For some Thanksgiving Day brought back memories of the aroma of turkey cooking in the oven... the flavors of rich pumpkin pie... or the fun of backyard football games.

    But for him, there was one particular memory that always seemed to rise to the top.... that magical day years ago when he'd volunteered to help the girl next door with her Thanksgiving morning preparations.

    To this day he still vividly recalls the softness of her lips... the warmth of her mouth... and the wave of dizziness that passed over him as he nearly crumpled to the floor when his knees wobbled and buckled.


    There would be no reprieve for him.

    Not tonight.

    Not even sleep would offer him respite from the agonizing desperation this woman's sensual touch provoked within him.

    On this night she was not content to allow him the escape of sleep after enduring hours of her merciless edging.

    Instead, whenever she stirred throughout the night she instinctively reached for him.

    Gently touching... delicately caressing... coaxing him slowly back to the very precipice... only to leave him there, denied yet again.

    Engorged... quivering... helplessly dripping with need for her.