering like crazy. I swear I heard a tiny moan from my mom when I sat in dad’s lap again. I wondered if mom ever went this far with her dad. I wonder if mom could relate what I was feeling right now. Mom: “Oh! Ummph!” Mom thought: Oh God I can’t believe she is sitting naked in his naked lap. I bet it feels incredible to feel her daddy’s fat cock against that cute ass of hers. I know how it felt for me two weeks ago when he let me sit in his lap after our first weekend encounter. If only they knew the times I had similar encounters with my own father. Oh God I can’t wait to see my daddy. My dad’s cock grew harder. Then he said he would have to make sure I was sitting in his lap properly. Then he slid his hands under my butt lifted it up a bit and put me back down into his lap. Now his fat cock was pretty much wedged in the bare crack of my tight ass. I closed my eyes. His cock felt a few degrees hotter than the room, it was pulsating in my crack and I could feel his balls against my pussy and a spongy thick head against my ass. I guess daddy had adjusted his cock to face upwards. Several soft moans escaped my mouth as well as my dad’s. I look over at my mom and her lips were quivering and letting a few moans of her own escape out. There was enough light in the room for me to see that mom had her tee shirt hiked up over her waist and she was frantically rubbing her pussy, fingering it in and out and pinching her nipples. I uncontrollably start to gyrate my ass against my dad’s fat cock and he had his hands around my waist and on my tummy and another hand on my bare upper thigh, pushing me and helping me gyrate. We were literally fucking without penetration. We both heard mom cum. We didn’t say anything and kept on looking at mom and continued to gyrate and wiggle against each other. I could feel lots of pre-cum juices against my ass cheeks and my crack. After a few minutes mom’s eyes opened and she looked at her husband and her daughter in the most loving manner ever. We both smiled at her. Me: “Mom, you’re not jealous that I get to sit in daddy’s lap do you mommy?” and my mom shook her head in a NO. I smiled and went back to my squirming in my daddy’s lap. As we increased our gyrations and wiggling together mom said: Mom: “No I am not jealous honey. I used to sit in grandpa’s lap naked a lot and I loved it. I wonder if I can still do that at my age. I think its natural for girls to love their dads this much honey.” Did my mom just give me permission to have me sit in dad’s lap naked whenever I wanted? May be more? Would daddy be okay me sitting in his lap naked? He seems to really enjoy it right now? As I had these thoughts in my head, I did not realize that I was moving in circles and in gyrations simulating almost fucking like motions. Then I felt my dad tense up behind me, his hands grabbed my tummy hard and pulled me into her, he almost lifted up off of the couch, kissed my neck and shoved his cock deep into my crack. A few seconds later I felt thick spurts of cream hit my crack and my ass. My dad let out a huge moan, which made both my mom and I look in his direction. His eyes were closed and his lips were resting on my neck. Then I heard my mom moan and whimper. We both looked in her direction to find that her legs were wide open, her pussy and breasts were exposed and her two fingers were jammed up inside her pussy. She was pinching her nipples with the other hand. After she muttered “oh God” a few times, we both saw her cum real hard. She opened her eyes, looked really embarrassed to have been caught finger fucking herself. She got up and quietly and quickly left the room. I didn’t know what to do at this point. I was sitting in my living room naked, in my dad’s naked lap with his huge cock packed in the crack of my ass and gobs of my dad’s cum dripping down my crack. Then I felt my dad lift me up and carry me to my room. He laid me onto my tummy and went into the bathroom still naked and his cock proudly hanging. He returned with a warm washcloth and proceeded to gently clean my ass, my ass crack, my ass hole and my pussy off of his thick cum. His huge cock was hanging only a few inches away from me. I quickly turned around on to my back and I looked my dad right in his eyes. I smiled as I extended my hand and started stroking his cock and massaging his balls. I spread my legs wide open. My dad moved closer to me and I easily took his big cock in my mouth. Daddy’s cock is huge and thick and he still had lots of his own cum on his cock head and his shaft and balls. I lovingly sucked and licked my father’s cock and balls as he caressed my hair with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other hand. I put my one hand behind daddy and started playing with his ass cheeks. After a few minutes of sucking my dad off, I noticed a moving shadow right outside the room. The door opened a bit and I saw my mom standing there naked, looking at her husband getting sucked off by their daughter. I motioned my dad with my eye letting him know mom is watching. Dad turned around and saw his wife just in time to burry her two fingers in her pussy standing in her daughter’s room watching her daughter suck her daddy’s cock. I quickly took his cock out of my mouth, smiled at daddy and looked deep into his eyes. He knew what I wanted. He climbed between my legs, spread them wide, and lowered himself onto me. I held my pussy lips open and daddy’s fat meaty cock slid right into my tight pussy all the way inside. I moaned out load “oh daddy fuck daddy fuck.” As my dad continue to slide his cock in and out of my warm pussy, I felt his huge balls slapping my ass hole. I saw my mom now squatting down rubbing her puffy and cumming over and over again. My legs were wrapped around my dad’s waist and I kept begging him to fuck me deeper and harder. Daddy kept grunting me and calling me his princess, his little slut and his baby girl. He pulled my hair and kissed me on my lips hard while fucking me. My mom had now sat against the wall watching her husband pound their daughter’s tight 19-year-old cunt. In a matter of a few more minutes, daddy screamed. Dad: “Oh baby daddy is gonna cum in your pussy baby.” Me: “Oh god daddy please cum in me, please please daddy fuck me daddy my pussy is burning up daddy.” Daddy grunted very loud and I felt gushes and gushes of thick creamy cum spurt out of my dad’s cock and into my horny pussy hole. His huge balls pressed against my ass hole. I can’t believe my dad just came inside my pussy. After almost a minute of cumming, daddy collapsed on top of me. Almost 5 minutes of coma later we both open our eyes to notice that my mom was no longer there. I was zoned out so I kissed my dad good night and turned over to go to sleep. I heard my dad get up, kiss my cheeks and my forehead, whacked my butt a couple times and say “I love you princess,” and left the room.


    Very very hot story…can i borrow your Daddy?


    Posting again…this story is so damn hot!!!