I’ll break the damn sky before I let you hurt my friends again.

    favorite character: clark kent / superman

    [ID: A graphic of Superman from DC Comics. 1: Superman hovers in the air, his cape flying up above him. Behind him is a large sunbeam pattern, radiating out centered on him. 2: As Clark Kent he looks to side with his jacket blowing behind him and one hand starting to pull his tie away from his collar. Text reads “up up and away”. 3: A repeating pattern of a small Superman, facing forward and flying. 4: Superman from the back, showing the back of his head, arms, and cape. In colorful boxes, text reads “There is always hope. That’s what it means to be Superman”. The “S” is made up from the symbol on the cape. 5: Text on a yellow background reads “I belong in the sun”. There is a slightly darker yellow S emblem behind the text. End ID]