Im heartbroken

    I made my tumblr many years ago as a safe place to explore my sexuality and get closer to being comfortable with myself. Since then I’ve not only accepted my sexuality but I’ve used tumblr as a platform to help others accept themselves. Tumblr was once a place where I could go and privately share my bisexuality without fear of being judged or harassed by those in my life. Tumblr was also a place where I felt comfort enough to post content I wouldn’t normally post on twitter or instagram as family members and children followed me there. Tumblr has always been a safe place for me to express my sexuality, and helped me love who I am today. However the tumblr we currently have is not one which promotes self love or exploration of ones sexuality. Photos of men and women which are not explicit are being flagged as such, many people who I’ve gotten to know personally over the years are already jumping ship, and honestly I’m very upset with the direction the staff chose to handle their latest mess up.

    Tumblr was once a safe place, a happy and accepting place, but before we know it tumblr will be long gone and forgotten because of poor executive decisions. Tumblr has been a safe place for the LGBTQ community because of its more liberal posting guidelines with it being a 17+ site, while social media platforms like YouTube censor most queer related posts.

    Tumblr, you fucked up. Not only with handling the porn bot problem, not only with the child pornography that you allowed to be posted and circulate on this site, but with how you as a company decided to avoid responsibility and find some backwater way at attempting to salvage your reputation, which will come at the cost of your business as a whole.

    In short: maybe you should have fixed the problems your users told you about for the many years we’ve been active rather than sitting around with your hands in your pants.


    A while back I heard my friend (male) insult another dude by saying, “You look like the kind of guy who wouldn’t go to Wal-Mart to buy his girlfriend a box of tampons” and I still think about that crowning insult sometimes


    My dad once called another guy “someone who thinks loading the dishwasher once in a while makes him less of a man”


    I like your dad already


    one time my dad’s boss was giving him shit for always leaving work early so he could get home and help my mom with me when i was a newborn and his boss said “i’ve never changed a diaper in my life” really proudly and my dad responded “i’d be ashamed to ever admit i was that worthless of a husband”


    This is by far my most popular post.

    I love these! From a series by photographer Sophia Vogel calledWith and Without. Which she summarises (translated from German):

    The project and each individual image is intended to encourage society to think about itself, its own body, about acceptance. For diversity and against beauty ideals (advertising) and all the environs for the exterior. I advocate in this work for self-love and acceptance of one’s own body, as well as the acceptance of others with their peculiarities.

    It’s also an excellent illustration of the absurdity of our default clothed habits. Even if you’re not able to overcome the wider cultural taboo of nudity, why wear clothes at home when it’s not cold? What purpose do clothes serve when you’re just sat at a computer or watering your plants? You don’t need protection from clothing most of the time. Indeed sometimes, like doing yoga, they’re just a hindrance! 

    Being naked should be normal; we all have bodies, and they are far both far more diverse and far more alike than the media representation of bodies would have so many believe. I think we’d all be happier healthier people if we weren’t so scared of our own physical forms.